Bunnies Poop Tickets

Again my posts have become far between but they haven’t yet ended so don’t worry your pretty little heads. I recently spent hours chasing down bunnies, waiting for them to poop out tickets, and quickly scooping them up to exchange them for prizes. If that sounds odd to you well it isn’t because I’m talking about the Alice in RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt. It ends on the 31st so if you want to take part in it you still have time but time is running out! You can find out more info about the hunt and what other stores are participating here since I’ll only be mentioning a couple in this post. I’ll also be showing off some special skins that you can only get from the Skin Fair which started just a couple of days ago. Now, have a look at my Alice themed outfits that I think turned out pretty adorable. You may notice my shape seems a little different too and that’s because I’ve remade my face, something I haven’t done in years. I’ve never bought shapes, I’ve always just made my own because I didn’t want to be another misshapen squinty eyed chick with huge lips and buckteeth. Anyways, lets move on shall we.
Cheshire Alice Cheshire Alice Close-Up Elk Watch Elk Watch Close-Up Mouse Alice Mouse Alice Close-UpDownDownDown @ RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt – Fairy Tale Book Alice – This book is one of the hunt items you definitely need to make sure to grab. Not only does it come with this normal holding book but also one you can rez and one that says AFK so you have something to wear when you’re not there.

The Sugar Garden @ Skin Fair – Hope Skin – What’s so great about this skin is the cute little nose and glossy lips, and that’s just something this shop does really well. The only problem I ever have with these skins though is the makeup around the eyes doesn’t look quite right with my big eyes. It’s not a big problem or anything because I just wear some liner to cover it up and then it all looks fine.

ni.ju – Color Enhanced Eyeliner – I think this was an old group gift or something so it may or may not be available for purchase. It’s just the liner I like to use when either matching makeup with outfits or improving eye makeup that doesn’t fit quite right with my eye shape.

Chus! – Bohemienne Lens Eyes – I always end up stuck wearing Tacky Star eyes all the time but this shop helps me break that habit with these sparkly dark eyes. They really help pull off the spooky cute look when combined with the rest of the outfit.

Clawtooth @ Collabor88 – Victim of Love Hair – This is part of an exclusive color pack only sold at this event and once it’s over it will never be sold again. If I were you I’d hurry and pick this hair up while you can before the month and event are both over. If you don’t care for the this style of bangs there is also another hair available that is very similar.

Schadenfreude – Leith Boots – I only noticed just now that I wore these boots in my last post as well. I guess that tells you how much I love to wear them and it’s mostly because of just how well made they look. They’re now at the shop’s mainstore at the normal price, but I say they’re still well worth buying and wearing all the time like I wear them.

+Blue Blood+ – Alice Dress – The dress comes in many different colors but I personally liked black the best. The black, red, and white was just a great color combination with the green eyes of the cheshire cat pushing it over the top. This dress makes me feel like a little gothic doll but more cute than dark.

Pididdle – PopPop Headband – I kind of wish this headband was color changeable instead of having to purchase different colors separately but all in all it’s a great looking headband. The spikes on the headband add a lot to the tough cute girl look which is why I chose to wear it with this outfit.

Pink Fuel @ Skin Fair – Alyx Smokey Skin and Lip Lustre Candy Apple Lipstick – I will always love Pink Fuel skins and Mochi was really sweet and made sure I had these latest ones that you currently can only get at the Skin Fair. I have to say these new skins are a huge improvement of what her past skins have been and they were already amazing to begin with. The skins are currently on sale at the fair but once the fair is over they go back to normal price so you really don’t want to miss this deal or you’ll regret it for sure!

Chus! – Foggy Lens Eyes – I know when I got these eyes they were for a special price and stuff and I’m pretty sure they’re still at the shop but you’ll just have to check and see. I really like the color a lot which is a sort of faded brown or pink, it’s kind of hard to describe which is a good thing. They definitely look good combined with the sakura flowers in the headband.

Violent Seduction – Sakura Horns – These horns are special edition, they’re 80L until the end of March and are exclusive to the cupcake sim event. After the month is over they will never be sold again or atleast not at this price. I love the little flowers in the tangled branches and the small horns kind of make me feel like a jackalope while I’m wearing my white rabbit like suit.

=DeLa*= – Carly Hair – This mesh hair has some really nice bangs and the hair swept over one shoulder and only partly on the other makes it a great looking style. It also flows very nicely around the face and body like it doesn’t stab into your chest like some hairs do.

Dreaming Maiden @ RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt – McTwisp Outfit – The whole outfit except for the shoes is part of this shop’s gift in the hunt, and it even includes a hat and a trumpet that are not shown in the pictures. My favorite part of this outfit is the coat because I haven’t really seen coats open at the top to show off the chest and open slightly at the bottom to show off the pants. It just makes it so unique to me and I can’t believe that all of it was free!

DECO – Mesh Rivet Boots – I’ve always wanted to wear some nice combat boots but could never find some that looked decent and worked for girls. These boots aren’t too bulky and they go very nicely with the outfit, plus they have very good details.

Dimbula Rose @ RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt – Alice’s Summer Dress – This outfit includes the dress and stocking plus a bag and head bow that aren’t shown in the pictures. The way the dress moves with you almost makes you feel like a princess of some sort or maybe like Alice when she’s falling down the rabbit hole. I love the light blue color the most because that’s always been one of my favorite colors.

Nightshade Designs – Sugar Satin Slippers – I think this shop is closed now because I can’t seem to find it at all anymore but I could always be wrong. These slippers are very nice though even if they are kind of old, but hey some things can just hold up to the test of time. If you do somehow manage to find the shop still in business see if you can find these shoes and pick them up.

ni.ju – Marx Piercing Galactic – This version of the piercing is currently in the lucky board at the shop, but if you don’t feel like waiting you can always buy the normal version. Some piercings just go over the top and make you ask what the hell was the creator thinking but not ni.ju’s piercings. This shop always has the best piercings in my opinion especially this one because it makes my eyes look even better.

Pink Fuel @ Skin Fair – Alyx Blue Skin and Lip Lustre Rose Bonbon Lipstick – Another one of the amazing new skins and lipsticks by this shop found only at the skin fair right now. I think in later posts I’ll continue posting different versions of these skins with the lipsticks.

Auxiliary – Gacha Mouse Ears – If you want this specific set of ears you’re just going to have to try your luck at the gacha machine in the shop. You go and pay the gacha machine and it will randomly give you a set of ears. You just keep trying until you get the ones you’re after. I think they’re pretty adorable and look much nicer than just a bow on your head.

Burley – Zia II Hair – I really wish I hadn’t ran out of money or else I would have bought a lot more hairs from this shop. Took me ages to settle on just one for now and this was the winner out of the bunch. It’s a very sleek and adorable looking straight hairstyle, and I like how it looks like the hair is tucked behind the ear with a bit still infront of it.

lassitude & ennui @ Shop Free*Style – Stacked Pearls Necklace – This necklace is free! Yes you heard right, this necklace along with several other items from different shops are 0-50L only at Shop Free*Style. You really need to check out the great deals here and get yourself some free/cheap stuff.

Fairy Tail – Unisex Bracelet – The shop has been closed for awhile now I’m sad to say because it had so much nice looking jewelry. This bracelet was one of their old simple things but even so it’s still pretty cute and was a good addition to the outfit.


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  1. Did you know that Saint Patrick’s Day, which began being celebrated by Irish immigrants to the U.S. in the 1700’s, was originally linked to the color blue.

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