Flux Americana with a Side of Girly

So if you didn’t know there is a month long event currently going on called Flux where a group of designers gather in a specially decorated sim and offer items that go along with a certain theme. The theme this month is Americana because of course the 4th of July and well just to celebrate the country itself. I’ve put together 3 outfits that include things you can find at the event and the snapshots were all taken at the event as well. Now the last outfit doesn’t feature any worn items but you can see some of the furniture in the background that is offered by [noctis]. The poses I used in the last 2 snapshots are also at Flux and are made by Poseology. Here is your ride to the event, but before you go take a look at this quick preview of things you can look forward to finding once you get there. Miss JulyMiss July Close-Up  Lady JulyLady July Close-Up  Girly JulyGirly July Close-Up
Senzafine @ Flux – Martha Vintage Bathing Suit – The summer time isn’t all about bikinis, you can also wear a less revealing bathing suit like this one and still look great. This bathing suit is also mesh so it doesn’t look like it was just drawn onto your body.

22769 @ Flux – Headphones Stars And Stripes – A pair of headphones that is unisex and also mesh, just a great combination plus they fit my head with no adjustment needed at all which definitely helps save time when I’m editing outfits.

Memento Mori @ Flux – Easy Rider Boots – I can’t say enough how much I love these boots, they’re just very nicely done and textured perfectly for the Americana theme. They’re mesh too which works well with any animation you’d want to use since they will bend with your body.

DownDownDown @ Flux – Belt Choker – since of course the bathing suit has no sleeves I wanted to fill the nothingness between my head and chest. Luckily I had this cute little choker that has little stars dangling from it. A perfect fit for the rest of the outfit I might add.

Pretense @ Flux – Signal Mobile Phone and Poses- What’s more American than a girl glued to her cellphone? It’s a nice pose prop and comes with a good amount of poses as well, I can tell I’m probably going to take some funny snapshots with this later on.

Orc Inc. @ Flux – USA Slink Nails – I finally broke down and bought some Slink hands to go with my Slink feet and it’s a good thing I did because it means I was able to wear these adorable nails. There were so many options with this applier but I found just the right one to go with the rest of the outfit.

TRUTH – Liberty Hair – A funny coincidence that this hair is named Liberty but it really looks lovely with this outfit, especially with the cute bow on top of the side ponytail. The bow’s color can be changed with a HUD that’s included with the hair, which makes things easier than trying to click the bow on your moving head just to change the color of it.

Pink Fuel – Harley Peach Skin 08 and Peach Slink Hand Applier – Like I mentioned in the previous post here’s another Pink Fuel skin that I won from The Arcade event. Now I’m not sure if the gacha machine is in the shop or not now the event is over, so this skin may not be available currently. You can always check the shop though and if it’s not there maybe contact the creator. Either way this is a great looking skin and I’m happy I was able to collect all that were in the machine. The best part is the skins have Slink appliers that you can buy in the shop, which means I can wear my mesh hands with them and have them match perfectly.

Candy Mountain – Dew Eyes Silence – I’ve been wearing this shop’s eyes more and more often, and they’re kind of becoming a favorite since they work with my large eye shape pretty well. As you’ll see with each outfit, I’m wearing one of they’re sets of eyes.

Slink – Slink Mesh Hands Casual – I wasn’t very sure about getting these at first because I didn’t know if they’d work as well as the feet. Surprisingly the casual style of the hands work with just about everything, and that means I can finally use all these amazing nail appliers shops have been coming out with lately.

Rotten Defiance @ Flux – Lace Up Mini – A simple mini dress with nicely paired shades of red and blue. The lace is sheer but I have my long hair covering my bits so it all works out fine. It’s a fun dress to wear when you feel like you want to be cute but also naughty.

The Stringer Mausoleum @ Flux – Summer Celebration Lips – I really wanted to use this skin but it didn’t really have the lip color I wanted so I added this lip makeup and it improved things immensely. It’s just the right kind of red and it even makes my lips a little shiny.

