I’ve Got a Nice Set of Hooters

So I thought to make up this post as soon as I discovered the Owl-ees at silentsparrow and wanted to put together outfits to include 3 of the many different ones available. The first outfit is one of the hoodies that I’ve recently gotten and I’ve gotten a bunch. Some reason I’ve just been wanting my avi to wear hoodies all the time. The second outfit is a dress, shoes, and socks that each have cute little watermelons on them. I suggested the socks be made to go with the shoes and dress and luckily the shop owner agreed it was a good idea! The last outfit I put together because of it being summer and there’s been a lot of sunshine to go around. So lets get started shall we.

Violent Seduction – Ferale Hoodie – This MESH hoodie comes in so many colors and what’s great about it is I didn’t have to look for a pair of pants since it can double as a dress. The ears on it are what really make it so adorable and it even comes with the option of hiding your hands inside the sleeves to make you look even more cute

{.essences.} – Moana Skin – I really like the makeup on this skin mostly the blush because it made the face fit with the other pinks in the outfit. This is also a skin that worked great with my big eyes which not all skins can do

Dilly Dolls – Cassiel Ice Cream Boots – Mesh boots that are color change and covered with little sprinkles which is just how I like my boots

LCKY – Shy Hair – This hair is only 1L for a FATPACK! It’s to help you test out all the new colors now available at the shop and it looks awesome too which makes it even better

Chus! – Dream Big Eyes – You can only get these from the lucky board but it’s well worth the wait because you get a whole set of eyes for free which is amazing

Chus! – Voodoo Mer Makeup and Eyes – This was part of a pack that also came with a horn but couldn’t get the horn to look right with the hair I was wearing. The pack itself was also a special release for an event but may now be in the shop you’ll just have to check it out which you really should because the entire pack make such a great combination

*katat0nik* – Allura Wedges, Dress, and Socks – You have to buy each of these things separate to complete the outfit and there’s plenty of different styles so you can mix and match however you like. I personally prefer the sky color because it has cute little watermelons on it

Style by Kira – Serenity Skin 01G – What’s so great about this skin is the rainbow eye makeup on it and the cute pink lipstick which helps me look more girly in my girly dress

ploom @ Hair Fair – Neopunk Hair – A MESH hair that can only be found at hair fair until the 29th and then it will eventually be in the main shop but who knows how long that will take so best to go ahead and check out the fair while you still can

Curious Kitties – Glorious Sunflower Eyes, Dress, Collar, Boots, Azil Peach Skin, and Sundoria V3 Hair – The thing I like most about this shop is how they have EVERYTHING you could need to put together an entire outfit. Stuff like hair, clothing, skins, shoes, even eyes can all be found in the same place with the same amount of amazing quality


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