Late Holidays and Early Beginnings

I’m not sure why but it seems I always fall behind on things. I meant to do this post before Christmas but moving into my new apartment kind of hindered my ability of making that happen. You’ll notice some of the outfits I put together this time seem a bit centered around the holidays, I even had pictures of me in a Santa outfit but decided it was best to replace it with something else. I think I can salvage things by pretty much calling this a winter post instead if you ignore the Christmas colored lights on one of the dresses. Anyways, you’ll notice in the first outfit I’ve brought out my new mesh boobs made by LOLAS!. They’re from the same shop as the other ones, just these are mesh and more natural shaped instead of crazy roundness. In the other two outfits I downsized back to my normal boobs but the outfits look just as great. If you don’t believe me well let us take a look shall we?
Underbust Dress Underbust Dress Close-UpBear Pop Bear Pop Close-Up Light Bulb Light Bulb Close-UpLOLAS! – Tango Mesh Breasts – I like these a lot more than the Push-Up version making me almost wish I had bought them first. I do still like the Push-Up boobs but these just seem to be more realistic plus adding clothing or skin appliers to them is a lot easier. You just put on a HUD and click it to change the skin and with clothing you do the same but click the boobs first and select what kind of clothing you’re putting on which is so simple. Again these are pretty pricey but a ton of clothing is out there for them already, more so than the Push-Up.
Violent Seduction – Versailles Dress and Lolita Cantonier – This shop has recently MOVED so make sure to update your landmarks if you haven’t already. The head ornament can be won from the lucky boards or you can purchase the pack that has various other colors. The dress is mesh and includes 2 different styles and also appliers for the Tango boobs. I’m so glad that one of my favorite clothing shops is finally making clothes that I can wear with the mesh boobs making the purchase of them worth while.
Schadenfreude – Leith Boots – Man if this shop doesn’t stop coming out with amazing shoes and boots I’m going to be broke forever. What’s special about these mesh boots is they also come with mesh heel versions if you’re not really feeling the knee highs. There is also a HUD that allows you to change the color of the boots and the buttons that go down the sides.
Clawtooth @ Collabor88 – Dance Magic Hair – This hair is part of a special color pack that can only be found at Collabor88 then will be gone after the event is over. The event goes on all month long but don’t wait too long or you might miss out. The hair is mesh so make sure to try out a demo first to make sure it fits.
The Sugar Garden – Mei Mei Skin – If you have any of the adorable skins from this shop you’re in luck because this shop makes skin appliers for a lot of different mesh boobs out there. Something I like about these skins is that they make your face have an almost doll look to them which goes great when wearing a lolita style outfit like this one.
[ni.ju] – Winter Depth Eyes Peppermint – This specific color was sold special at an event that was held in December, but they may be sold at the main store now. If not there are other colors that are definitely located at the store. The swirling of the red and white is what makes me love these eyes because it just draws you into them.
*katat0nik* – V.2 Snow Doll Outfit, Snowflake T-Strap Wedges, and Bear Pop – The outfit and the bear pop are both group gifts that are currently still out at the shop but you better hurry because who knows when they will get taken down and replaced with some new goodies. The shoes you have to buy separately though but considering how much stuff you’re getting for free they’re well worth it to pick up and match with your outfit.
The Sugar Garden – Baby Skin – Another cute doll like skin that just fits perfectly with the doll like clothes that *katat0nik* releases. Almost no make-up needs to be added to improve this skin but I still added some stripey eye make-up to go with the outfit.
[ni.ju] – Color Enhanced Eyeliner and Winter Depth Eyes Arctic – This stripey red eyeliner seemed to go really well with the red stripes in the outfit. The only thing is this was part of an old group gift and may not be sold in the shop, but feel free to look anyways and you might find something similar. The eyes were also a specific color only sold at an event in December, but like I said before if this color isn’t in the shop many others will be there instead.
!lamb. – Faster, Pussycat. Kill! Kill! Hair – This is a mesh hair with a kitty headband and no the headband doesn’t come off, but it does change colors making it easy to match whatever you’re wearing. Like with all hairs, especially mesh ones, make sure to try out a demo first before you buy it.
*katat0nik* – Egg Nog Milk Doll – One more thing among the pile of group gifts currently sitting at the shop. Before you go to scoop it up though remember the group has a fee to join it but with gifts like these you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth.
Off The Wall – Livingwithurparentsdrass – You can’t visit this store and not love all the wacky things found inside like this mesh dress covered in Christmas lights. The dress is modifiable so don’t worry about the red and green colors because you can change them to whatever colors you like best.
*League* – Neve Boots – These are mesh boots that come with a HUD that allows you to change the color of the fur, heel, even the zipper on the boots. They’re perfect for a winter look without strapping a bunch of fur to your legs.
Candy Mountain – Dew Eyes – Like my last post these are also part of the group gift of eyes sitting at the shop right next to a fatpack of them that you can purchase if you so choose.
Magika – Early Hair – I’m such a sucker for pigtails, if I find some that I think look nice I just have to buy them. This hair is mesh but the hair bows are modifiable so I was able to change the color of them to match the dress.
[MutE] – One Christmas Skin – I actually kind of stumbled upon this skin in my inventory just by typing Christmas into the search bar. I got really lucky since the skin does look great, but I’m afraid you guys might not be able to get it since it was from Christmas 2011. You can always check the store though and see if they might have come out with something even better for this past Christmas.


One thought on “Late Holidays and Early Beginnings

  1. More and more designers are making skin and clothing appliers for the tangos, I hope they also do for the lush as I find them both quite nice. Mesh boobs are just another fun thing to play with. I always like to try everything, mesh droids, mesh avatars, mesh eyeliner, mesh eyes, mesh hands, mesh feet and I’m glad I tried these mesh boobs as well. I’m probably not going to wear them often but I will definitely bust them out (pun intended) for some nice pictures like I do with my mesh feet and hands.

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