50% Off Sale at Violent Seduction!

So one of my favorite shops called Violent Seduction is having a HUGE SALE where everything is 50% off. Normally this stuff can be a little expensive but that’s only because of the great detail put into each item. The sale will last until January 12th so you have to hurry before everything goes back to their original prices. All items shown in the pictures are from Violent Seduction except for the hair and eyes, and the only skin still sold at the shop is the unicorn skin.



Kirin – This unicorn outfit has it all cute hooves, a tail, adorable ears, a awesome little horn, flaps to cover your naughty bits, plus an awesome skin. Just makes you want to prance around and chase rainbows






Muse – So many skirt options plus a ton of bows and frills to make you look all girly. Perfect for that old English look and if you grab one of the crowns at the shop you can even pretend to be a princess







Kiyohime – A fun twist on a geisha’s kimono where the skirt is more lolita style and instead of just fabric there’s a mix of latex thrown in. If you don’t care much for the long sleeves don’t worry there’s a short sleeve option included





Persephone and Debauchery Boots – This is a MESH dress so it requires a mesh enabled viewer to see it properly, and even though this dress is mesh because of how the skirt is made your legs may go through it sometimes when sitting depending on the pose. The boots are not included but are a great match to the dress


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