A Touch of Vintage

Ok guys I know I haven’t posted anything in awhile, but that’s because I’ve been so busy covering the Vintage Fair for The Rumor. Don’t know what The Rumor or Vintage fair is? Well here’s a link to my post Vintage Fair on The Rumor. It’s only part 1 though at the moment where it covers just the Retro sim but coverage of the Classic sim will be soon to follow. I decided to incorporate a few items from the fair into 3 outfits and will probably do the same thing for my next post on here as well. First will show off a lot of green where as the second will show off a lot of red. The third outfit kind of made me feel like a little french girl covered in pearls.
ploom @ Vintage Fair – Mimi Hair – I love the curls on the side and in the front

(( RIPE )) @ Vintage Fair – Roll the Dice Set – These dice earrings, necklace, and ring are so adorable and well done I try to fit them with a lot of outfits

** [ Riddle ] ** @ Vintage Fair – Retro Glasses – Green glasses that went perfectly with this green outfit and I loved them so much I wore a red pair in the next pic

CIA Designs @ Vintage Fair – Aurelia skin NATURAL Bright Red lips – As you can tell in these outfits I’ve grown a fondness for red lips

Candy Mountain – spooky eyes – Great for when you don’t want regular green eyes but something that sticks out

piccara – Casual Mini Dress – I was lucky when I found this dress because it was green and matched great with my leggings

*TuttiFrutti* – Pretty Dead Low Leggings – A Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift but it may be for sale now since the hunt is over

*Kookie* – Vo pumps – Really cute heels that are great addition to a vintage look

** [ Riddle ] ** @ Vintage Fair – Retro Glasses, Pussybow Dress, Alluring Argyle Socks – Definitely meant to be combined I’d say plus the name of the dress makes me laugh

Curio @ Vintage Fair – Petal [Light] Vintage-Ritz Skin – Curio skins are always lovely but a good tip always buy the bigger packs not singles because u save a ton

DECO – Donna Shoes – These shoes are MESH so you better have a mesh enabled viewer if you want to see them properly

Clawtooth – Roaring 20’s Hair – This place is always great for vintage hair and I haven’t found many that are better

Heartsick @ Vintage – Vintage : Aura : Monroe Skin – Another skin that has nice red lips that just pop and stand out

League – Vintage Jewelry Set, Pearls and Lace Bracelets – 2 different sets but they really go well together and they look freaking amazing

Clawtooth – Shaken Not Stirred Hair – This hair reminds of a french actress or something, very classy

PHILO – Stella Dress – A cute poofy skirted dress and it even comes with the purse

*Dilly Dolls* – Tommi Socks – These are part of a full outfit and are not sold seperately

Violent Seduction – Esther Boots – One of my favorites when it comes to boots and definitely a great buy


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