Curiosity Killed the Duck?

Man I really need to post more which I will very soon to catch you guys up on some events going on/coming up. As for right now though I’ve got 2 outfits to show off but first up is this new avatar from Curious Kitties that is just so awesome I had to share it with you guys because it’s FREE. Of course if you want to change the head, hair, and clothing like I did you’ll have to shell out some lindens, but it’s well worth it trust me. The second outfit I put together because even though it’s now summer here and the high school teens are out of school, in Japan they’re still in school and wearing their adorable uniforms like this one. The last outfit is kind of me wishing it would rain because I hate the heat and I know it’s going to keep getting hotter.
Curious Kitties – Kittenz Luth Avatar, Kittenz Lilly Head, Unreal Azil Peach Skin Poison Strawberry, Lovely Poof Rose Dress, Lovely Poof Rose Bracelet, Lovely Ribbon Bootie, Lovely Poof Ribbon Collar, Lilfox V3 Hair, Cute Sweety Eyes – This avatar is just wonderful and like I said the basic version is FREE and it’s very customizable. There are different heads/skins/eyes that you can choose from and you can either dress them up with prefitted clothing/hair or modify things to fit

Leafy* – Sapphire Lumiel Pure Line Skin – This skin was prereleased at Skin Addiction’s Showcase but it should be released fully in the shop soon. The skin is great in detail and I really think Leafy is becoming one of my new favorite skin shops

*Edelweiss* – School-Line Skirt, School-Line Vest, School-Line Ribbon, School-Line Socks, School Loafer – Everything you need to put together a Japanese school uniform can be found in this one shop, how awesome is that? What’s even better is that the clothing is all MESH so it can move with your body but make sure to try out a demo first

Clawtooth – Could I resist? Hair – Short on one side and long on the other, such a wonderful style and even though this hair style might not seem that of an innocent girl it sure as hell pulls it off when combined with this outfit. Also, Clawtooth is currently having a SALE right now on ALL hair except on new releases, but lucky for you this hair isn’t that new so you can get it on discount!

Pink Fuel – Alena Classic Skin – Another skin that was a prerelease at Skin Addiction’s Showcase but since it’s over now you’ll have to wait until it’s set out in the shop unless it’s there already. I should probably count how many times I’ve made a post wearing a Pink Fuel skin there has to be tons, Mochi sure has put a dent in my wallet lol

!lamb – Pearl Hair – This hair is MESH but don’t worry about it not fitting because an alpha layer is included to hide those with big old noggins. I really used to hate blonde hair but maybe it was because there wasn’t much decent hair 3 years ago. Now it’s like some hair styles just look better blonde like this one

NillaBean – Raincoat Set – The ENTIRE outfit is included which means the boots, umbrella, and the little ducky rain coat! And it’s all MESH too which means these boots and raincoat will keep up with me as I go jumping into puddles. Just make sure to try a demo first because apparently this outfit was made for those who have child sized avis, but it fit me just fine since I’m kind of short or rather normal height for a woman instead of an amazon


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