My Wallet is Divorcing Me

I know we’re still in the first half of the month but man this is just brutal. There are SO MANY EVENTS this month that it’s just crazy and I don’t know if I can afford everything I want to buy. I mean just to name a few there’s The Arcade, Collabor88, The Big Show, Chapter Four, Skin Fair (opens later this month), SLink West Grand Opening, and the list goes on. You might say “Well Punk, some of those events last all month so what’s the problem?” The problem is normally I go to those monthly events and that’s it. When you combine those with events that will take up crazy amounts of your lindens *cough* The Arcade *cough* it gets really hard to go to the normal monthly events and get the things you like. Luckily I found one event going on that didn’t require any money just a lot of patience and time. I’m talking about the Alice in RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt which lasts this entire month. There are a total of 24 shops but all the “hunting” takes place on the RMK Gothic sim. All you have to do is chase around little grey bunnies and wait for them to poop out a random ticket for one of the 24 shops. Now to cut down on time trying to get all the tickets there’s a trading area so you can trade for the tickets you need. After you gather the tickets you’re after, you then go to the corresponding shops and collect your prizes by clicking the special book set out. Ok wall of text is over, now I’ll show you guys some of the prizes I got thanks to the hunt and also a few other things I managed to pick up.Alice RMKAlice RMK Close-UpBaby Plant Baby Plant Close-UpUnipug Time Unipug Time Close-Up
+RokumeikaN+, +Theater Chain+, and ni.ju @ RMK Gothic – +RokumeikaN+ Alice Outfit, +Theater Chain+ Alice Lolita Shoes, ni.ju Alexander’s Pocket Watch – Believe it or not everything worn here, except for the skin/hair/eyes, is completely FREE from the Bunny Hunt. The outfit includes the clothes, purse, and even the bow on my head. The bow actually gave me a great reason to wear my new hair from LCKY. The shoes look like they were made to go with this outfit but are a separate gift. When I think of Alice I remember the white rabbit running late and looking at his pocket watch. So, I thought I’d wear this one by ni.ju with the Alice outfit to make it seem like I’ve just found his watch, and now I must chase after him down the rabbit hole.

:::Dimbula Rose::: – Doll Skin Emma – This is the latest skin from Dimbula Rose so I guess it’s only fitting that I’m late blogging it. I really need to pick up more skins from this shop because with my new small-eyed shape they look way better than before. The makeup done on the skin is just beautiful and because this is a doll skin there is a ball jointed version included in the pack.

Chus! – Elsig Lens – These eyes actually come in a set with makeup but I chose to just wear the eyes because I didn’t want to cover up the skin. I really like the color of them and how they just sort of fit with the skin and shape of my face.

[LCKY] @ The Big Show – Lynlee – Right now this hair is 50% OFF and only found at The Big Show. The event lasts all month of course and once it’s over the hair will be in the mainstore but at full price. So if you want this poofy little up-do (so poof, much curls) you better act fast so you can take advantage of this great deal! I keep adding accessories to this shop’s hair and I think it’s because the styles are just capable of pulling them off really well.

La petite fleur @ RMK Gothic – Off Shoulder Dress and Rose Crown – Just like the previous outfit, these 2 items are the shop’s prize for the Bunny hunt and are completely FREE. They’re both included together so don’t worry. You just have to try and get this shop’s ticket from one of the bunnies or trade a fellow hunter for the ticket. I really like the style of the dress and how it shows off my bare shoulders. The little rose crown is a nice touch as well and creates a sort of lolita look which I’m very fond of as you may or may not know.

[LCKY] – Alex hair – Now if you’ve never joined this shop’s group then you don’t know how generous the shop owner can be at times. Right now there’s a ton of gifts in the notices (3 fatpacks and a pack of randomly selected hair). This just so happens to be one of those fatpacks given away FREE, but the only way to get it is through the group [LCKY]Stars notices. The group however is not free to join and charges a fee of 250L, but honestly it’s definitely worth the price. This is sort of a beat the clock situation because once the notices expire you won’t be able to get this hair unless the owner decides to sell it in the shop one day.

*MishMish* @ The Arcade – A Baby Plant Sky (wear) – This is just one of many baby plants I now have because I decided to collect the entire set. These are just way too adorable so played the machine and traded the extras until I got every last one. If you too want a baby plant of your own then you only have until the end of this month because after this round is over they will be retired and never sold again. Since this is a gacha machine remember it may take awhile to win this specific version, but each play only costs 25L so it’s not too bad.

