Mostly Vintage and a Bit of Violent

Vintage Fair will go on from August 4th – August 29th and will showcase 250+ brands each exploring inspiration from the vintage eras of 1920 – 1980. This year antique fashions pre 1920s will also be allowed. This is a CHIC Management SL event which will be held over 3 sims. I’ve made 3 outfits so far with items that can be found at this event and I will most likely be making another post before the event is over. There’s just one exception where I just really wanted to wear my new dress from Violent Seduction which is shown in the first 2 pictures.
Violent Seduction – Constance Dress – This is a MESH dress so definitely try the demo first to make sure it fits. There’s 2 different tops that come with it and you can wear them without the vest and even without the skirt if you wanted. This isn’t associated with Vintage Fair at all I just really wanted to wear this dress because I thought it looked great and was reluctant in taking it off

/Wasabi Pills/ @ Vintage Fair – Gloria Mesh Hair – I really think this shop is the best when it comes to mesh hair, and I can’t help but want to grab every new style that comes out. If only I had the money to do so, but luckily I had enough to pick up this one and the hair shown in the next outfit

Heartsick @ Vintage Fair – Lana Skin – Normally I like skins that have a lot of eye makeup or lip makeup but sometimes I like just a natural look and this skin is perfect for that. The only makeup it has is just a little around the eyes and that’s great because it still helps me show off my big eyes

Bliensen + Maitai @ Vintage Fair – Lilo Earrings – An amazing pair of tear drop shaped earrings that are simple yet elegant and look great with the dress

Izzie’s @ Vintage Fair – 80’s Round Nails – I don’t wear nails too often mostly because a lot of shops think nails have to look like claws, but this shop has some simple round nails that even come with a HUD that allows you to change their color. I really like how I can change them to match any outfit and how they don’t look like I might stab myself with them by accident

ChaChaDee @ Vintage Fair – 1970’s Heels Reptile Black – Just a simple pair of heels with a little buckle on the side of them that I thought went wonderfully with this dress

/Wasabi Pills/ @ Vintage Fair – Veronica Mesh Hair – Another hair I picked up while at the fair because the color, waves and curls of the hair just seemed so classy but of course it goes well with retro looks such as the one shown in this outfit

Izzie’s @ Vintage Fair – Eliza 80’s Skin and Metallic Leggings – The skin really does make me think of the 80’s with all the makeup on it but it’s just the right amount and doesn’t make the face look all crazy. The leggings look so shiny that you’d think they were mesh or something, but they’re not they’re just textured really well

Schadenfreude @ Vintage Fair – Carnaby Boots – These boots are MESH but come in different sizes so it’s easier to fit your shape, but still try out a demo first. There’s also a ton of different colors to choose from and if you buy the packs you can just use a HUD to change colors which is really convenient

House of Torn @ Vintage Fair – Sandy Bodysuit and Pink Ladies Jacket – Both of these are MESH and fit really well together when normally fitting mesh over mesh can be kind of difficult. I really like how these are also nice and shiny and match my boots and leggings

{me.} Jewelry @ Vintage Fair – Ninna Necklace and Ring – The ring and necklace are color changeable where you can change the color of the metal and the stones and with the many different color options I was able to match them really well to the outfit

Maxi Gossamer @ Vintage Fair – Beatrice Earrings – These are actually part of a set that includes a necklace but the earrings work really well on their own or other necklaces too, and what makes them really great is that they’re texture changeable and are mesh

Alice Project @ Vintage Fair – Shirley Hair – MESH hair that can change colors with a HUD, but my favorite thing about this hair is that my glasses fit perfectly over the bangs

Izzie’s @ Vintage Fair – 80’s Sunglasses – Another thing that’s color changeable and that I plan to match with so many outfits. These sunglasses are perfect for that retro look and give off a certain attitude

Dilly Dolls @ Vintage Fair – Dasha Buckled Pumps – These pumps are so adorable and I love the bright colors which I can change easily with a HUD that’s included

{.essences.} @ Vintage Fair – Moira Skin – A skin that looks great with or without makeup, I just happened to add some makeup from another shop but still looks awesome

Rozena @ Vintage Fair – Neon Lips and Cheek Makeup – Sometimes makeup just doesn’t work with certain skins but luckily this one works perfectly with the nice pink lipstick and the pink cheek color

Legal Insanity @ Vintage Fair – Vicky Dress Fluo Pink – A MESH dress that is nice but I had to adjust my shape some to fit into it, so try the demo before you buy it or you’ll need to do the same to your shape. It’s a good looking dress though and really looks great with the shoes

[U&R DOGS] @ Vintage Fair – Turandot Ring – This ring is very customizable where you can change the gem shape, the shank and it even has a built in resizer. It also has the option of turning full bright on or off


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