Boobs, Fish and Boots

So I’m finally doing a post again, sorry for the big gap in between them but hey at least there’s something new here for you guys to see. I finally caved in and bought some sculpty boobs which I honestly never thought I’d do but these are actually really nice. Of course not long after I bought them a new style comes out, but oh well what can you do. There’s a ton of clothing and skin appliers for them and luckily two of my favorite skin shops (Pink Fuel and Leafy) have made appliers to match their skins. I’ve also put together two other outfits with my normal boobs. That’s because I wanted to show off my awesome boots and dress, plus my sort of Dishonored inspired whaler outfit which is an awesome game by the way. First things first, bring on the boobs!
LOLAS! – Push Up 2.5 Boobs – These are a bit pricey, they’ll run you about 1250L but considering the great detail I’d say it’s well worth it. There’s a good amount of clothing shops that make clothes specifically for them. Also, if you don’t want to bother matching them to your skin just buy a skin applier from one of the skin shops selling them and they match perfectly to their skins

The Sugar Garden @ The Boobies Show School Uniform, Deep Blue Eyes – This outfit is currently only available at this event and only works with the boobs, just like everything else at the event. I love this outfit though with the boobs because it reminds me so much of those anime school girls like Orihime from Bleach. The eyes I got a long while back when the shop went by Esuga and I’m not sure if they’re still available

Modish Cupidsis Skin – The shop is currently having a sale on all of their skins so I picked up this one. What I like most about this skin is the cute pink cheeks and pink lips. It just fits so well with the other pinks in the outfit and gives a nice innocent look

(red)Mint – Hair No.05 – I’ve never seen a hair like this on sl before, normally when it comes to pigtails all you see is one on either side of the head and that’s it. With this hair there’s 3 tufts of hair tied up in hair bands with the rest hanging down and I just think that’s so adorable

{Cherry} @ Marketplace – Classic Pumps – These are only available on the marketplace but are super cheap and are the perfect light pink to match the rest of the outfit or any light pink outfit

Schadenfreude – Luisa Stockings, Casati Dress, Painted Desert Amargosa Boots – These boots are freaking amazing with the painted designs and dress is equally great with its beaded designs. The stockings you can’t see very well but they fit really nicely by being the same ocean color

Flightless – The Stag Necklace – I actually don’t remember when I picked up this necklace, but I’m glad I stumbled upon it in my inventory because the beads in the necklace look almost exactly the same as the ones in the dress. The little dear head is also very cute but I feel bad for the deer

Magika – Awkward Hair – A great updo hairstyle that just works well with the outfit and the color goes great with the light browns. You can’t see the back but it’s a long pony tail wrapped around one time and the rest dangles

*Leafy – Luna Skin – Leafy skins are always great in detail and this one is no exception. Not a ton of makeup on it, just a nice pure look which is exactly what I was looking for in a skin

Candy Mountain – Dew Eyes – These are a special group gift color of eyes that are currently out at the shop being sold in fatpacks. The group is not a free one to join but there are a ton of awesome group gifts scattered across the shop

DECO – Fisherman Slicker, Her Cargo Pants – When I saw this slicker and cargo pants I instantly thought of the whalers in the game Dishonored and just had to put them together. Deco just does mesh things very well and you can tell by looking at these two items

Schadenfreude – Beatle Boots – This shop has just been coming out with so much awesome footwear and it’s been putting a massive dent in my wallet. The little red boots just seemed to fit when it came to the red in the striped shirt

Contraption – Veteran’s Gasmask – This was a special group gift mask and is no longer available but the shop has masks that are sort of similar and definitely worth checking out

TRUTH – Portia Hair – I was looking for a good hairstyle that would enable me to show off the mask well without covering it up with a ton of hair and then I found this. The hair just curls around the mask perfectly

{what next} – Let it Rain Pose Set – This umbrella is part of a pose set and I think it works really well in pictures. Since I was unable to find a harpoon to go with my whaler and the umbrella was the next best thing

Intrigue Co – Anchor Earrings – What would a whaler be without an anchor so these earrings were a nice touch to put with the outfit


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