Turkeys Beat Horses

Sorry guys I would have posted this sooner but it’s a holiday weekend and all so give me a break. I have eaten so much turkey that I refuse to eat anymore for a long time. Speaking of turkeys in the first outfit I’ll be sharing with you guys I’m actually riding a turkey. The other 2 will be a cozy aztec outfit and a full on white outfit, both of which will help you get ready for the colder season. So put down those leftovers and let’s get on with it.
*katat0nik* – Turkey Tiny Witch Doll Avatar – This is the current group gift and not only does it come with the avi which you can wear any shape/skin/hair with, but also a turkey you can rez at your home

!lamb – The Glow Deux Hair – I used this hair with the other witch avi and I still say it fits really well

eleanor rigby. – Aztec Clutch, Plain Jane Cigarette Jeans Pants (Aztec), and Clarabella Jazzy Skin – The clutch was a special item for the opening of the shop and is no longer sold, and also this version of the pants isn’t sold because it was a past hunt gift but normal versions are still available. The skin is a pre-release and is for the Skin Addiction group’s Black Friday event that ends midnight on Sunday.

LCKY – Paige Hair – YES LCKY is back! But I’m sorry to say not all of their old items are currently up. I’m sure if you ask the owner about this hair very nicely she may help you out though

Retro’ – Panda T-Shirt – This shirt is so adorable mostly because I just love pandas, and they have other animals as well which I might bust out later

Duboo – Otaku Flat Shoes – The shop is currently closed but has this small temp shop and there’s also a few things on marketplace. The shoes are at neither place sadly

MIEL – Lish Necklace – This necklace is great because it’s color changeable which makes it super easy to match with things

Tokidoki – Aztec Cardi – Definitely helps you feel all cozy and warm without making you look like you’re Bill Cosby

Wallflower – Kawaii Cuteness Tattoo, Lo Jeans, and Winny Sweater – The sweater is great for being cute in the cold weather and the pants match really well, but to make it even more awesome I had to add the tattoo as well because Hello Kitty makes everything better

[MutE] – One Natural Christmas Skin – This is their current group gift and you have to love the little red and green stars around the eyes, but just because this is a group gift the group itself costs 350 to join

G-Series – High Heel Sneaks – If you love sneakers but also love looking girly then these are perfect because they are sneakers with heels

rbcg. – Telephone – Everything is still 50 here so definitely check it out and pick up some things like this cute necklace

[Fairy Tail] – Opening Gift Bracelet – This is currently out as an opening gift for the shop so get it while you can because who knows how long it will be there

[Shag] – Christmas Noelle Hair – This was a special hair I got last Christmas I think, but it still may have regular versions for sale now


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