Santa Claus is Coming to Town

I know my posts have kinda slowed down but it’s mainly because of it being the holiday season. Just got my tree today and have yet to decorate it, but I’m sure I’ll get it done before some of the gifts I ordered online arrive. If you plan to order gifts online I highly suggest they have the most unique items because they’re all handmade. I mean where else am I going to buy Minecraft tissue box covers and Plants vs Zombies pillows. Ok so on to these outfits that will help you get into the Christmas spirit. Maybe I’ll do something for Hanukkah in another post so people don’t get left out. The first two outfits will help you feel like Santa in a way and the third looks like you’re on your way to a Christmas Party. So Ho Ho Ho here we go!
Off the Wall – Santy Hat and Chin Strap,Bell Drass and Bowww Weggeess – If I had the money I’d probably buy everything from this shop. The hat and beard are one set and the dress which is MESH and shoes are another set which is great that you don’t have to buy them separate

::BBD:: – Elf Socks – I bought these on the marketplace last year but it seems the shop has just gone poof, always sad when that happens

* RezIpsa Loc * – Cut Out Sweater – This sweater seemed the perfect match for this dress and right now it’s only 10L for the With Love hunt going on

…:::Scrub:::… – Christmas Pochette – Why carry around a heavy red bag when you can carry a little red pochette

Pink Fuel @ Mabinogion – Tears Skin – This is a special skin at a discount price for the opening of Mabinogion, it will only be available for a limited time so better hurry

Magika – Rachel Hair – A cute short white hair that I think matches my beard pretty well

.:*December*:. – Glasses No.61 – These remind me of the glasses you’d see Mrs. Claus wear or maybe just your granny, either way they look great

*Anymore. – Leggings Red – The red and black stripes are just like my candy canes in my little mouth stocking which is nice

.:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Hoodie :: CALIBOU – MESH so make sure you’re on a mesh enabled viewer or you won’t see it which would be a shame because I can sit without the bottom going through my legs and into my chair

*Epic* – Baddie Christmas Stocking Nom-Nom – One of the group gifts this month, but there are also 2 more group gifts set out and 10 gifts under the tree all of which will be gone after this month

[ SAKIDE ] – CrocFur Boots – These red boots really help with my all red look and are perfect boots for winter

Magika – Cody Claus Hair – I didn’t have to bother finding a hat to go with this hair because it’s attached to it plus it’s color change so I can match it to different outfits

eleanor rigby. – clarabella: dewy skin – a group gift that was recently sent out in notices, the group isn’t free though but so worth it with all the gifts and discounts you get

!Ohmai @ Collabor88 – A Lil’ Foxy stole – Some people are against people making and wearing things like this but it’s just pixels no foxes died in the making of it and it’s adorable

MADesigns – EYES_NATURE ~ Ocean Deep – These eyes come with some hair too and are only 10L for the With Love hunt

Pink Fuel – WLH Naughty Skin – One of 2 specials skins offered for 10L in the With Love hunt and it’s awesome because I love all of their skins

ISON – cowl neck dress – Again another 10L item a part of this hunt, there are so many great items to be had that you really should check it out

PurpleMoon – Mara Boots and Handbag – The boots and bag are covered in little adorable roses and you guessed it these are also only 10L for the hunt

vintage tea. – santa baby hair – It’s always great when you don’t have to search for hair to fit with a hat and this is one of those hairs where the hat is already attached

{ Magenta } – Spirits from the Forest Necklace – A cool wooden necklace with little squares dangling off of it, it definitely adds a lot to the outfit

Candy Mountain – spooky eyes – Great for when you don’t want regular blue eyes but swirly eyes instead they are really hypnotizing


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