Gapped Teeth and a Cigarette

It’s getting closer to Thanksgiving for me (yes I’m an American girl), and if I manage to get some spare time around then I will try to put together a turkey filled post. Also if someone is reading this who knows where I can get a turkey costume in SL please let me know. Anyways, these are some more outfits I put together with Vintage Fair items. The fair ends December 3rd so you better hurry, but for now lets take a look at what I’ve put together for you guys.
Anthem @ Vintage Fair – Victoria rings – I love when I don’t have to adjust rings myself, so great that these have a resizer

Sn@tch @ Vintage Fair – Rose Cameo Earrings – Very cute little dangly earrings that match really well with my sweater

Curio @ Vintage Fair – Petal [Light] GoGo-Groovy Skin – These skins always have great detail and are a bit pricey but have a good reason to be

.ploom. – Parish Hair – A really cute side pony tail that makes me feel kind of sporty

.:villena:. – MESH Hoodie Tree – This is mesh so you need a viewer that is mesh enabled to see it, but it looks amazing and super comfy

PIDIDDLE @ Liberty City – LipColor Truly Naked Gapped Teeth – This is currently only sold at this location but will eventually be moved to the main store. It’s become one of my favorite makeups

Alice Project – Faelin Pumps – These are mesh and come with a hud that changes the heel shape and colors and are just so freaking awesome

[ SAKIDE ] – Unbuttoned Leather Corset Pants – Hard to find decent pants but these are pretty great plus they have flare bottoms

{ birdy. } – i heart owls necklace – I actually thought this was something else when I bought it but I’m happy I did it’s still pretty cute

[Dolly] @ Vintage Fair – Cigarette – Why be a bum with a cigarette in your mouth when you can have it in a neat little holder

Adore & Abhor @ Vintage Fair – Swing Pale Skin – Normally I just get the makeups from them but this skin is pretty nice

[Amarelo Manga] – Dress Katy and Coat Chess – Have to love a red dress but it’s chilly outside so had to put on this coat as well

*Dilly Dolls* – Shrew Boots – Great that these are color changeable otherwise I’d end up buying a ton of pairs

TRUTH – Becky Hair – Another cute pony tail hairstyle and this one even has a color changeable headband

(( RIPE )) @ Vintage Fair – Queen Sophie Jewelry Set – This set just says classy when looking at it and was made to go with this dress

The Sea Hole @ Vintage Fair – Nouveau Silk Dress – I worry sometimes with my AO if my butt will poke out of my dress but this one actually comes with a butt alpha layer, which makes me want to dance around in it even more

{.essences.} @ Vintage Fair – Dharma skin for VF 2011 – A special skin just for the fair but although it’s great just know the lips and blush are makeups I added to it

PIDIDDLE @ Vintage Fair – LipColor MagentaMagic – This lip makeup gives such a soft look to the lips and blends so well with the skin

Flirt – Baby it’s cold outside Blush – The red on the cheeks and nose gives the look of winter in a way, but can also be the look of someone telling you a dirty joke

TRUTH – Gloria Hair – I mainly relied on Clawtooth for vintage hair but turns out TRUTH has some stunning ones as well


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