Getting Ready for Halloween

So I was actually planning to post about some different outfits, but I think I’ll just redo them later. I really wanted to tell you guys about some events currently going on this month and show off some of my loot.  Some of the events you will see featured in this post will be Collabor88, RMK Gothic Halloween 2014, Uber, TAG! Gacha, The Seasons Story, and The Cosmetics Fair Halloween Edition neither of which I could find a site for but you can find the slurls at least further down in this post. So lets get started before one of these events end and you guys get grumpy with me.
Witch ForkWitch Fork Close-upMoth GhoulMoth Ghoul Close-upPanda BatterPanda Batter Close-Up *katat0nik* @ Collabor88 – Spoopy Doll Dress – This dress is not only perfect for the fall but any time of the year with its frilly sleeves and tiny skulls for buttons. I know the skulls aren’t shown well in my pictures, but they’re just like the ones on my super awesome Bitchfork! There’s plenty of colors to choose from so you can wear it as part of a costume or part of a cute gothic lolita outfit.

*katat0nik* – Mystery Bitchfork RARE – Tada! The extremely awesome super adorable Mystery RARE offered by katat0nik for the TAG! Gacha event. There are 50 stores in all with this store being number 16. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GACHA click the link I had listed at the beginning of this post to pick up your HUD and find out more info about what to do before going to play this machine because no HUD = no mystery prizes redeemed. The Bitchfork has a neat holding animation and this special RARE one has tiny skulls and candy corn dangling from it.

Intrigue Co. @ Collabor88 – Scaredy Cat Flashlight – As soon as I saw this flashlight I just had to get it, and what’s really cool is that it actually lights up so no more being scared in those haunted houses. I always love finding things in SL that I would love to have in real life and this flashlight is definitely one of them.

Schadenfreude @ Rmk Gothic Halloween 2014 – Vouboo Zitga – So just like I said about TAG! Gacha PLEASE CLICK THE INFO LINK that you will find at the start of this post. I’m not going to lie, this is a complicated frustrating event that I’m soooo glad I’m done with now. You start by getting the HUD and performing 1-3 tasks in order to get coins you use to get a random prize from the magical tree. The cute little doll on top of my head is one of the prizes you could win, and since all prizes are no copy/transfer you could trade prizes with friends. I kind of wish this was copy/no transfer so I could surround myself with little witches. You’ll see another prize I won further down from silentsparrow.

Pure Poison @ Uber – Amelia Stiletto for SLINK High – I’m sorry ladies, if you don’t have SLink high feet these shoes will not work for you. Again since the details are small you can’t really tell from my pictures these heels have corset like ribbon threading at the toes. I had originally planned to wear these with a different outfit, which I still may do, but they looked so nice combined with this dress.

LCKY – Libby Hair- Man I have so many amazing LCKY hairs I need to show you guys. I managed to fit in 2 hairs in this post but the third I had to go with a Wasabi Pills hair that has been sitting in my inventory begging to be worn with a hoodie. Anyways can I just say how much I love the color HUDs from this shop because look at this perfect fall color combination. The hair even looks like it’s being blown to the side by the fall wind.

Pink Fuel – Crystal Doll V2 Skin – Just like so many other skins from Pink Fuel, this skin has a TON of makeup options that allow for several versions of just one skin. I actually wore this skin in my panda outfit if you can believe it’s the same one. I used the Thin Gloss in orange along with the Cute Blush, and because of all the brow options I was able to match my ginger hair. I’ve said this so many times, but Pink Fuel will always be one of my favorite skin shops because of how wonderful they look on my avatar.

The Sugar Garden – Dark Skies Green Eyes – I’m not sure if you can just buy these eyes or not because they’re part of a group gift in the VIP room. You can always join the group and scoop them up like I did but the group isn’t free to join. The group is definitely worth joining though considering all the freebies up for grabs in this little room. I can’t remember if I worn these before in a post, but I definitely plan to wear them in the future since they’re really great for green eyes.

The Sugar Garden @ The Cosmetics Fair Halloween Edition – Tsu Mesh Head Phantra – I had never tried the mesh heads from TSG but now I know what I’ve been missing. Each pack at the event is discounted to 1500L and includes skins, the head, makeups exclusive to these versions of the head, and appliers for SLink hands/feet, Lush/Lola breasts, and Phat Azz. The head itself has several different expressions that you can switch between with the HUD. You’re also able to change the hairbase color and makeups with the HUD. I’ll wear this head and skin with another outfit to show more options another time.

