Birds, Melons, and Umbrellas

So if you live on this side of the globe it’s Spring and soon to be Summer and I thought I should dress to match the season and also the weather.  Now that all the cold weather is gone the birds are out and driving me crazy every morning, so much so that I’ve decided to try and become one of them. With my sneaky bird mask I think I’ll blend right in with them. It’s also been raining a lot lately so I thought I should bring out my trusty umbrella in an effort to keep dry. After jumping in a bunch of puddles I seem to have worked up an appetite, and what better thing to eat than some watermelons. Sadly there were none to eat but atleast I was able to wear some instead. Now, like always lets go into the details so you can have as much fun as I did with these outfits.
Birdy Lady Birdy Lady Close-UpBlue BellaBlue Bella Close-UpWatermelon GirlWatermelon Girl Close-Up[Yulicie] – Vienna Afternoon Outfit – This includes the shirt, skirt, and even the belt which all look great together. I really like the red and white stripes on the skirt and because it’s mesh it has some nicely done folds in it. The shirt has optional shoulder spikes you can wear to match the spikes on your belt.

>TRUTH< – Tashia Hair – Recently this shop had a big hair sale where I managed to grab 4 different packs of hair, this being one of them and also the one I’m wearing in the watermelon outfit. I’m sure I’ll wear the other 2 in the next post I make sometime. The reason I chose to wear this one is because not only is it a good looking hairstyle but it wraps around the mask perfectly which allows me to show it off more.

*~*Illusions*~* – Sparrow Mask – Another mask I got from the Fantasy Faire but since the faire is over you can now buy it at the shop’s main location. In something that may seem simple like a mask there is a ton of detail done in this one that really makes you seem like a bird.

DECO – Donna Shoes – I’ve worn these shoes a couple times before if you have paid attention to this blog. I just had to wear them again though because of how well they are made and how they seemed to match the red and white striped skirt and also the red and white shirt greatly.

Auxiliary – Love Pale Bunny Skin – I know it’s sort of funny to think about but under the mask I actually look like a bunny. It’s like I’m a bunny trying to blend in amongst the birds. This skin is very well done though and even with only the body and mouth showing it still looks amazing. I think I’ll wear this skin again in a future post so I can show off the bunny side of it since that bit is covered with the mask.

Schadenfreude, Auxiliary, [ContraptioN], DECO, and Intrigue Co. @ Collabor88 – Schadenfreude Into the Woods Dress/Parasol/Cloud Leggings, Auxiliary Melt My Heart Ring, [ContraptioN] Meltdown Shades, DECO Trench Boots, and Intrigue Co. Rainy Days Jewelry – This round of Collabor88 just has so many amazing things out that I just had to compile a ton of them into one outfit. Schadenfreude has made this beautiful lacey dress and parasol for the event and also some leggings that I’m wearing but you can’t really see them well. The parasol actually has a few different ways to hold it like one or two handed, and I’m glad it had this pose in it because I was able to show off my new ring. Speaking of the ring, it’s one of the things Auxiliary has come out with and it’s a little melting heart. I had too much trouble deciding on just one color so I ended up buying the whole pack of them. Of course the light blue is the one I chose to wear with this outfit and it’s just the right shade to match everything. I knew I should have worn some waterproof shades because now mine seem to be melting in the rain! These shades are brand new from [ContraptioN] and are just as unique as the other things they have made in the past. To me the glasses seem like they were made of sugar or something and now because of the rain are melting down my face. I just really love the look of them but of course how I see them may differ on how you do. Yes another pair of DECO footwear has made it into my inventory and what a great pair to have. I didn’t really want to wear heels with this dress because that just seems like the normal thing to do and this isn’t a normal outfit. Luckily I was able to get these boots that look perfect for jumping into puddles and for protecting my leggings from mud. My outfit seemed almost complete but the Intrigue Co. rainy days jewelry really helped pull things together. You can’t really see since my hand is covering it but there is a necklace and earrings in the set, both with little umbrellas and rain clouds on them. The jewelry just looks so adorable and I was really happy that it also came in light blue like the rest of the outfit.

Pink Fuel – Alena Azure Skin – I remember this skin being special for some event 2 or 3 months ago so it’s most likely not available anymore, but I could be wrong so you’d just have to check out the shop. I really need to expand the range of skins I wear but with all the different makeups and kinds of skins this place comes out with it’s very difficult.

Burley – Vanessa Hair – For all of you guys/girls that love the hair at Burley all of their hair’s prices have been cut to 100-200L. This only includes the stuff at Burley not Taketomi so hopefully you don’t get confused. Either way it’s great news for me because I was able to get this new updo for cheap, and it really looks great with its super cute bangs.

>TRUTH< – Velvet Hair – Another one of the 4 packs that I grabbed from the hair sale. It’s a really cute style plus the little bows are color changeable with a HUD that comes with the hair. I was going for something nerdy and fun with this outfit and so this hair worked very nicely in helping me pull that off.

Pink Fuel – Von D Skin – I actually won this skin from a gacha machine the shop had at The Arcade but I think now the machine has moved back to the main shop. You can’t really buy this skin normally, you just have to try your luck for it. Don’t worry, even if you don’t get it right away there’s 6 other amazing skins you can win too. This skin is of course based off the lovely Kat Von D with the signature tattoo on the side of her face.

Schadenfreude – Cygnette Shoes – I really should buy these shoes in more colors, but luckily I had them in bright green to match with my watermelon dress. The bow colors are changed with a neat little HUD and if you buy the shoes in packs the different parts of the shoes are changed in the same way. What I like most about these shoes is that they’re elegant but can also be clunky in a nerdy girl sort of way which is just perfect for me.

[No Homu] – 8bit Nerdies Shades – Hurray another pair of glasses made by my awesome friend Rim! Most of the stuff he makes now like these glasses are super customizable because they include ao bake maps. This allows you to either color things in world or edit textures in photoshop/gimp. I recolored mine in watermelon colors as you can see in the pictures.

[Yulicie] – Breeze Shiver Outfit – Yes 2 wonderful mesh outfits from this shop in one post. I really like this outfit though because of the bright colors like the green sweater. The dress is pretty adorable too with all the little watermelons covering it. If you really want to go for that nerdy girl in the spring/summer look this is definitely something that would fit.


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