Less Than a Week Until Halloween!

Man, there are so many outfits I’ve put together for Halloween that it’s just not possible for me to post about all of them before Friday. I hope you guys won’t mind seeing me blog them during the beginning of November haha. I decided to wear more of the items I obtained during the TAG! Gacha event which ends on the 31st.  Anyways, I’m going to try and do this quick so maybe I can fit in one more post before the month ends.
PumpkyPumpky Close-Up Franken CakeFranken Cake Close-Up   Scawy Monster Scawy Monster Close-UpThe Sugar Garden @ Kustom9 – Ghoulie Dress – You really can’t ask for a better witch dress than this one. Well it’s more for any kind of spooky cute outfit, not just witches like me. Currently this dress can only be found at the Kustom9 event which just so happens to be celebrating its 1 year anniversary! So hurry and grab the dress while you can and check out some of the other exclusives while you’re there.

The Sugar Garden @ The Cosmetics Fair Halloween Edition – Tsu Mesh Head Phantra – I told you guys I’d end up wearing this head and skin again in my last post, and I wasn’t lying. The fair ends on the 31st and after that you won’t be able to get this version of the head ever again. The skin is included with head and the pale ghostly color is why I decided to wear them with my pumpkin witch outfit.

The Sugar Garden – Gyaru Knee Boots Pumpkin – This is a special color of the boots that is actually a VIP group gift and can be found in the VIP room. You’d have to join the group to get them though and it’s a paid group, but well worth it for gifts like these boots. They go really well with this dress if you decide to pair them together like I did.

Remarkable Oblivion – Spellbinder Mystery Hat RARE – This hat is not only a RARE gacha item, but is also exclusive to the TAG Gacha event and will be removed from the machine once the event is over just like all the other mystery prizes in this event. You have until the 31st to play the machine and hopefully win the special coupon that you can redeem for this pumpkin witch hat.

+Half-Deer+ – Hearthugger Bat Pumpkin Spice RARE – Another gacha item part of the TAG Gacha event and it’s RARE so it may be difficult to obtain. I love these little bats because the animation in them lets you hold them close to your heart. Of course I had to get the pumpkin version as a little companion to my pumpkin witch.

LCKY – Erika Hair – Surprisingly I only needed to wear one hair in this post. I chose to wear one from LCKY because of the style fitting nicely under my hat and also because the amazing color HUD let me color my hair like a pumpkin. I still have a ton of more styles to wear from this shop but at least I’ve lessened it by 1.

*katat0nik* – Totally Fancy Franken Mask Princess – I can’t look at this mask and not giggle or smile. It’s so crazy and wonderful and believe it or not comes in a pack with 2 other versions for only 25L! I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time, but I looked at the mask and said to myself this should be worn with my cupcake costume and a pair of heels.

Tee*fy – Fun Food Costume Cupcake RARE – I’m sorry I’m posting all these RARE items because I know first hand how hard it is to get them. It’s just when you win them you can’t help but want to show it off, especially a cute little cupcake costume. Now I have to warn you, these costumes may not fit your shape as well as it did mine. I’ve heard some people say their arms were above the holes in the costumes and that can be fixed just by editing your shape. My avi is already kind of short so the cupcake fit perfectly on me. This gacha machine is also part of the TAG Gacha event but unless I list an item as specifically mystery, the item is actually in the machine and should remain there even when the event is over unless the creator decides not to have the gacha out to play after the 31st.

The Secret Store – Juicy Spooky Heels Pink Unicorn – Wow, something not rare! I have 8/14 pairs of heels from this machine because I just couldn’t help but want almost all of the ones offered. I know you probably can’t tell from picture because of the view, but there are little white unicorn horns coming out of the center of the bows. Yes this is another prize from one of the machines for the TAG Gacha event. The heels are for SLink medium feet only but you can trade them in for an unrigged version if you contact the shop owner. I’d say unicorns go great with cupcakes…and Frankenstein.

MishMish – Scawy Monster Avatar RARE – Ok you should already know by now this is a TAG Gacha event prize, and it’s definitely one of my favorites by far. The other prizes in this machine were nice, but I was mainly after the avatar because I really wanted to be one of the tiny monsters. It comes with a HUD that allows you to choose the color of the monster and a cute little AO. After I put on the avatar I couldn’t help but run around and try to scare people.


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