*katat0nik* – Playgirl Dress – Now I’m a month late posting about this dress since this was from Collabor88’s previous round. Don’t worry though because I’m sure you’ll be able to find it at the mainstore location. The dress comes with 2 versions with different belts and I chose to wear the heart version. The other version has hearts but says “Toy” which is cute but also a little naughty. I just really love how the color matches my moths, even though that sounds really weird.

Schadenfreude – Cyan Miami Fingerless Fishnet Gloves and Cyan Miami Fishnet Leggings – If the color seems different than the ones you buy it’s because I tinted them darker to match the outfit. Also, sometimes stuff like this from Collabor88 take a bit of time to make it to the shop once the event ends so they may or may not be at the mainstore yet. I thought these 2 items went perfectly with the outfit making it look like the moths have bitten little holes in my leggings and gloves.

Schadenfreude @ The Seasons Story – Zimitra Boots – You can’t say these boots aren’t awesome, you’d be lying and nobody likes a liar. I only have one suggestion about these boots and that’s if you want multiple colors like mine have then you should get the fatpack. You can also buy them individually to mix colors but the fatpack is really the better deal. What’s so unique about these boots is the claw holding the little orb as a heel. I’m just a sucker for all shoes and boots and everything else this shop comes out with so maybe I’m not the best person to listen to because I’m just going to say “Buy them! Buy them all!”.

silentsparrow @ Rmk Gothic Halloween 2014 – Moth Friends Dusk – Another prize from the event and it was actually the main one I was after. There are 4 versions included in the pack and that is holding, perched, flying, and a display version you can set out at your home. Now if you don’t think you’ll ever win this moth don’t worry because the creator has said she plans to make more in different colors. If you want this specific color combination though you’ll just have to try your luck with the magical tree because it’s exclusive to the event.

LCKY – Vivianne Hair – This hair is actually a somewhat recent release so I’ve been wearing it a lot lately. Just a nice updo with a braid in the front and a pony tail in the back. Again just amazing color combinations that go perfectly with my outfits, it’s almost like the creator knows my favorite colors to mix together.

Chus! – Demonic Lenses in Abyss – In case you didn’t know, Chus is currently having a small Halloween hunt in their shop and these eyes are one of the prizes. All you have to do is look for little pumpkins and you could get something really nice like these eyes for FREE.

*katat0nik* – Panda Bow Choker RARE and Panda Hair Bow RARE – Both of these were RARE gacha prizes from the shop’s gacha machine at The Arcade, but since The Arcade has long been over the machine should be at the shop now to play. The rares are not only special because they have pandas on them but also because they are texture change. That means they were super easy to match my pink panda hoodie and panda bat. So happy to be covered in pandas.

*katat0nik* – Panda Hoodie and Panda Bat – These were at the event Level Up that sadly ended on the 5th of this month and may or may not be at the mainstore. Both the hoodie and bat came with clean and bloody versions, but I decided to go with clean so I could wear my white shoes you see in the picture. The bra I’m wearing is actually part of the hoodie and if you don’t want it to show just press hide when using the HUD included. The bat you could hold like I am holding it or you could actually use it as a weapon and maybe kill some zombies. I’m all about being spooky cute so I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together.

The Sugar Garden – Madame Boots and Dark Skies Deep Blue Eyes – Another pair of eyes from the group gift I mentioned earlier that I really like because they’re just small, blue, and haunting which is perfect for the outfit. Something else that’s perfect are these cute little white boots that you might not be able to tell but have bows on the front of them. I can definitely see myself grabbing another pair in a different color, but if you plan to get a pair make sure you have SLink high feet or you can’t wear them.

/Wasabi Pills/ – Rene Hair – It’s always difficult to find a hair that can fit nicely under a hood without hair poking out of it. Luckily I found this one that is lovely looking and fits great under my panda hood. It’s also very doll like which gave me an excuse to add my panda hair bow onto it.

Pink Fuel – Crystal Doll V2 Skin – In order to make this skin look different than how it looked in the first outfit I decided to wear a Pink Thin Gloss and the Tears Eyeshadow. The makeup really helps the spooky cute look I was going for and makes me love the skin even more. I have some other skins from this shop that I’ll probably wear in my next post so please look forward to that.


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