Less Than 2 Days Left but None of the Lag!

That’s right folks, all you have left is today and tomorrow to get your last bit of goodies from The Arcade! If you don’t know what The Arcade is it’s an event that comes around every 2 months where you toss your money into gacha machines and you get a random prize or even a rare prize. Here is where you can get a better look at what all there is to win this round. I would have made a post about this earlier in the month, but you see when one becomes addicted to these machines you get into the gacha zone and just become fully unaware of what else is going on (which is why I’ve spent so many lindens this month). I don’t really want to think about it now…the horror THE HORROR! Anyways another event that has kinda flew by is Summerfest and it ends TODAY. So for the love of all that is cute please run, RUN NOW to get the amazing otter avatar and pet by !Ohmai plus there’s even an otter pop offered by flowey’s pop gacha with a special version that can be held by the otter. So without wasting anymore time here are the outfits and the otter.OtterOtter Close-Up  BeachyBeachy Close-Up Tentacle LadyTentacle Lady Close-Up
!Ohmai @ Summerfest
– Sea Otter Avatar and Sea Otter Pet – Now if you’re a fan of this creator you should already know that she still doesn’t have an in-world shop. This means if you don’t get the otter at the event you’re not going to get one at all until she decides to open a shop, and even then she might not have the otters for sale (hence the telling you to run). These mesh otters are so adorable and they even have their own ao, but if you don’t want to be an otter you can always hold your otter pet. Every otter pet gets assigned a special random name when purchased which adds a little more fun to them too.

flowey @ Summerfest – Otter Pop RARE – It took me a total of 43 tries just to get this Otter Pop but I’d say it was well worth it. It comes with 2 versions, a normal one and a special one to be worn with the otter avatar. I love it because it’s like a special little accessory for my otter and an otter has to have their otter pop.

flowey @ The Arcade – Homer’s Pool RARE – Believe it or not that pool is actually a wearable pool which means you can lounge out anywhere you like even if there isn’t rez there. It seemed like the perfect fit for my otter because what better way to enjoy an otter pop than to chill out in the pool.

Tee*fy @ The Arcade – Tee*fy Aurelia Summer High-Low Dress Navy – Now everyone has gone crazy over the feather headdress you can win from this shop’s machine but I actually like the dresses just as much to be honest. Especially this navy one because it allows me to wear many other things I have won from the gachas and still match wonderfully.

Auxiliary @ The Arcade – Anchor Leg Warmers – Now of course these leg warmers were high on my priority list because I’ve become a huge fan of nautical things and they even have little ribbons tied around them like they’re tied to your legs. Most people go for the bigger sizes but my legs are small so an xxs fit just fine but if you’re unsure there’s a demo next to the machine so you can try them on first.

: ) BCC. @ The Arcade – Emma Apple flat shoes Navy – What better to go with a navy dress than little navy flats, and these flats even have cute little apples on the toes so they don’t just look plain. In the pic you can’t see the fronts very well but they do look very nice.

Pink Fuel @ The Arcade – Harley 10 RARE – Yes I know, another Pink Fuel skin, but you had to of known I was going to go after them. This skin is actually a secret rare because it’s not listed in the vendor picture. It has the same great quality you see in all the other Pink Fuel skins and if you were to look real close there’s even little freckles on the face. In my next post I will probably show another one of these skins because I want to show off my new slink feet appliers the shop now offers.

/Wasabi Pills/ @ The Arcade – Lory Hair – Gingerbread RARE – A nice loosely braided hair style that’s perfect for a casual summer look. This was the shop’s first time in the event which I was so happy to see because I love their hair. I know I keep listing rare things which means they will be hard to get but if you spent a lot of time, effort, and money to get a rare item you’re going to want to show it off as much as you can.

Shakeup! @ The Arcade – Fabric Flower Ring Sailor – I wasn’t sure about these rings at first, but I have to admit this ring is pretty great because a sailor ring goes so well with anchor leg warmers. It even looks like real fabric and comes together with a little button in the center.

Pididdle @ The Arcade – Bottle Cap Shades Hong Kong – If you look closely you can actually see Hong Kong within the shades which I think is pretty awesome. Of course I managed to grab a few other common colors but I really liked the red a lot so I just had to wear them.

ASO! @ The Arcade – Alphabet Marine Bag – I was lucky enough to get both versions of this bag in “P” which is the first letter of my sl name. I think this simple version though without the colors added to it goes nicely with the rest of the outfit and doesn’t take anything away from it.

Maxi Gossamer @ The Arcade – MG Necklace Summer LadyBird Red RARE – These necklaces are just so lovely and I was lucky enough to get the red one! Just another bit of red to go with my red and blue outfit and the fact that it’s so nicely made is a big plus.

Ingenue @ The Arcade – Delphine Heels Lime – I kind of went crazy with these shoes and now have them in every color. What’s so crazy about them is I can’t find an outfit they don’t match with because the color options are just so perfect. If you were to look close you could see that they even have cute little spots on them.

Glam Affair @ The Arcade – Lulu Skin 8 – Now I don’t think I’ve ever worn skins from this shop before or atleast I don’t remember doing so. the skin itself is well done though and even has some green eyeshadow on it to go with my very green outfit including my green eyes. I managed to grab a few more of their skins so you will probably see them in future posts.

The Sea Hole – Mesh Tentacle Dress and Tentacle Handbag – Now you might think these are no longer available but to my surprise the shop is actually still there when it should have closed a month ago. Everything is still 50L for the closing sale except for the gacha machines. I don’t know how long the shop will actually be there until it fully closes so best to go there while you still can.

~silentsparrow~ – Tentacle Socks – These socks were one of the rounds of 50L Friday so they may or not be sold now. You can still check at the shop though just in case they’re still there. I had to wear these though because they went so well with the dress and handbag and also I’m a sucker for anything squidly.

D!va @ Collabor88 – Mimi Hair – You can currently only find this hair at the Collabor88 event going on right now which will end on the the 7th. It’s not a mesh hair but instead lets you resize it just by clicking it and using its menu. You can also change the color of the hair accessory this way or hide the accessory all together. I was really happy to find a color that went well with the green in the other parts of the outfit.


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