TRUTH – Sara Hair – This mesh hair is kind of like the Liberty hair because it has a headband that also uses a HUD to change colors so you don’t have to sit there trying to click it and bother with menus. This hairstyle actually reminds me a lot of my real life one so that may be why I like it so much.

Glam Affair – Lulu 01 Skin – This skin, like the Pink Fuel one and the next skin after this, is from The Arcade event and may or may not be in the shop at this time and if it isn’t you can contact the creator and ask if it will ever be available in the shop. I think I’m really becoming a fan of these skins though so I might continue to show these in future posts.

Candy Mountain – Dew Eyes Cold Blue – These are part of the same set as the previous eyes but in a nice shade of blue to go with my red and blue outfit. I think I really need to show more of the shop’s other sets so I might take a break from wearing these for a bit and show off the new eyes I got as you can see in the last snapshot.

Ingenue – Delphine Heels Cherry Rare – I know it’s terrible that I don’t know whether or not machines are in the shop after the event but I want to wear this stuff anyways because even if they aren’t available it may inspire you to join the events group and start trading with people. Anyways I just have to say I love these shoes and I’m so happy I managed to get every color so I can wear them with any outfit I like.

Iruco – Bow Tie Necklace Striped Red 2 – Can you tell how addicted I was to the gacha machines yet? I picked up this necklace from one of the machines as well and it just so happened to be red, white, and blue. It’s just a small piece to add a little bit more to the outfit and I think it looks really nice.

Noodles – Girly Duck Bow – Now this machine IS at the shop, I know this for a fact because I was there today still trying to get commons I don’t have and some rares as well. Speaking of which if you have some just message me on SL and maybe we can do a trade. What’s so great about these bows, aside from being inspired by Disney movies, is that they can be a headband or just click the bow and they turn into a bow that you can attach anywhere. You could even wear this as a bowtie if you’re a guy and too manly for headbands.

Fashionably Dead – Bossy Boots Plain Pink and Bossy Boots Socks – These boots were also part of a gacha machine but they are in the shop now as well and you can buy the sock add-ons for free. It was so difficult for me to get this color considering how many are in the actual machine, but I’m happy I have them now so I can be girly and tomboyish at the same time.

[Yulicie] – Sunny Dress – This mesh dress is just so adorable and the best part is that you can change the color of the mesh top with a neat little HUD that comes with it. There are 4 different color options in the HUD to decide between but of course I chose pink to go with my all pink outfit.

Candy Mountain – My Dear Eyes Hazel – Finally brand new eyes from the shop and I can’t wait to try out all the colors! Of course you will probably see me wear the different colors as I try them out in future posts. There was a purple/pink kind of color eyes but I think the hazel worked best with this look.

Glam Affair – Lulu 06 Skin – Out of all the skins this machine had to offer this was definitely my favorite although I would have been happy to get the rare number 9. I just love the light pink makeup on the face and around the eyes. It makes me feel even more girly than I already do in this outfit.

Clawtooth – That Pretty Lady Hair 8 – Clawtooth has been in every round of The Arcade event so no surprise that they were in this past one and no surprise I played the machine too. Again I don’t know if this shop has the machine out in the mainstore but you can always check. The curly bangs on the side of the face is what made me really like this hairstyle.

Pink Fuel – Yum Bubblegum – This gum comes with a static gum in translucent and opaque and an animated version of the 2 that allows you to blow bubbles and then they pop. The gum is also color changeable so if you don’t want your gum to be the classic pink you can change it to many other colors just by clicking it.

*katat0nik* – Big Alice Wonderland Pendant Rare – Now this machine WILL be in the shop because the creator said so herself I’m just not sure if it was put out yet. This necklace is the rare out of the 20 necklaces and is pretty hard to get so if you don’t manage to get it I’m sure you can atleast get the Small Alice Wonderland Pendant which is a common. This necklace is really one of my favorites though because it has a character inside and is pink. I’m also a huge Alice in Wonderland fan so I got all the other characters as well.


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