Fantasy Faire 2013 Part 2

So like I promised here’s part 2 of all the things I collected from the faire and I don’t think I’ll be doing a part 3. The reason I’m only going to do a part 2 is because I don’t think I have enough stuff for a third post but the things I do have left over you’ll definitely see sprinkled in future posts. There are about 3 days left of the faire so if there’s something you’ve had your eye on you better grab it quick because not all shops plan to sell their exclusives after the faire is over. Just like before I’m only going to list items from the faire and if you really want to know what other things are from just look me up on flickr because I still tag things and submit them to photo groups. Alright now lets get started before I waste any more time rambling away here.
Cloak Mask Cloak Mask Close-Up Dragona Dragona Close-Up Spiral Spiral Close-Up[ContraptioN] @ Fantasy Faire – The Silent Mask and The Silent Cult Cloak – This really is one of my favorite shops for oddities. Whether it’s masks, clothes, glasses or smiles they all are beautifully made and I wear them very frequently. The mask and cloak are both RFL donation items and are sold separately but look best when they are combined. I’m not sure what it is but something about this mask makes me feel like an owl woman. It’s just so unique and fun to wear while I’m running around in my cloak.

The Plastik @ Fantasy Faire – The Arkasia Skins Lave – You can’t see all of the details of the skin in these pics, but trust me it really looks great and with the makeup on the lips and the pale skin tone it worked well with the mask making it almost seem like it was part of the face.

lassitude & ennui @ Fantasy Faire – Flutter Boots – I don’t think this shop has a single pair of shoes that I don’t like. These aren’t new or anything, just like the Selene boots weren’t really new but I think you can still pick them up from their stall so I’m counting them anyways haha. I wish more shoe shops were like this one, selling well detailed shoes for reasonable prices instead of charging over a thousand lindens for one pair.

De La Soul @ Fantasy Faire – Ceredil Candace Chameleon and Ceredil Kno’hr Horns and Mouth – Now I know I already showed off one of these skin sets before but I just had to do another post with it because now there are horns and a mouth tattoo you can wear with it! They’re color changeable with a HUD that is included so you can match them with any of the other Ceredil sets. Also don’t worry they work for the male versions too. You can also see I have a different pair of ears this time which is found in the skin set.

{Lemon Tea} @ Fantasy Faire – Drakodaimonen Tail – Instead of a fairy like last time, I thought this time I’d like to be more of a dragon lady and what better way to do that then wear this new tail. Aside from being able to choose from a wide range of colors with the HUD that comes with it, the tail actually swings from side to side! There are far too many tails that are just static and are unrealistic so it was great to find one that actually moves like a tail should.

FATEwear @ Fantasy Faire – Rochon Outfit – I’m glad I was able to complete my all blue look with this lovely medieval like dress. It has nice little frills at the bottom and looks like it’s tied up at the front with ribbon. The dress even lets me show off my SLink feet some more because of how it parts slightly half way down.

The Plastik @ Fantasy Faire – Vandariel Armor, Draziira Skin/Ears, and Draziira Glow Eyes – What I love most about this combination of items is that I get to be a dark elf covered in spirals and the armor just enhances that spiralness. The skin itself looks great already and then the white spiral etchings just makes it look even better. I don’t like using normal eyes much and so I’m glad this skin set included glowing eyes. The set actually includes a ton of things but I chose to just wear the ears, eyes, skin, and tattoo enhancements for the skin. The armor’s flap changes color in case you don’t like the white and also parts like the gems also change color.

Wasabi Pills @ Fantasy Faire – Erika Mesh Hair – I really like this new hair and the crystal colors are one of the shop’s RFL donation items but I decided to go with the blondes instead since it seemed to work better with what I’m wearing. It’s a very nice long mesh hair but you can’t expect any less from a hair shop like this. I love how a piece of the hair droops down in front and is tucked behind the ear while the rest hangs down in the back.

{Lemon Tea} @ Fantasy Faire – Filum Horns – I felt like this outfit needed something a little extra so I decided to wear these metal horns, and what’s so great about these horns is that the horns have multiple metal colors to choose from or you could get the special glass version that is also available.


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