Jesters, Lolitas, and Anime Nekos

Hey guys, so with these outfits I hope you can see my train of thought that lead me to each outfit but if it’s too crazy that’s fine. I started with the jester that had a doll like dress. Then I went a little further with the idea of a doll and became a lolita which of course is a Japanese style that resembles Victorian dolls. I finally ended up going full on anime at the end of it all even adding cute little neko bits. Now of course this is the part where I go into detail about the outfits and help you recreate them, or atleast help you find new items you’d like to wear.
Jester Jester Closeup Lolita Lolita Closeup Neko Anime Neko Anime Closeup*katat0nik* – Jester Dress Set, Jester Staff, and Jester Mask Makeup – I’ve had this outfit for a long while now and I don’t know why I waited so long to make a post about it. The staff and makeup are sold separately from the set because they both include colors of the other jester sets. What’s really great is how the mask makeup is FREE! I really love the colors and the style of the dress though, it’s very adorable.

Schadenfreude – Ultravox Shoes – These were at the last round of Collabor88 but should be at the main shop now or atleast soon. They’re kind of a retro like shoe while at the same time they’re very cutesy and I think that’s what made them work well with the rest of the outfit.

/wasabi pills/ – Momo Mesh Hair – This shop has always made great mesh hairs ever since mesh was introduced into sl. I managed to grab this pink colored hair when it was on sale for Fifty Linden Fridays (hopefully you were lucky like me). I really like how the large curls are intertwined with eachother making the hair have a very nice style to it.

Pink Fuel @ Adore & Abhor 5th Anniversary Event – Freckled Love Skin – Adore and Abhor is currently having an anniversary event until April 16th and Pink Fuel has created a special skin for 75L. You can only buy the skin at the event, and after the event is over you might not be able to have another chance to get it so you better act now! I know the mask is covering most of the face but I assure you it’s a very lovely skin.

elikatira – Caramel Hair – I had only gone to this shop a few times and was surprised to see that when I went their recently all the hair was 70% off! That’s right everything at elikatira is discounted and will be replaced with new items once the sale is over. I’m not quite sure when the sale will end since it’s gone past the end date. This is another hair with curls and since I was going for a lolita look I’d say it adds a nice touch to the outfit.

+RokumeikaN+ – Tote Pink Outfit – Now this is a dress you REALLY need to try a demo before buying because it only comes in one size and no that one size does not fit all. It actually fit my shape pretty well aside from my neck poking out of the choker a bit. The dress comes with the cute little hat too that’s covered in roses just like the dress. I know you might think the outfit isn’t pink but it is it’s just very subtle. All in all it has become one of my favorite lolita dresses to wear.

{mon tissu} – Montsegur Pumps Camel – Do you know how difficult it was to find shoes to match the color of this dress? I literally spent HOURS roaming shops and scouring the marketplace for the right color shoes. I have saved you the trouble though and have found the perfect shoes for this outfit. Not only are these a good match color wise but they really look nice.

Pink Fuel – Alyx Winged Skin and Lip Tint Nude Lipstick – The Skin Fair has ended but I haven’t stopped wearing the skins that came from there. This along with the other skins that were at the fair should be at the main shop or now or they will be soon. Just so you know, if you didn’t buy them at the fair they’re going to be raised up to normal price. I can’t seem to stop mixing and matching these skins and lipsticks, it’s like each pairing is a whole new skin!

Candy Mountain – dew silence eyes – I’m always happy when shops like this have nice larger eyes because most shops sell teeny tiny ones that just won’t work with the shape of my eyes. They’re not super bright either so they fit nicely with the rest of the toned down colors in the outfit.

Utilizator – Avatar 2.0 and M3 Mesh Anime Head – So if you like anime or if you just like the anime look then you should really check out this shop. the head itself has to be the best anime head I’ve seen in SL ANYWHERE if simply just for the ton of options it has and how easy it is to modify. Also don’t worry, rigged mesh hair does fit on the head all you have to do is move the head size slider in edit appearance mode. Avatar 2.0 is the best body to use with the head since it has all the same preset skin tones and it’s very well done. The shape of the body is NOT the same as the one shown here though because that shape comes from the mesh outfit I’m wearing over the body.

elikatira Break Hair – This is another hair I picked up at the sale going on. I’m kinda glad it’s only sculpted instead of mesh because I find it easier to make sculpted hair fit properly sometimes. It’s definitely a cute style with the partial ponytail and the rest of the hair flowing down.

::: BareRose ::: – Hourglassy Sky-Hex Outfit – The clothes and boots come in 3 parts to complete this full body mesh, and what I like most about it is because it covers the whole body it fits perfectly over the Avatar 2.0 body. The Avatar 2.0 body can be hard to find outfits for sometimes because it doesn’t use clothing layers and is divided into only 8 sections that can become transparent. That problem should be solved soon though in a later update. Another thing that I really like about this outfit is how it gives these great curves to the shape. I’m not going to get into how many times I’ve been complimented on my thighs while wearing this though.

[No Homu] – Nerdime Glasses – My friend Rim made me these glasses after I asked him to since I couldn’t find any nerdy anime glasses anywhere. I’d say he did a wonderful job on them just like he does on everything else he makes. His shop isn’t super well known or anything but hey maybe this post will inspire more people to take a look.

Remarkable Oblivion – Meowjesty Headband – Bells! Yes this is not your ordinary set of neko ears, but instead it’s an adorable headband with neko ears, ribbons, and bells. The bells even make a jingling sound when you walk that you can turn off or on. It’s so much fun to prounce around as a little neko while the bells on my head jingle.

{Lemon Tea} – Somali Neko Tail – Say “goodbye” to those dumb old flexi tails and “hello” to this fluffy mesh neko tail! This tail has great movement and it can even wrap around you when you don’t want it waggling about. There is also a HUD that comes along with it so you can change the color of the tail to whatever you like. I don’t think I’ll buy a new tail ever again unless this shop somehow comes up with something even better.


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