Skin Fair 2014 Part 1

This year, The Skin Fair will take place from Friday, March 14, through Sunday, March 30. The fair will showcase new and exclusive skins from over 120 designers from around the grid. You can expect to find skins and makeup that would appeal to everyone including men and women, children, fantasy, and even mesh avatars. The fair covers three sims this year so more people can shop at once but there is a strict script policy so wear as little as possible. The sims are also PG so make sure to cover your naughty bits if you decide to go naked. As you can tell by this post’s title, this is only part 1 of what I plan to show you guys and part 2 will be at a later date. It’s mostly because I only do 3 outfits at a time which means 3 skins at a time, and I of course picked up more than just 3. So, let’s hurry this along so we can get to part 2 already.Picnic TimePicnic Time Close-Up Strawberry Waitress Strawberry Waitress Close-Up Biscuit Lady Biscuit Lady Close-Up
Elysium @ Skin Fair – Shui Skin Creme Tone – Something I love about this fair is that you discover skin shops you’ve never bought from before, and for me that would be all 3 of the skins’ shops in this post. I love the Asian look this particular skin is going for and it compliments my small-eyed shape nicely. I do miss my big eyes from time to time so maybe next post I’ll use that shape again. There are many different lipsticks available for this skin but since the outfit is sort of innocent, I thought going natural would be best.

/Wasabi Pills/ – Maya Mesh Hair – No LCKY this time, mostly because I couldn’t seem to match a style that I haven’t shown with these outfits. So it’s back to the good ol’ reliable Wasabi Pills. I have to say I really love this hair and it’s mostly because of the cute parted fringe. The thick waviness of the hair is also nice and makes it seem like it has a lot of volume.

BeetleBones – Linen Puff Sleeve Dress and Fowler Boots Ash – I know I’ve worn these boots before in a previous post but they weren’t this color so maybe I can pass. The dress is simply stunning and makes me feel like a little peasant girl in the woods about to enjoy a picnic with her friend the mouse. Although with my studded ears maybe I’m not very peasant-like.

*MishMish* – Mouse on a Basket – I’m sorry folks but this basket is no longer for sale since it was a limited edition exclusive for Enchantment. I know it’s cruel of me to post about an item you can’t obtain, but I love it too much not to wear it atleast for a moment. It even came with a tiny mouse separate from the basket that now sits on my desk amongst a MishMish music box and the tres blah vanity set that was in a past Arcade round (maybe I’ll post a picture on flickr sometime).

Auxiliary – Purrrfect Headband Choco Cherry RARE – If the word “RARE” in the name wasn’t a big enough hint, this item can only be won from the shop’s gacha machine. It was once at The Arcade but can now be found at the shop’s main location. Since this is a rare, it can be very difficult to obtain if you’re not lucky. Still, feel free to give it a try since the headband really is adorable.

[sYs] @ Skin Fair – Anju Skin Porcelaine – I’ve heard about this shop before but I just never visited or bought anything from there. I really regret it now considering how wonderful this skin looks on my shape. The makeup looks great giving off a somewhat mature look, and the eyebrows aren’t a bushy mess like some skins appear to have lately.

*katat0nik* and Schadenfreude @ Collabor88 – *katat0nik* Working Girl Dress and Schadenfreude Business Basics Helter Heels – The theme for this round of Collabor88 is “Back to Business”, and luckily that means you can find some awesome heels and a stylish dress. As soon as I saw the ad for this dress I had to get it because it matched perfectly with my cameo hat that I won from The Arcade. Afterwards I noticed Schadenfreude had some new heels out, and of course I bought the fatpack so I could mix and match colors with the convenient HUD included.

*katat0nik* and {B.C.C.} @ The Arcade – *katat0nik* White Rabbit Cameo Hat and {B.C.C.} YumYum Mochi Tray Bear Cinnamon [Strawberry Syrup] – Since these are both gacha items you will just have to play the machines and try to win them. I love these cameo hats *kata0nik* has come out with because of the cute little characters, ribbons, and lace. I get to look adorable and sophisticated at the same time. The yumyum mochi trays are also cute but I’m little worried someone might try and eat the little animals.

Clawtooth – Behind the Curtain Hair – I could have sworn I had worn this hair in a previous post but looking back I guess I hadn’t. What I like most about this hair is that it looks like it was swung onto one shoulder which I tend to do a lot with my hair in real life land. I also like the little piece of hair that still dangles in front of my face like it wouldn’t stay behind my ear.

Candy Mountain – Wrath Eyes Brown – I’m so annoyed with myself that I didn’t notice I wore these eyes in this and the first outfit. That’s why I didn’t list them before because it would probably sound redundant. I meant to wear a different pair of eyes with this outfit but it’s too late now. Either way the eyes are lovely and I’ve worn this kind in posts before, I just wish I had atleast chosen to wear a different color.

{ Precious } @ Skin Fair – Rose Skin and Peachy Makeup – Now I won’t pick favorites or anything since I do love all these skins shown, but I have to say that this one is perfect for my lolita style outfits that I tend to wear pretty often. Plus with the free makeup that is set out as a gift I look just like a porcelain doll. I know for certain I’ll definitely be buying skins from this shop in the future because they’re just too adorable.

ROZENA @ SKin Fair – Tempt Eyes Caribbean Bay – These eyes are completely FREE and are part of a Skin Fair gift out right now at ROZENA’s stall. Inside the gift box is 3 eyeshadows and 2 pairs of eyes including this one you see in the 2 pictures. This really makes braving the lag at Skin Fair even more worth it.

Violent Seduction – Royal Star Outfit and Biscuit Bag – The shirt, hat, dress, and socks are all included in one set. I actually meant to wear this earlier in the winter season since it does seem more of a winter-type dress. The sleeves are detachable though and you don’t have to wear the shirt either, so it could easily fit in with the warmer months as well. I just thought it looked beautiful in the snow. The bag seemed to be a perfect match for this dress, and I’m also partial to the bag because I happen to own one in real life. Who doesn’t want a bag shaped like a cookie?

Zero Style – Venus Hair – I think this hairstyle was based off of Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon hence the hair being named Venus. This hair has to be the biggest hair I own because it’s not only long but it also cover almost all of my back. I still love it though and it’s because it’s so different and unique compared to other hair I’ve worn.

*L’Emporio di Bru* – T-Strap Shoes – I’ve had these shoes for ages now and I don’t think I’ve really worn them often enough. I’m so happy I got an outfit that I could wear them with again, and I think they go together pretty well. T-Strap shoes in general are always cute to me.


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