Flora, Flux, and an Addiction to Hair

So a good amount of events have been going on lately, including another round of Flux and a charity event called Love Donna Flora. I was kind of too late to make a Hair Fair post but all these hairs you can now find at their shops and believe me there’s a ton more I still have to show. If you remember from one of my past posts Flux is a monthly event where creators create items all within a certain theme in a sim decorated to match as well. I managed to make one outfit (the 3rd outfit shown) with some items you can currently find there and will try to show more in my next post. I also used some poses that Pretense is offering and you can see in the background Lark’s floating tiki bar. All you need to do to is go here and check all the neat stuff shops have out. Now as for Love Donna Flora, this is a charity event benefiting Squinternet Larnia, the owner and designer of Donna Flora.  In December 2011 Squinternet was diagnosed with breast cancer that had metastasized to her bones and was only given to the summer of 2012 to live.  She has beat the odds with alternative treatments, but she has recently taken a lapse for the worse.  She is seeking other alternative treatments which the national health insurance in Italy will not pay for.  She has not been able to create much in-world lately; thus, the money she makes from Second Life is dwindling.  This event is to raise money to help off-set her expenses.  Designers have created items exclusive to the charity event which runs from July 25th through August 11th.  All items at the event will donate 50%, 75% or 100% profit to Squinternet; vendors are marked with their donation percentage. Just go here for the event and lets get on with the details of these outfits finally.  Heartie Heartie Close-Up Purple Bunny Purple Bunny Close-UpFlamingoFlamingo Close-Up
Curio Obscura – Heartie-Hearts Princess Sissy Dress – Believe it or not this dress came right out of the shop’s gacha machine, and it includes not only the dress but also the gloves and the shoes as well. The only downside is it is really hard to get this specific one considering there are 11 different dresses in 9 different styles. That’s a 1/99 chance and this pattern is also 1 of the 2 rares. Letting you know so you don’t get your hopes too high, but hey these are still adorable outfits and they are even able to fit big buff men if they’d like to be all girly for a day.

D!va – Mana Hair – So like all the other hair styles you will see in this post, this is one of the many I picked up at Hair Fair last month. Even though I got this at Hair Fair don’t worry because you can still get it at the actual shop. The messy bun tied up with a big cute ribbon fits so well with my silly outfit which is also covered in big ribbons. It’s like my hair got all tussled while bouncing around in my lovely dress.

Essences – Cho Skin Anime Natural – I really liked these new Cho skins the shop has come out with and if I could have I would gotten a bunch more of them. This skin just gives my avi a very soft look to it as if I’m all innocent and doll-like.

Candy Mountain – My Dear Eyes Ocean – Yes another pair of eyes from this set, if you can remember last time I posted I had worn the hazel version. This time I’m wearing the light blue eyes called ocean and in the next outfit you can see I’m wearing another pair in purple. I’m really trying to not wear the same eyes all the time so I’m glad I was able to get some new ones from this shop.

Beetlebones & Ohmai! – Seahorse Chain Necklace, Hearts Sling Pouch, Sunantha Sandals, Ohmai! Kun Hair – That’s right Ohmai! FINALLY has an in-world shop again and it’s right next to Beetlebones! Like I said before, I got this hair at Hair Fair but you can get it at the shop along with some other items Ohmai! has recently come out with like Otter avatars and pets. The hairstyle includes little flower accessories that change color with a HUD. If you can’t tell I kind of went a bit crazy grabbing a bunch of new Beetlebones releases. The shop has come out with sandals I can wear with my Slink feet which is amazing since I’ve been a little limited with what I’ve been able to find for them. I also managed to find a lovely little seahorse necklace plus a heart purse that’s actually rigged mesh which means I don’t have to worry about it being buried into my leg or body.

Ohmai! @ Love Donna Flora – Hope Bunny Plushie – This is an exclusive bunny plushie which will only be sold at the event and then never sold again so hurry and get it before the 11th! The bunny is color changeable so all you have to do is click it and then select the color you’d like it to be or you can just change the color of its little button eyes. The flag also has multiple phrases that you can swap between by clicking it and looking through the menu.

Essences – Cho Skin Anime 02 – Another Cho skin but this time with a little more makeup and unlike some skins it doesn’t look like it’s just caked onto the face. What I like most about this skin is the brows because the color matches perfectly with my orange hair and that’s pretty difficult to pull off unless the brows are tintable.

Candy Mountain – My Dear Eyes Purple – A nice light purple pair of eyes to go with my very purple outfit. I think they make my avi have a sort of sweet and magical look which is pretty cool.

Donna Flora – Noemi Dress – This dress was actually made by the owner of MIAMAI but is being sold under the Donna Flora name so 100% of the proceeds can go to Squinternet. The stars are what make this dress so unique because they actually look like they’re sewn ontop of the dress and really make it stand out.

DownDownDown, Sakide, & Moonstone @ Flux – DDD Kitsch Flamingo Pendant, Sakide Dolphin Ring, Moonstone Flamingo Dress – I was only able to make one outfit so far with items from this event but I’m going to try and make another for my next post if I can. I really liked this cute dress covered in flamingos so I was happy to see DDD had a flamingo pendant that could go along with it. The dolphin ring is actually a prize from a gacha machine so you’d have to try your luck if you’d like to get a pink one too. As you might can tell the theme this round was sort of beachy and tropical and what more tropical than wearing flamingos and hanging out at a tiki bar.

Pink Fuel @ Love Donna Flora – Doll Skin – Another item being offered at the charity even is this beautiful skin by Pink Fuel. Honestly I don’t think there’s a skin I don’t like from this shop, they just always look simply stunning. This pack not only comes with the skin though it also comes with appliers for the slink hands and feet which makes things super convenient.

Violent Seduction – Tacky Shoes – Ok so I really like these shoes and wish I had shown them off a little better, so I might have to use them again in a later post. Still, these shoes are very adorable and have cute little stars for heels. All parts of the shoes can have their color changed via a HUD that will allow you to choose from an assortment of colors.

fashionably dead – Mercury Hair – Just a cute short hairstyle with a ribbon tied around it. I’m not sure why but I haven’t been wearing any kind of short hair lately so I’m glad I found this one to try and balance things out a bit. The ribbon’s texture can be changed with a HUD that is included with the hair making it easy to match with any outfit, even a simple black one.

Chus! – Mari Eyes Ghost – This pair of eyes is actually a group gift and will never be sold, but don’t worry it’s still available and the group is free to join. I sometimes wonder if I should make a shape with smaller eyes just so I can wear more eyes made by Chus, but luckily these still work ok with my large shaped eyes.

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