Having a Bloody Good Time!

+Blue Blood+ has been around a very long time and as I show you in a few pictures you can see why. Their stuff is just simply amazing. Somehow they manage to not only make outfits that look elegant but also very adorable, which is something I’m all about. The first 2 outfits I show will be from +Blue Blood+, but the last outfit is from a shop called [Furore]. This shop has crazy low prices for such great detailed items, and it’s the perfect place to go for those who are short on cash but still want to look all spiffy. So here we go let’s bring on the goods!
+Blue Blood+ – Lady Death – So many frills how can you not love it! The skirts with the +Blue Blood+ outfits are so much fun to just spin around in, and who doesn’t like the sexy but discreet look

>TRUTH< – Bunny Hair – This hair is FREE, that’s right a whole fatpack of this hair is FREE! All you have to do is join their subscriber and check the history to receive it. Man I love pigtails

…::: AV!SAGE :::… – Emmy Skin – I got this skin from the Back to Black event but it’s been over for awhile now. I’m sure you can buy this skin in the shop now in many different tones. I like how the skin gives me the expression of a tough girl

ROZENA – Glossy Eye v2 – These eyes were from an old hunt called the Black Butler Hunt, and I’m not completely sure they’re sold now. They most likely are though since most shops sell items made for old events. I get picky about my eyes so the fact I’m wearing these should show how much I like them

+Blue Blood+ – Amanda – I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on this outfit and I’m sure you can see why. It’s like little red tendrils crawling over the dress through the pattern and then coming up out of the shoulders. If you don’t want to show off your legs don’t worry it comes with a closed skirt option as well

lassitude & ennui – Flutter Boots – Normally if you want boots like these you’d have to pay a crazy amount of money for them, but this is not the case here. Affordable boots with great detail and they’re MESH so they will bend with your legs and no bits pop out

[BURLEY] – Lola Hair – A cute little updo with hair hanging down the sides of the face. Reminds me of how I keep my hair in real life, I try to put it up but just falls down anyways

Panda Express – Trihorns – So lucky to have found these because honestly they match so perfectly with this outfit. They’re color change so I can match them with other outfits too

Pink Fuel – Elly Tears Skin – I can’t get over how great Pink Fuel skins are, there’s just something about them that makes them look so adorable

[Furore] – 2 Hearts Lingerie Dress, School Jacket, Kitty Kitty Panties (not shown) – These items are all sold separate but they work really well together so I combined them. The dress doesn’t come with panties but luckily the shop had this pair that matched nicely. I felt like I had to do something different from the other 2 outfits

Chus! – Natural Rabbit Eyes – These are currently FREE as a group gift so better grab them while you can. I’m never quite sure about prim eyes because sometimes you have to do a bunch of adjusting, but these I didn’t have to adjust at all which was great

/Wasabi Pills/ – Dominique2 Hair – A MESH hair so it actually moves with u instead of going into your body. I think this is one of those shops that has truly figured out how to make really well done mesh hair

~silentsparrow~ – Starbunny Knitty Socks – A special pair of socks from a set I got one Easter, and I don’t think they’re sold but I know the shop sells many different varieties of socks that are similar

{mon tissu} – Sloane Pumps – MESH shoes so before you buy them make sure to try out a demo first so you really know if you like them or not. I love how they make my feet look so dainty though

*Sanu – Love Letter – I got this from a gacha machine at the shop awhile back. If you want this specific color you’re just going to have to try your luck

ROZENA – Ulli Skin – Another item from Rozena but this time it’s a skin and I have to say the bunny like teeth are pretty adorable


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