Wake Me Up Before November Ends

How did this month go by so fast, and why am I posting right when it is ending.  Both are good questions and I don’t have answers for either. I’m so backlogged in things I need to blog about that most items  I have  are from events that are either over or almost over. I still plan to push on and show off what I’ve got, so lets make this intro brief and get to it.Foxy Love Foxy Love Close-Up Citrus Girl Citrus Girl Close-Up Super Elephant Super Elephant Close-Up
MishMish @ The Kawaii Project – Zoey Dress – Has anyone else noticed the amount of fox stuff in SL has increased by a ton lately? I’m perfectly fine with it because I was inspired to create this foxy outfit. MishMish is finally making clothes and I’m so happy about it I could scream. Just look at this dress covered in cute little fox faces and leaves. The dress can only be found at The Kawaii Project event that goes on until December 15th. I’d recommend getting it quick because if you’re like me all of your lindens next month will be going to The Arcade.

MishMish @ Collabor88 – Little Fox – Something perfect to go with the fox dress is a little fox to hold, and it just so happens MishMish has made one that you can find at Collabor88. The little fox is even making the same face as the ones drawn on the dress. This round of Collabor88 is almost over so hurry to pick up the fox now or you’ll have to wait until the creator puts it in the shop.

Birdy @ The Kawaii Project – Bookbag The Fox – So while I was picking up my fox dress I noticed Birdy has made some fox bookbags. There are other animal versions available as well, but I was so excited about the fox with its dangling tail and (not shown in the pictures) its little ears on the top of the bag that I had to get it.

Schadenfreude – Fox Forest Masquerade Mask – I won this mask from the shop’s gacha machine so if you want this particular mask you’ll just have to try your luck. It’s color changeable and can even be used as decoration if you’d rather set it out in your home instead of wear it. Luckily the mask is a common prize so it shouldn’t be too hard to obtain.

LCKY – Drippy Hair – I love to wear pigtails and I especially love the pigtail hairstyles LCKY has released. With this hair the pigtails look big and fluffy, and when colored this way they look like fox tails or at least I think they do. All the hair I’m wearing in this post are from LCKY because I have so many new ones I really need to make more posts with them, and also because they’re super cute.

fri.day – Venus Heels – These heels may seem familiar because I’ve worn them before in my Sailor Venus outfit from a previous post. I actually had some fox flats I could have worn but I didn’t want to overdo the fox stuff/I forgot I had them. The heels are still nice and the orange color matches the color of the foxes very well. They’re only to be worn with SLink medium feet so make sure you have them before picking up the heels.

Chus! – Dawn Lenses Abyss – All of the eyes shown in this post are from Chus, but these specific eyes are the only ones you can’t get anymore since they were a group gift sent in the group’s notices. You can still get the other colors in a pack from the lucky board in the shop. Make sure to pick up some new special for Christmas gifts that are currently out while you’re there, and join the group so you won’t miss any group only gifts.

*katat0nik* @ The Kawaii Project – Fitmesh Dress Citrus – This dress is actually from one of 2 gacha machines the shop has set out for the event. One machine has a version for the SLink Physique body and the other has a version for the standard SL body. I love it when a shop uses colors or patterns in multiple things they create making it so much easier to match them together. If you go to the mainstore location you can find socks that match the fruit patterns on the dresses. I just didn’t wear them because you couldn’t see the socks that well under my boots.

*katat0nik* – Squash Rain Boots – These rain boots are actually part of a set that includes a rain coat dress. The event they were released at has long been over but you may find the set at the shop along with other color variations. I decided to wear the boots on their own because of how nice they looked with the dress plus rain boots and rainbows tend to go hand in hand.

*katat0nik* @ Xiasumi School Festival – Xiasumi Rainbow Purse – Today is the LAST DAY of this charity event for Save the Children: Japan Tsunami Relief. Really sorry I waited until the last day but you can still go there and grab this special purse where 80% of the proceeds go to the charity. It’s texture change with 2 rainbow color options and 3 strap/trim options. You get 2 versions where one will pose your avatar and one that will not. So hurry and scoop it up along with the other amazing stuff available there.

LCKY – Athena Hair – Yes pigtails again, but instead of big and poofy these are loose and braided. This hair is so adorable but that’s no surprise considering the shop it came from. I’m not sure why I chose to go ginger in all the pics, I think it may be because I really like these shades of orange you find in the nifty little HUDs.

Pink Fuel – Andro Skin Avery – I think you can find this skin at the mainstore now since the event it was in ended on the 11th. Again sorry for my lateness when it comes to posting about this skin. It’s really amazing with all of its makeup options, and what’s special about the Andro skins is that they also work for men (not the super masculine ones). I like this skin mostly because it makes my face look more edgy and mature rather than cutesy and doll-like which I normally go for with skins. All of the skins in this post happen to be from Pink Fuel even though I didn’t list it earlier due to a mask covering most of the skin.

Chus! – Dawn Lenses Woods – One of the eyes I had mentioned before that you can win from the shop’s lucky board. All you have to do is wait for your letter to come up and you can win the pack of eyes that includes this pair. I think this green color may actually be my favorite since I can’t stop wearing it.

*katat0nik* @ Geeks’n’Nerds – Super Fap Comical Dress – You’re in luck! This event still has a good bit of time left with it ending on December 10th. You get 2 versions of the dress in each pack for the SLink Physique body. There’s one regular version and one flat version that is optimized for smaller busts. This dress will only work for the SLink Physique body so if you don’t have it you’re just out of luck. My elephant is hiding the writing on the dress, but it says “FAP!” in a way that is similar to “BOOM!” or “POW!” in comic books.

*katat0nik* @ The Arcade – Super Toy Boots – It’s probably mean to show this off early but when The Arcade opens tonight at midnight SLT then you can try and win a pair of these boots. Yes that’s right, these boots are part of katat0nik’s gacha that will be at the event and what’s so great about them is you can wear them with your avatar’s normal feet or the SLink medium feet. The Super version matches perfectly with the Super Comical Dress, and the other versions of the boots you will see match with other clothing created by the shop.

LCKY – Bunny Hair Snow RARE – I hope you guys aren’t already getting tired of me showing off gacha items because otherwise you’re going to hate me after I get all the stuff I want from The Arcade. This hair is from a gacha machine found at the mainstore location and is actually RARE because it’s one of 2 that have a cute little bunny on the side which I kind of didn’t show in the pics ugh. Each hair includes HUDs to change the hair color but if you want a specific color headband you will have to try and win it from the machine.

~silentsparrow~ – Eli The Elephant Plush – Cirque De Seraphim, the event where this elephant was released, has ended so you will just have to check silentsparrow’s mainstore location to see if the elephant set has been set out. In the set are various versions of the elephant that you can wear or decorate your home with plus a HUD to change the texture of the elephant’s clothes. I really love this adorable little elephant and I’m happy I could match it with this outfit along with many other outfits thanks to its HUD.

Chus! – Dawn Lenses Foam – Just like the previous eyes, this pair is from the set that you can win from the shop’s lucky board if you have the time and patience. There’s 5 total in the set and I will most likely wear these again along with the other colors in future posts.

Pink Fuel – Renee Skin – This skin is free to all new residents of SL that are less than 30 days old and 150L to everyone else. It’s really a lovely skin and I wish I could have started my newbie days (almost 6 years ago) wearing a skin like this. The skin is part of a pack that includes a shape, eyebrow, and skin in 4 different skin tones.

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