I Scream for Icecream!

The last bit of events have started this month, or the ones I know of anyways, and now all I have to look forward to is a new round of The Arcade in September. Oh my wallet is already feeling the hurt just thinking about it. This month actually marks the anniversary of Collabor88 and the theme is Razzle Dazzle meaning everything is created to go along with a Roaring 20’s style. I have to say that this has to be the best round of Collabor88 I’ve ever seen because it has me still wanting to go back to grab more stuff. Another event going on right now is the Atelier Kreslo Icecream Festival, and as you can see I scooped up a lot (sorry terrible joke). Pretty much a group of different shops each made some special icecream and have set them for sale at only 35L. The event lasts until the 30th which is around the time summer winds down so what a perfect moment to enjoy a summery treat. Well enough jabbering here are the three new outfits I’ve put together.
Boomcream Boomcream Close-Up Gingycream Gingycream Close-Up Birdycream Birdycream Close-Up[Yulicie] – Nora Outfit Set – The top and pants with suspenders are all one mesh which is pretty amazing. The colors are great since you can’t go wrong with red and blue an it even has a cute “Boom” on the front of the shirt like you’d see in a comic.

lamb. – True Faith Hair – Yet another hair I picked up at Hair Fair but is now at its mainstore. This is actually the only hair this post that isn’t from Collabor88, mostly because I just loved the style and well I ran out of money. The only thing I didn’t like was that the color of the ribbon tied around the hair can’t be changed. I was hoping to change it to maybe blue or something but it still works with the outfit so it’s ok.

fri.day – Cotton Mary Janes Panda – These shoes REQUIRE the SLink natural barefeet to be worn properly and I’m kind of happy about that. I love the SLink feet and I’m glad more shops like this one are putting out shoes to be specially worn with them. It definitely makes up for the amount I spent on them and what’s really great is that I got these shoes with a fox version for only 50L! They were marked 50L for 50L Fridays so I’m sorry to say you may have to pay a little bit more now but be assured these are really worth it.

Pink Fuel @ We Love Role-Play – Harley Opaline Skin and Sheer Gloss Sweet Red Lipstick – This is a special skin made for the We Love Role-Play event and will most likely not be sold again once it’s over. The event lasts the whole month but since this month is going by so fast you’re running out of time. What makes this such a great deal is that you not only get the skin but also a variety of makeup, different brow options, and appliers for SLink, Tango, Lush, and Puffy enhancements.

Vespertine @ Atelier Kreslo Icecream Festival – Frostpiggy in Strawberry – Nothing is better than a little icecream cup filled with icecream formed into an adorable little pig. Vespertine is offering other icecream animals as well but I really loved this piggy.

Candy Mountain – Zommie Eyes Valentine – This color of the eyes is only in a group gift pack that can be picked up from the shop. The group isn’t free to join though I’m afraid but it’s well worth the fee considering how many gifts are spread around the store for you to pick up.

fri.day – Jane Heels Coal – Another pair of shoes that REQUIRE SLink feet but these are made to be worn with the Medium version. These are just simple well-made heels that allow me to still wear my SLink feet without having to take them off. They’re very cute shoes that were only 75L for Lazy Sunday but like the other pair of shoes the price may have gone up a bit now.

Ohmai! @ Atelier Kreslo Icecream Festival – Gingy’s Strawberry – There were other flavors of this icecream at the event, which I of course grabbed as well, but this strawberry one seemed to go nicely with things. I’m such a huge Ohmai! fan and I can’t help but buy whatever the owner creates, luckily everything she creates looks amazing. The Gingy reminds me so much of Gingy from the movie Shrek but at the same time still has the Ohmai! look to it.

Candy Mountain – Dew Eyes Red – Yes this color is also a group gift only color which means maybe it will convince you to join the group to get it. There’s of course other colors you can buy if you don’t have the space for the group or don’t feel like joining, I’m just kind of a sucker for red eyes.

Pink Fuel – Harley Peach Skin and Heavy Smoke Eyeshadow – Now this isn’t the same skin from The Arcade, the shop has actually came out with a whole line of skins named Harley. You can now wear the natural skin in whatever tone you like and then wear the different lipsticks and eyeshadows specially made for each tone of the skin. There’s a ton more options for the skin now as well meaning the skins you’ve seen at The Arcade were only a small preview.

[ContraptioN] @ Make Lemonade – Compass Riot Mask – Right now you can only buy this mask at this event since it hasn’t been released in the shop yet. Once it’s actually released there will be other colors available as well, but personally I really like this default one. I chose to wear it with this outfit because it looked great when paired with the hair and it makes me look creepy cute which is the best kind of cute.

lamb. and The Secret Store @ Collabor88 – lamb. Zelda hair and The Secret Store Sequined Flapper Dress – I haven’t really seen any hairstyles like this before on SL so I was pleasantly surprised to see lamb. had came out with one. The hair almost looks like it’s being blown to the side like real hair in the wind and adorned on the top of it is some elegant jewelry. I love the designs on this mesh dress and it really does seem like it has sequins on it. I think I’ll have to go back sometime and pink up a light version of this dress as well even though the red looks lovely enough.

katat0nik, Schadenfreude, Noodles, MishMish, and /Wasabi Pills/ @ Collabor88 – katat0nk Dandita Romper, Schadenfreude Razzle Dazzle Casinelle Shoes, Noodles Millie Rose Cuff, MishMish Peacock, and /Wasabi Pills/ Claudette Hair – The romper is actually all one mesh and doesn’t actually follow the standard for mesh sizing so please try a demo before you actually but it. I know how things normally fit when it comes to this shop’s clothing though so I kind of just grabbed my favorite color option and kept on shopping. It’s just so girly and adorable that I had to have it right away. The same can be said for these new shoes Schadenfreude has come out with for this round. The colors matched perfectly with the romper, but in order to get the most from these shoes you really need to buy the fatpack of them. I felt like some jewelry was missing from the outfit so I picked up this set made by Noodles. Only the cuff is shown in the pictures but in the set there is also a headband and necklace which I will probably wear with another outfit later. The MishMish peacocks are one of my favorite things I got from the event because they’re just beautiful birds and I’m so happy there was a white version. The peacocks you’re able to wear actually make noise and talk in local chat when you click them which adds a nice touch by making them seem more alive instead of just some plushie. Lately I haven’t been wearing many /Wasabi Pills/ hairs because their new styles haven’t really suited me but this new style definitely did. I love this short hair style with the headband around it and the curls on the sides, and it’s even modifiable because it’s an unrigged mesh. You can change the color of the headband with the HUD included or you can simply make it white with the HUD and then color it whatever you like just like I did to have it match with this outfit.

Pink Fuel – Harley Porcelain Skin – This is another one of the many new tones for the Harley skins. It’s a little similar to the skin Pink Fuel offered for Love Donna Flora but with less makeup and a more of a soft innocent look. All of the skins in this post have been from the same shop because as you know I feel like this shop makes the best skins at the best price at least for me anyways.

{Sugar Heart} @ Atelier Kreslo Icecream Festival – Sugar’s Canadian Maple Icecream – {Sugar Heart} has offered 3 different icecreams for this event and this happens to be one of them. I felt like with the sort of beige colors going on in this outfit that a maple icecream seemed to be the best fit. I’ve never had a maple icecream so it also makes me curious how one would taste, hopefully it’d be as delicious as this icecream looks.

Candy Mountain – Dew Eyes Sick – Like I was saying before this color is actually a color you can purchase unlike the group gift only eyes I’ve been wearing. I know I’ve probably worn all these in past posts but when something looks as nice as these eyes you can’t help but wear them often.


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