Because My Dad and Sailor Moon…

So why has it been awhile since my last post? It’s because my Dad and nephew recently visited me for a little over a week. Also, before they arrived I was scrounging up lindens to buy and complete these Sailor Moon outfits. The combination of trying to finish outfits and my family visiting made it super difficult to really get any blog stuff done. Now that I have free time again, I will hurry and get this post done so I can move onto the next one. Now I’m really sorry but most of this stuff you will have to either get TODAY from the Cutie Moon Fair or wait until the shops decide to put the items in their main stores. This is the last day of the fair which is sad but also good since there are no longer crowds. There are over 30 designers and all of their items for sale are Sailor Moon related. You have no idea how excited I was when I found out about this event because I’m a HUGE Sailor Moon fan. Anyways, here are the 3 outfits like always, and hopefully I can get this post published quickly giving you guys enough time to pick this stuff up.
School Sailor School Sailor Close-UpSailor MoonSailor Moon Close-UpSailor Venus  Sailor Venus Close-UpViolent Seduction – Usagi Hair – Before the Cutie Moon Fair this shop released a Sailor Moon hair to go with the Sailor Moon lingerie created by The Sugar Garden. It’s a very adorable style that isn’t so outrageous you couldn’t wear it with other outfits. I think this may be the first and only hair Violent Seduction has created so hopefully there will be more styles in the future considering how nicely this one turned out.

.Atomic., B.C.C., and The Sugar Garden @ Cutie Moon Fair – .Atomic. Scout Bag and Scout Stockings, B.C.C. Baby Moon Outfit Dress, The Sugar Garden Disguise Pen, and Cutie Moon Fair Locket Gift – The Scout Bag is actually from a gacha machine at the fair and so if you want the Sailor Moon version you’ll just have to try your luck. Oh and in case you don’t know, the Sailor Venus version has an Artemis key chain on it instead of Luna. The stockings however aren’t from a gacha and you can buy any Scout’s color you want. I of course grabbed my 2 favorites Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus. B.C.C. happened to have this cute sailor dress out that reminded me a lot of the school uniform Usagi would wear when she wasn’t Sailor Moon. There is a HUD included with the dress that allows you to change the look of the skirt, such as it having stripes or no stripes. The Sugar Garden released so many accessories from Sailor Moon as you can see in all of these outfits I put together. The Disguise Pen can be worn in the mouth or hand but I thought it looked better as a mouthie. The locket is actually FREE at the fair and you can pick it up at the landing point when you first arrive. When you wear it make sure to click it for a neat little surprise.

Intrigue Co. @ The Seasons Story – Cat’s Meow Flats – The Seasons Story is a special event that, you guessed it, only happens once every season. The season that all the items are currently based on is of course Spring, and the event will last until the end of this month. When I saw the black cat flats offered by Intrigue Co. I just had to get them to wear with this outfit. The flats reminded me a lot of the black cat in Sailor Moon named Luna. These shoes were made to be worn with SLink flat feet only so if you don’t have them then the shoes will not fit properly on your avatar.

ROZENA – Erica Baby Doll Skin – Normally I don’t have the lindens to buy new skins at full price so lucky for me ROZENA had a 50% off sale. The sale is long over now I think but this and many other lovely skins can still be found at the shop. I really like this skin because the makeup is not overdone and is a perfect cutesy kind of look.

[taketomi x Essences] – Sailor Eyes – These eyes are part of a set that can be found in the Sailor Moon hair packs currently at taketomi. Essences did a collaboration with taketomi so every Sailor Moon hair pack includes hair, a tiara, 2 skins, a set of eyes, and some lipsticks. I’m wearing only the eyes in this outfit but you can see the hairs and stuff in the other pictures. The eyes are nicely done with small and large sizes included.

Violent Seduction and The Sugar Garden @ Cutie Moon Fair – Violent Seduction Eternal Uniforms Moon and The Sugar Garden Hoshi Crystal Compact – Violent Seduction was the only shop to make sailor scout uniforms but the creator made them very well and they’re also fitted mesh. The uniforms being fitted mesh means they will fit more than just the standard sizes you normally find with mesh clothing. Here is another one of The Sugar Garden’s accessories which is one of Sailor Moon’s compacts. I’m wearing the necklace version but there is also a holdable version included as well.

*G Field* – Long Cuff Boots Will Red – I was having a really difficult time finding boots that looked like the ones Sailor Moon wore. I actually found out about these boots by browsing flickr (I spend way too much time on there). You can change the texture on the top of the boots by using the HUD that is included. They look really close to the character’s boots just the little moons are missing.

Adam n Eve – Opera Gloves – These gloves were a perfect match to the outfit. What makes them better than just normal white gloves is that they also come with SLink appliers for the SLink hands. You can see I also wore them in the third outfit because I really didn’t want to take them off, and Sailor Venus wears the same style gloves too.

[taketomi x Essences] – Sailor Eyes, Sailor Moon light rose Skin, Usagi Hair, and Usagi Moon Visor – All of these things can be found in the Usagi Hair pack. These are the same eyes from before but now you can see the other bits included with them. The skin is of course an Essences skin and is equal in high quality when compared to their other skins. The baubles you see in the hair can be hidden just by using the HUD that is included in the pack.

The Sugar Garden – Moonlight Magic – Kaleido Moon Scope RARE – If you can’t tell by the name, this is a gacha prize that is also RARE. So you will have to try your luck with the machine and hope you win this wand. If you can’t seem to win this one don’t worry because there are other Sailor Moon wands you can buy at the Cutie Moon Fair right now.

Adam n Eve – Opera Gloves – Yup it’s these gloves again that you saw in the previous outfit. There was really no point in trying to find different gloves when these were already such a perfect match., Violent Seduction and The Sugar Garden @ Cutie Moon Fair – Venus Heels, Violent Seduction Eternal Uniforms Venus, and The Sugar Garden Spiral Heart Rod Venus – I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find heels for my Sailor Venus outfit but luckily made heels based off of the character which made things so much easier. The heels were made to work with the SLink feet only and won’t work with your avatar’s normal feet. Of course I wore another one of the uniforms made by Violent Seduction because there really isn’t any others that could compare. Then there’s the rod offered by The Sugar Garden that, unlike the gacha version, casts spells when using the neat little HUD that comes with it.

[taketomi x Essences] – Sailor Eyes, Sailor Venus midday Skin, Sailor Lipstick, Minako Hair, and Minako Venus Visor – This time I wore a different colored version of the eyes that you saw before. They’re a lighter blue and just simply look great. Here is another skin that looks very similar to the Sailor Moon skin but is a different tone. I also decided to wear one of the many lipsticks made to go with the skin. I can definitely see myself wearing this hair in other outfits because of the lovely bow in the back. It’s what the character wore but it also looks like a bow a lolita girl would wear because of its adorableness.


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