Fantasy Faire Before It’s Too Late

Sorry I’ve been trying to get this done but just took me awhile. Anyways, as promised here is some Fantasy Faire and you better hurry because the last day of it is the 30th. It’s all an effort to raise money for the American Cancer Society and help fight cancer. Each shop has put up special items in Relay for Life vendors and by purchasing them you are helping donate. To find out more information and to see what the 8 different locations have to offer just visit the website here. I’ll only list items found at the faire everything else was just items to complete the outfits. The first 2 outfits were ones put together with things I bought from the faire and the last one consists of items I got from the hunt which is also going on and you can find the full explanation of it here.
+++BLUE BLOOD+++ @ Jungle Bungle – Nicky Outfit – All the clothing you see is included even the choker with cute little skulls. What I like most about the set are the gloves and stockings but red and black has always been a good pairing of colors

[ni.ju] @ Nu Orne – Portmanteau Horns – These horns are actually one of the items that its profits goes to the charity. The beads and armor on the horns are color changed by a script but the horns are copy/mod so if you’re like me just buy the white ones and make the horns whatever color you like

lassitude & ennui @ Jungle Bungle – Prudence Boots – These boots are very lovely and tied up with ribbons that come up to a big bow at the top, and I think they went perfectly with my outfit. There’s lots of different colors to choose from including the lavender color that donates to the charity

Wasabi Pills @ The Tides – Teeloh Hair – You can actually get this hair free in a special color along with a skin from Fallen Gods Inc. as a low lag set at the fair. All other colors including this one you have to pay for though

Panda Express @ Siren’s Secret – Nautilust Shell, Starfish Nips, Sirens Hair Clip – The shell, starfish, and hair clip are all color changed with scripts but if you want different color tentacles you have to choose which color you want and buy it. I got the purple ones which happen to be one of the colors that donates to the charity. These are all sold separately but are made like they go together

The Plastik @ Nu Orne – Aquamer Skin – I was super lucky to find this skin because it’s really hard to find nice aquatic skins and this one even has gills on the sides!

Wasabi Pills @ The Tides – Cherilyn Hair – This hair fit really well with my aquatic look, it reminded me so much of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Plus it’s mesh so the only thing you have to worry about sinking into your body is the teeth of a shark going by

The Fairelands Saga Hunt – Yabusaka Alphabet Changer Ring, Balderdash Bit of Hope Necklace, Fallen Gods Inc. Parchment Overlays Tattoo, *Epic* Demon Dragon Wing Horns, Grim Bros. Rat Kink Cole, **Angelwing** Frost Fairy Wings (color edited by me), [ni.ju] Terymn Piercing, Curious Kitties Breezy Elven Ranger Dress and Azil Light Sparkle Skin – All of these amazing items can be found on the hunt going on at the faire but you have to first purchase the Hud which donates to the charity. I’m not very good at describing how the hunt works so your best bet would be going to the site I linked to earlier. Just these items alone makes the hunt well worth doing and there’s a ton more so better hurry before the faire ends!


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