ZombiePopcorn Carnival

So yeah this event started on the 15th but it goes on until the 30th so don’t worry there’s still plenty of time to grab all this cool stuff. Almost everything I’m wearing in these pictures came straight from the carnival and the things that didn’t were just used to complete the outfit. I’ll let you know which ones. If you want to find out more information just visit ZombiePopcornSL.com or you can just go on ahead and check out the event here. I tried to fit as much stuff from there as I could in these 3 outfits and somehow still got things to match which amazes me. Anyways here’s a quick preview before you head off to check out the goods.
*{ SeVered GarDeN }* @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Betty – Aside from the glasses and shoes everything is included with this outfit. The MESH top and skirt, the box full of snacks, the bracelet and even the cute little bowler hat are all included in the set. It’s perfect when you want to hand out free snacks and look cute while doing it

[ContraptioN] @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Keele’s Spectacles – I love this shop so much that I’ve almost bought everything they’ve got so when I saw these glasses I jumped for joy to see something new! These are like a combination between a monocle and a pair of glasses and they just look wonderful

MOJO @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – ZombiePopcorn Edition Skin – I don’t normally go for the darker skinned looks because I really like how paler skins look on my avi but I made an exception when it came to this one. This skin has such wonderful detail and it did a great job of making me look like a little Indian girl

AD Creations doll house @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Rocking Horse Boots – These boots actually have little rocking horses inside them! I love the idea of things being inside the bottoms of platform boots because it adds more to them so they’re not like normal boots. What I’d like to find next are some fish tank boots

Mayfly @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Deep Sky Eyes – What I like about these eyes is that not only do they have MESH options where you can have 2 different colored eyes, but they also match perfectly with this skin

/Wasabi Pills/ – Anais Mesh Hair – Now this is one of those items that wasn’t at the fair but I needed it to complete the outfit. This shop really is the best when it comes to MESH hair and the braids in the pony tail seemed to fit well with the Indian girl look

[ bubble ] @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Pink Star Ruffly Top – A nice MESH top that reminds of a jester or a circus performer so it fits pretty well with the carnival look, and the green and purple color combination is great

Mayfly @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Liquid Light Eyes – Another set of these eyes which have MESH options. I really like how they’re not just one solid color like blue or brown but a mix of colors

ROZENA @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Natsu Carnival Purple Skin – You can’t really see because of the mask but this skin has a really nice purple eye shadow so even when the mask is taken off your makeup will still be looking great. The skin itself gives off a delicate kind of look

Izzie’s @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Leggings Aztec Print – I was lucky to find these leggings because the design on them looks great and they were just the right color to go with my ruffly top

je suis… @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Masquerade Purple Rain – The feathers and the ribbons add a lot to this mask which already looks amazing with the satiny glittery textures

Addiction Jewelry @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Serenity Earrings – Just some simple dainty earrings that aren’t outrageous and will help you to achieve that classy kind of look

.Pekka. @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Flora Lipstick – Not your normal one color kind of lipstick, instead you’ve got one color on the upper lip and one color on the bottom lip plus green and purple is such a great combination

::Caladesi Island Co.:: @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Pop Bangles Spoiled Rotten – These are actually part of a set that also includes earrings and a bow but I decided to just wear the bangles which I’ve got to say are pretty adorable

Clawtooth – Modern Gibson Hair – This has to be the best shop to go to if you’re looking for well done vintage hair, and this hair proves it by being a great looking updo and even comes to a cute little bun in the back

lassitude & ennui – Celtic Boots – Was hard trying to find some purple boots to match with the designs on the top and pants but I managed to find the perfect pair at this shop plus what makes them even better is the low prices for high quality items

Blah @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – My Candyfloss Set Costume and Jewelry – I love this set so much just because of the light blue and pink cotton candy colors on the bikini and jewelry and it’s just a bonus that the jewelry has little cotton candy charms on them

Sassy! @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Soft Linen Capris – A pair of MESH capris that are perfect to cover you up while you take a stroll on the beach in your bikini

Sweet Antidote @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Rainbow Makeup – This rainbow makeup is great in how it’s not too much it’s just the right amount of makeup and the color is fantastic

.:ellabella:. @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Pull Piercings – I don’t wear face piercings often because they can be a pain to edit to fit your face or change the color but the reason these are great is because they actually come with a HUD that will change the colors for you. I did have to edit them a little to fit my face but not as much as other piercings I’ve dealt with in the past

Insufferable Dastard. @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Dilated v2 Blue Green Eyes – A MESH version is included with these eyes and I like how the color just seemed to fit with the makeup and everything

/Wasabi Pills/ @ Fairy Tales 2012 – Matchgirl Mesh Hair – Currently this hair can only be bought at the Fairy Tales event going on right now but it’s well worth the trip, the best part is the bangs in my opinion and the reason I bought it

rbcg. – Cork Sandals – What’s so great about these sandals is that they can be bought in a huge pack of old items from the shop for only 10L! I mean this is an amazing deal to not only get these cute sandals but a lot of other amazing stuff

*Leafy – Sapphire Warm Shady Day Skin – This is the current group gift for the shop and may not be possible to buy so if you want it you’ll have to join the group to get it and it’s not free. The kind of gifts you’ll get though are well worth it because just look at this awesome skin


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