Zombie Popcorn Brand

Real life seems to throw you off the paths you set out to follow sometimes. I know I haven’t posted anything in a long while, and I’m really sorry. In an effort to slightly make up for it I want to tell you about the ZombiePopcorn Brand. ZombiePopcorn Brand is a themed shop consisting of 2 week rotations of more than 30 designers. Bringing you the best in exclusive clothing, jewelry, accessories, skins, decor, and more. Starting today you can check out items from :: Caladesi Island Company ::, MINA Hair & Bijoux, Skintimate, Pin me Down, AD Creations, Weather! or not?, Spirit Store, Soap Co., :pesca, LISP Bazaar, & *Tea Time*. This round will only be here until the April 14th, so don’t miss out. Now this event has been going on for a bit swapping out designers and items and what not, so since I haven’t been around I’m going to show you some items from the past rounds and present one. The things I don’t list are items that had nothing to do with the event I just needed some items to complete outfits. Alright, so here we go!

[Aliza Karu] – Pallina Mesh Dress – This dress has some MESH parts so a mesh enabled viewer is required to see it properly. Now because my shape is short I had to modify/leave off parts of the outfit, but it’s really nice in a spooky chic sort of way

MINA Hair – Moriko – I normally don’t care much for flexi hair but somehow this one just seems to work really well with the outfit

Pin Me Down – Makeup Set 8 – I love how this makeup just draws you into the face still even after wearing such an outrageous outfit. The makeup is just the black around the eyes and makes your face look sort of cracked

KOSH – The Angel Key Necklace – Even though it’s a small necklace I think it really pulls things together nicely between the head and the body

[ SAKIDE ] – Lost City Stompers – These boots are part of the Lost City Outfit and I don’t think they’re sold seperately. In the next picture you will see me using another part of the outfit as well

* RezIpsa Loc * – Green Body Suit – This body suit comes in so many different layers which is great if you don’t want too much showing but still look sexy

[ SAKIDE ] – Lost City Latex Leggings – Like I said before this is part of a complete outfit that you can only buy in its entirety, but it can work separately too which not many outfits can do so it’s a great buy

Weather! or not? – Octochoker – Oh god as soon as I saw this I immediately got excited because I love octopuses. This is a MESH choker so it requires a mesh enabled viewer to see it properly, and this kind of mesh you can actually adjust unlike rigged mesh

DAMNED – Selene Special Edition Skin – My favorite part of this skin would be the makeup around the eyes because my eyes are large and I love anything that will draw even more attention to them

:pesca: – Antique Lace T – Some may think beige is boring but I always though of it as a sort of natural/warm kind of color. What’s great about this sweater is that if you don’t care for the sculpted bottom there’s a non sculpted version included

*Tea Time* – Mesh Clutch Bag – Won’t bother saying it again, stop living in the past and get a mesh viewer so you can see this awesome clutch bag! It has 3 different options where it animates you, just sits in your hand, or there’s a static one that you could just sit on your table at home


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