A Bite of Popcorn Then Off to the Faire

I know I’m kind of late with this and it seems this is happening more and more often. Anyways there’s a new round of Zombiepopcorn Brand and I thought I should show you some of the items before I make my big post of Fantasy Faire that is currently going on. I know I normally do 3 outfits but this time I only did 2 mostly because I ran out of things to dress up with, I know sounds crazy right? It’s just with events like this I try to create outfits using as many items from the creators involved as possible and the 3rd outfit would have just consisted of 1 item from the event and wouldn’t feel right to do just 1 item. Go here to check out items from Duh!, Purple Poses, [ bubble ], .Sweet Antidote., .:ellabella:., BeLoTe, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, elly, {u.f.o}, cStar Unlimited, & Sassy!. This round will only be here until the April 28th, so don’t miss out! Just like before I’ll only list things that I’m wearing from the event everything else was just used to complete the outfit, such as shoes and hair etc.
cStar Limited – Eccentra Skin – The eyes are kind of covered by the hair and I did that mostly due to the fact my large eyes don’t do the skin justice because it looks a lot better on shapes with smaller eyes. I really like the makeup around the cheeks and on the lips though

[ bubble ] – Washed Baggy Jeans – These are MESH jeans and so they actually move and bend with you unlike other baggy pants that look horrible when you sit down. With these pants you don’t have to worry about prim parts jutting out of your legs and that by itself is awesome

Sweet Antidote – Sienna Shoes – I have trouble finding good sneakers sometimes and luckily I got these which just look awesome. Now I’m not stuck switching back and forth between my insanya and pornstar sneakers anymore

.:ellabella:. – Phase Jewelry – The necklace fits so well with my top and the style reminds me of antique jewelry which I love. Apparently it comes with earrings as well and I didn’t even notice until later so sorry they’re not pictured but trust me they’re just as great

elly – O. Halter – Such a cute top and the necklace is covering it but there’s a small circle that connects the straps to the top which is a nice little design. There’s also other colors available aside from this one, I’ve just been in a teal kind of mood lately

::Duh!:: – Gothic Lace Handbag – Now before you say oh this handbag is nice but I have nothing that will match with it, no worries because it’s color change! Everything on it is color changeable, even the metal chain

Belote – Pink & White Dress + Black & Fucshia Zebra Dress – The reason I listed 2 dresses is because that is what I used. I combined the top half of the zebra dress with the bottom half of the pink & white dress and I think it forms a wonderful combination. There’s plenty more dresses to choose from, and maybe you can even come up with your own combinations or just leave the dresses how they are and still look good


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