Ingenue – Paola Flats (SLink add-on) Sky – Like the name says these shoes are meant to only be worn with the SLink feet, and they won’t fit otherwise. The shoes are from a gacha machine that was once at The Arcade but is now at the shop’s main location. You’ll just have to try your luck if you would like this color, but personally I like all of the colors and these just happened to match with my outfit.

The Sugar Garden – Baby Skin – I’m pretty sure I’ve made a post wearing this skin before since I’ve had it for ages now. While I wait for Skin Fair to start (I need that Eun-Seo skin!), I’ve been wearing all my old tsg skins and of course one new one I recently picked up. Whenever I wear something cutesy, lolita, or something bright this is sort of my go to shop for skins.

Chus! – Mari Lens in Ghost – These eyes were a past group gift but I think you can buy them in the shop now. You can’t quite see all the detail of them in the picture but they’re very well textured dark eyes that give off a doll like appearance when worn.

~silentsparrow~ and .Birdy. @ The Arcade – ~silentsparrow~ Unicorn Rainbow Snugglewarmers RARE, .Birdy. Puggles Unicorn RARE – Motherf***ing unicorns man. Now in all honesty if you want these two items it’s going to be super difficult because they are both RARE in their gacha machines. Please feel free to try and win them though because just by looking at them you can see they’re simply amazing. The Snugglewarmers are actually a secret rare item not shown in the machine’s display image, but instead all you see is a ?. I also managed to get the machine’s second secret rare and here’s a hint of what it looks like, I’ll definitely be wearing it for Easter. That’s all I will tell you for now though. Ok, so this unicorn pug…I’m really at a loss for words. How can something be so perfect? It looks like a real pug in my arms! Plus it has on a pink/white/blue unicorn outfit, and I mean look at the little horn. This was my last outfit I put together when making this post and I haven’t taken my pug off since.

Violent Seduction @ SLink West Grand Opening – Heart Heels – SLink West is a brand new shopping district catering specifically to shoes, nails, cosmetics, and accessories dedicated to the much loved SLink Avatar Enhancement line of attachments. Violent Seduction happens to be one of the designers at SLink West and is participating in the big 50% OFF sale going on right now until the 14th. These shoes are meant to only be worn with the SLink feet if that wasn’t obvious already, and they have heels shaped into little hearts which is cute and very unique.

[LCKY] – Lemon v2 Hair – Remember how I said multiple fatpacks are currently in the notices of this shop’s group? Well here is another one of those hairs that you can get absolutely FREE just by paying the small fee to join the group. You may also be wondering why I’ve been wearing this shop’s hair so much lately. It’s because the creator has made a huge improvement in their hairstyles and I can’t help but wear them all.

Candy Mountain – Eyeballin’ T-shirt – Oh my god another gacha machine item, Punk? Why yes it is another item that you can only get by winning it from a machine. I must drive you guys crazy with this stuff, but hey I can’t help I’m drawn to nice things that just so happen to be in gacha machines. I actually really wanted the blue version of this shirt but the purple matches very well with the Snugglewarmers. The colorful eyeballs work nicely with the rainbow things I’m wearing too.

The Sugar Garden – Awake Rainbow Flare Eyes and Lip Tinte’ Pretty Rainbow – The lip makeup is an old group gift that is available in the shop’s VIP section, but you’ll have to be in the group to get it of course. The eyes I picked up a long time ago from a lucky board that was in the shop and I’m unsure if it’s there anymore. If it isn’t don’t worry because the shop offers many other kinds of eyes that I know look just as good if not better.

*katat0nik* – Tulle Skirt – Something else I’ve had for ages and only now getting around to wearing it is the skirt. I forgot how lovely it looked with the bright rainbow colors and even though it’s mesh it still looks very flowy. I really loved the fact I could tint the waistband to blend in with my purple shirt just by using the HUD included.

The Sugar Garden @ The Big Show – Kotoko Skin in Vampy, Kotoko Brow Tintable – There’s a brand new tone for all the shop’s skins and it’s making its debut at The Big Show for 50% off this month only. Vampy is a new more pale-ish tone and I chose to get it in Kotoko’s style because that was a style I didn’t have yet. What makes this deal even better is the fact any applier you will probably need is inside the pack already and you don’t have to buy it separately. I also made sure to grab the Kotoko tintable brow so I can have pink eyebrows that match my pink hair. The eyebrows actually work with any of the tsg skins that have the no brow option.


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