Movies, Gachas, and an M.I.A. Punk

So not going into great detail of why I’ve been absent again, I’m planning to move in August due to financial troubles. Basically, I’m unable to save any money for anything because of where I’m living at and after 2 years of living a life that has made no progress I plan to move somewhere that will enable me to change all of that. I know this is pretty much just my SL fashion blog where I let you guys in on great finds that I discover while wandering about SL. I just feel bad when I’m unable to post as much as I would like to due to my real life problems and that I need to give a reason of some sort in efforts to make up for it. I hope you guys understand and continue to check back here now and then to see what’s new. Now then, I have in fact put together 3 new outfits but just as a quick forewarning some of these items may no longer be sold or obtainable. I’m mostly talking about the items in the Maleficent outfit that came from this past Enchantment event. SO SORRY that I could of waited until the event was over to actually make a post but it was definitely not my intention. Anyways, let me go ahead and tell you about these outfits already.MaleficentMaleficent Close-UpMossy Lady
Mossy Lady Close-UpTaxi GirlTaxi Girl Close-Up The Sugar Garden – Veil Horns, Ruffle Platforms, and Heartless Witch Skin – Both the horns and skin were from this past Enchantment event. I know you can still buy the horns at the shop, but since the skin was a gift for the event it’s not currently being sold. There is a skin called Bunny in the Witch tone that you could still try out, but it’s just going to look a bit different. The platform shoes, like all tsg shoes, are made to fit SLink feet only and these in particular will require the SLink Flat Feet. I chose these shoes because the delicate ruffles seemed the perfect match for my lingerie.

Violent Seduction – Thorn Queen Hair and Thorn Queen Lingerie – The hair is still available to purchase in the store but, just like the tsg skin, the lingerie was a gift for the event and is not currently sold. I really love this hair because I’ve looked for this style for ages and haven’t found one as well made as this one. The horns actually fit perfectly on the hair which I don’t think is a coincidence since the shops have worked together in the past. The shop does sell other lingerie that you can still check out even though you can’t get this particular one.

*MishMish* – Malevolent to Hug – A cute little doll to hug and hold and it’s made to look just like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Don’t worry, you’re still able to buy this adorable little thing and there is even a tiny avatar version as well (which I of course bought). I just love this shop so much and in my next post you can be sure you’ll see more of them after I visit Summerfest.

Chus! – Lune Lens in Glacier – I’ve worn this style of eyes before but not this particular color so I feel like I get a pass still for not wearing something over and over. I think I may have close to every different kind of eyes from this shop. Not every color but definitely most of the styles. The shop is just my go to place for cute and affordable eyes.

LCKY – Helie II Hair – Yes! I’m back to wearing my LCKY hair. I still have others I need to wear in my next post, but since I only do 3 outfits a post you only get to see 2 for now. It’s so fluffy I’m gunna die! I have a soft spot for pigtails and this shop has the best pigtails in all of SL. These pigtails are so fluffy that they almost look like cotton candy. Please don’t eat them though or I’ll be sad. The shop gave away this particular hair with some new huds with new colors in their group notices. The notice has of course expired now (you really need to join this group so you won’t miss things) but you can still buy the hair.

Schadenfreude – Watercolor Tights and Watercolor Spanda Ballet Flats – I think these are both in the main shop by now since they were first released at Collabor88 2 months ago. The flats can be worn with your normal feet or with the SLink flat feet, and I’m very grateful the creator gave both options. I of course bought the fatpack for the shoes, as I often do with Schadenfreude, because I love being able to mix the patterns and colors and it’s like I’m never wearing the same pair. It’s like the shop read my mind when I saw there were matching tights to go with the shoes. Don’t worry, the tights have SLink appliers included with them.

+Half-Deer+ and Birdy @ The Arcade – +Half-Deer+ Summer Delights Melty Sunglasses (Gold) and Birdy [Alchemy] Story Book Mossyback Pink – Both of these items can only be found at The Arcade until the end of the month. If you don’t know what The Arcade is, it’s a gacha event meaning these 2 items can only be obtained by playing their corresponding gacha machines and hopefully winning them if you’re lucky enough. Fortunately, these are common prizes so I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble. The glasses actually come with a hud that will allow you to change their lens color by selecting one of the different options given to you. The Mossyback holdable is really neat in the way that it moves its legs as you hold him/her. The movement made the little creature seem like it was alive, and it happens to be one of my favorite things I got from The Arcade.

