Notice Me Senpai!

Honestly I couldn’t think of what to title this post, can you tell? I think this sort of fits with the theme of outfits though. If you hate me now for using a meme as a title, well thank you for noticing me. Anyways, like I said in my previous post I’ve accumulated a stockpile of outfits in my absence and now I’m going to share some with you guys. I’m going to try to get this done before my time once again gets consumed by gacha machines (The Arcade is in 2 days!!!).Black WhiteBlack White Close-Up Neko Blues Neko Blues Close-Up Beary Lolita Beary Lolita Close-Up
LCKY – Peeks Glasses and Aiko Hair – The heart pigtails may seem a little simple, but they’re utterly adorable and I’ve never seen this style anywhere else which is a surprise. Don’t get bummed out now, but this hair is actually no longer available. It was a limited edition style for Valentine’s Day and since it’s obviously weeks past that date it’s not in the shop anymore. Something that will cheer you up a little is that it MIGHT make a return sometime in the future but at a higher price since the original fatpack was set at a discounted price. Your best option is to join the shop’s group in case this style does return or to be aware when a new limited edition is released. DO NOT message the creator to try and obtain the hair because it would be unfair to everyone else who missed out as well (I say this because quite a few have been doing this already). The Glasses you see are part of a wild animal style pack and I thought these zebra striped ones matched great with everything else. They’re a little nerdy and stylish at the same time which is perfect for this outfit.

Glam Affair – Lulu 09 Skin RARE – I got this skin from an old round of The Arcade but I think the gacha machine with the skins may be at the shop’s main location. This particular skin is RARE so it’s going to be a bit difficult to obtain. I just really like the pale skin and the nude colored makeup on it because the combination of the 2 creates a lovely skin.

Pumpkin – Combined Dress – What I like about this dress is that it looks like multiple pieces but really it’s all one mesh. The sweater part however can be changed simply by choosing a color in the HUD that is included. I chose to just keep it all black because a little black dress always looks nice.

lassitude & ennui – Prudence Boots – I’ve had these boots for a long time now and I don’t quite remember if I’ve actually made a post about them before. You may not be able to see all the details in the picture but it’s a lacey sort of boot with ribbons for the laces. Whenever I go to this shop I always have to make sure I don’t end up buying the same thing twice since I own so many pairs of shoes from there.

Tee*fy – Unisex Scarf – This scarf was something I picked up during a Christmas hunt going on at the sim where the shop is located. You may be able to buy it as well as different colors at the shop but I’m not sure. The scarf just went so well with the dress that I couldn’t help but wear them together in this outfit.

Chus! – Kimi Lens in Soulless – These eyes were actually a bit hard to get. The only way to get them is to join the group and wait for your name’s first letter to show up on the group’s luckyboard. Considering to do all of this won’t cost you anything but time I’d say it’s a good deal.

LCKY – Drella Hair and Nekomimi Ears – For a limited time this hair comes with the Nekomimi ears which are scripted so you can match it with any LCKY hair (so convenient!). I think eventually the ears will be sold separately so it’s best to buy them now while they’re free with a cute hair. This hair looks so fluffy and has little curls going outward which just seems like a perfect match for the ears.

*VinCue – Pandy Bag RARE – So I play a bunch of gacha machines, I admit I have a problem. If I didn’t play this machine though I wouldn’t have won such an adorable bag with a panda like face and a bow. Now if you’re wanting this exact same bag I’m sorry but it’s RARE and may be difficult to obtain. Feel free to try your luck though and don’t worry all the other bags are just as cute as this one.

(fashionably dead) – Bossy Boots Plain Mint and Socks – You may or may not remember that I’ve made a post about these boots before when they were at The Arcade. Well they’ve long been at the shop now, and you can play the machine to maybe win this color as well. The socks are a free add-on that you should be able to find near the machine itself.

Tee*fy – Elan Wool Vest Shirt and Edela Buttoned Skirt – The shirt and skirt were both at a past round of Collabor88 but can now be found at the mainstore location. They were made to perfectly fit together and are only sold separately to make it easier to mix and match colors. The outfit is just nicely done and I love the cute little collar on the shirt.

Chus! – Lune Lens in Icicle – As you can see I decided to wear my normal big-eyed shape, and it was all because I wanted to show off these eyes. I’m not sure if it was the skin or what but my small-eyed shape just wasn’t doing these eyes justice. What I love about them most is that they just sort of draw you into them, and that’s all you really need in a good set of eyes.

The Sugar Garden – Snowflake Skin – If you want this skin the only way to get it is to join the shop’s group that has a fee of 350L and go to the VIP area of the shop. I know 350L may seem a bit much at first but considering there’s a room full of gifts you gain access to it’s really not a bad trade off. This skin was from last November and what makes it unique is that the face has a slight rosey color to it unlike the other skins found there.

!Ohmai – Beary Lurvin – So many limited editions and group only things in this post, and this is one of them. This bear was an exclusive gift at the Mingle event which ended around Valentine’s day and I’m sorry to say but it isn’t for sale at their shop. The reason I posted a link to their shop anyways is because maybe one day they will sell it there, but in the meantime you might find something similar that you would want instead.

Violent Seduction – Roseraie Dress – Violent Seduction has always been one of the few good lolita shops that you can find in SL, and that’s why I wasn’t surprised when they came out with this lovely outfit. The modesty shirt and head bows are actually included with the dress, but I added a copy of the bow and modified them so they would look like they were tied to my pigtails. Light Blue and light pink are my 2 favorite colors which may be why I’ve been wearing this outfit for a couple of weeks now.

The Sugar Garden – Princess Socks, Lolita Platforms, and Sakura Skin – The Sakura skin like the Snowflake skin is another group gift that was released way back in July. It’s still available like all past group gifts in the VIP area of the shop, and if the cute little sakura flowers on this skin doesn’t convince you to join the group then I don’t know what will. The Lolita Platforms are actually made to work with the SLink Medium Feet and can’t be worn with your shape’s normal feet. However, the socks can be worn with your normal feet with the option to be worn with the SLink feet too.

LCKY – Glo Hair – I bought this hair about 2 months ago and I kept meaning to make a post about it with a Christmas outfit but I sort of forgot (ugh so sorry). Unlike other pigtails, these actually look like they have some volume to them whereas others just look straight and droopy. There’s even slightly curled strands that hang down around the face. The fact it comes in my favorite shade of blue is a huge plus too.

Chus! – Secret Whisper Lens in Princess – Now I didn’t see these eyes in the shop and I don’t really remember how I got them. I think they were a past group gift or something that is no longer available. If that is the case then I’m sorry all I can say is you really need to join the group since exclusives are given out in it all the time. I chose to wear these eyes not only for their color, but also because it almost seems like they glow a bit which is pretty cool.


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