Long Time New Face

So yeah I’ve been gone for ages, but since this isn’t a job and only a hobby don’t complain, just be happy to see me back. The good news is because I haven’t posted anything in so long I have a ton of new outfits to show off. You didn’t think me not being around on my blog meant I wasn’t grabbing new items in SL did you? Also, you may notice something different about my avatar’s face if you’ve paid any attention to my old posts. I’ve decided to tweak my large eyes a bit and make them smaller. I’m unsure if I will continue on with this change, but I guess that really comes down to how good does it look with certain skins. Anyways, there are a bunch of things going on this month even though it’s the shortest month of the year. I mean there’s Collabor88, Enchantment, Fantasy Gacha Carnival, FutureWave etc. So with only 18 days left for these events I guess I better get started.Little Red Kitty Hood Little Red Kitty Hood Close-Up Miko Miko Close-Up Space Invader Space Invader Close-Up
/Wasabi Pills/ – Lory Mesh Hair – I’ve worn this hair before in a different color a few posts back. I had won it from The Arcade and I’m unsure if the creator ever set out their machines in their store. If this hair is no longer available to get I’m sorry, but this is just the style I liked best when it came to putting together this outfit.

The Sugar Garden @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Good Kitty Collar Gothique RARE and Neko Cosplay Black – I’m listing my lolita headband under the set it’s actually a part of which is the Good Kitty Collar set. It’s of course from a gacha machine at the event and is RARE so you might have some trouble obtaining it. I would have worn the collar as well but I was trying to go for all red and black, and the gold bell on the collar may have stood out too much. The Neko Cosplay set includes the ears, paws, and an attachable tail that has a little hook for hooking onto your outfit. This set is from a separate gacha machine, and is luckily common so it’s not as difficult to win.

BeetleBones and BeetleBones @ Enchantment – Fowler Laced-Up Boots, Little Red Hoodie Sweater, and Little Red Mini Dress – Now the adorable boots you see are not from Enchantment, but were instead from a past round of Collabor88 and I think they may now be found at the shop’s main location. The sweater and dress however are at Enchantment and are exclusive to the event making them limited edition just like everything else found there. Sometimes it’s hard putting together a layered outfit, and so I’m glad these 2 items are made to fit together and I don’t have to worry about them overlapping.

Pink Fuel @ FutureWave – Sora Alabaster Special Edition Skin and Classic Pout Lipstick Red – I haven’t really been able to see everything offered at this event yet, but I did manage to get this skin set and I’m just overjoyed. So many different eye makeup and lipstick options, appliers for most mesh body modifications like SLink and Lola Tango, and there’s even a shape included! In all of these outfits I’m wearing a Pink Fuel skin and that’s just because I’ve always loved how they make my avatar look.

Candy Mountain – Eye Wrath Eyes Crimson – These eyes were part of a group gift set that I think is still out at the shop. I tend to keep wearing this shop’s eyes with every outfit. Not just this pair in particular, but as you can see I’ve worn a pair in every outfit in this post. I think I should maybe buy some different ones they have or maybe wear some from Chus!, but these are just so nice.

**Edelweiss** – Miko Dress and Miko Shoes – Pretty much everything from the neck down in this outfit is from Edelweiss. The dress actually includes the accessories you see me holding in my hands which makes you perform a dance which you can synchronize with others who also have them. The shoes are sold separately and so is the Chihaya worn over the dress I think but I’m unsure since I just bought the whole pack. I really need to show off my yukata I also got from this shop, but I wanted to post about this first.

!lamb. – White Chalk Hair – This hair was at the last round of Collabor88 but can now be found at the main shop for regular price. I thought this hair went really well with my Japanese style outfit which is nice because I didn’t want to wear something that made the outfit seem like a costume.

Pink Fuel – Sora Flushed Skin – This was a special skin being sold for the Knitting Circle’s Holiday Event and I’m afraid it is no longer available. Don’t worry though because next month the full Sora skin line will be released and you may be able to get it then.

Candy Mountain – Eye Wrath Eyes Brown – Just a different color of the previous eyes I mentioned but somehow they look so much different. Again these are part of a group gift set so join the group and pick them up if you can.

Schadenfreude, ~silentsparrow~, and *katat0nik* @ Collabor88 – Schadenfreude Space Star Eyes, Orbit Skirt/Jacket/Shortpants, Supernova Astro Antigrav Boots, silentsparrow Raygun, katat0nik Starry Babydoll and Space Kitty Helmet – So aside from all these items being at Collabor88 right now, the reason I listed them all together was because they were all made in a sort of collaboration between the 3 creators. As you can tell by the style and colors they all match well and create a nice looking outfit. This has to be one of my favorite rounds of Collabor88 simply because it’s finally enabled me to be a cute space girl while wearing stuff from my favorite shops.

/Wasabi Pills/ – Claire Mesh Hair – I don’t really understand why I’ve seen so many people wear the katat0nik space kitty helmet without any hair. I was able to find hair to fit under it rather easily thanks to this shop. I did have to modify the hair a little, but not as much as you think, and I also tinted it green to match everything else. The hair is mesh but it’s unrigged mesh which allowed me to resize it enough to fit under the helmet.

Pink Fuel @ FutureWave – Sora Alabaster Special Edition Skin and Classic Pout Lipstick Teal Gradient – I decided to show more options for this skin by wearing it again in this spacey outfit. It actually came with a no eyebrow option that worked nicely with my space star eye makeup, and the teal lipstick was just the right color to go with the other teal/green parts of the outfit.

Candy Mountain – Orb Eyes – More eyes from this shop’s many group gifts. I really liked these eyes because they just seemed spacey and alien almost which was perfect. I really need to buy some eyes to balance out all these free ones. We’ll see what happens in my next post.


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