[Pink Fuel] – Harley Crystal Skin – Finally a new skin from Pink Fuel! I’ve been wearing this non-stop since I got it because it’s just so beautifully made. I wore this skin in my third outfit as well and I will tell you why. Firs off, my glasses are covering most of my face so I felt like this one outfit didn’t present it well enough. Secondly, the skin has SO MANY OPTIONS make-up wise as you can probably tell by looking at the 2 outfits. The make-up really makes it look like a totally different skin. Also, almost any applier you might possibly need is available for it which makes things even better.

::{u.f.o}:: @ Collabor88 – Sailor Boyish Outfit – So the theme of this month’s Collabor88 is “To the Lighthouse” which may be my favorite theme so far because I love nautical things. There’s still another sort of sailor outfit I plan to get by *katat0nik*, but the color and style of this one matched so perfectly with everything else that I had to get it. The look of the outfit is so innocent and adorable and pairs so nicely with tights. The other colors are also very cute so I may have to grab one of them soon.

LCKY – Eilfie Hair – I’m just sort of stuck on pigtails lately and I really blame the owner of LCKY for it. The messy buns on either side and the tendrils of hair coming down around the face just make this hair look so lovely. Just like most hairs from the shop, you can easily add a bow or some accessory to the hair and make it look even more awesome.

Pure Poison @ The Arcade – Train Bag – Yup, if you want this wonderfully made bag you’ll just have to play the shop’s gacha machine at The Arcade. I’m really surprised it was only a common prize considering the great detail put into it. It really makes me wish I had this bag in real life (if it exists please tell me!). If the bag seems too big for you, there is a handy resizer script inside of it so it can be worn with any size avatar.

Chus! – Tin-Tin Lenses – If you’re not in the Chus! group then you better join it right now because this color of the eyes is the current group gift in notices. Once the notices expire so will the gift and you’re only option will be to actually purchase the eyes. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since are definitely worth the $L, but who can say no to a free pair of well-made eyes.

[Pink Fuel] – Harley Crystal Skin, Cherry Lipstick, and Heavy Smoke Shimmer Eyeshadow – All I added was eyeshadow and lipstick and look how different the skin looks now. Why buy a ton of different skins when you can just buy one and combine it with a ton of different make-up options to form new skins. This skin shop will always be one of my favorites and hopefully I can convince you guys to make it one of yours.

The Sugar Garden – Basic Black Bra and Gigi HairBow – These little hairbows are so cute with their little gem hearts right in the center. They come with a hud that you can choose what color lace you want their trim to be. but I chose the “no lace” option since it didn’t really go with the style of the outfit. Since the dress is sort of “revealing” I chose to quickly grab a basic black bra from the shop to cover up my ta-tas. It’s really a great option for us modest ladies out there.

The Sugar Garden @ Kustom9 – Gigi Heels – So many events going on and it’s having me run all over to get my tsg fix. The heels are made to go with the SLink High Feet which I purchased just to wear these shoes (they were just too cute). Just like the hairbows, the bows on the shoes have little gem hearts and have the option to be trimmed with different colors of lace. I think these shoes are my new favorite from this shop with the Lolita Platforms being a close second.

The Sugar Garden @ Level Up – Racer Girl Dress – Level Up is a unique quarterly sales event feautiring 40 of SL’s hottest creators. From furniture to fashion, this event has it all, and it is all themed around a video game genre. The current theme is Racing Games and tsg has came out with these awesome dresses that have a checkered finish line going down the front. I chose the yellow version mostly because it reminds me so much of a taxi. I know that may seem odd, but I just really like the thought of dressing up as a taxi girl carrying luggage and roaming about the city. For those who don’t like their boobies hanging about, you can still have fun in this dress by pairing it with a top or you can be like me and just grab a bra from the main shop.


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