Frank’s Wife and a Spooky Couple

I noticed that I haven’t been putting up complete male outfits at all and so I’d say I’m due. I’m just going to show one for now though because there’s still a bunch of Halloween things I want to post about. Also people have been asking where my shape is from well I made it myself as well as this male shape and no neither are going to be sold or given away. So the first outfit is going to be the male autumn kind of deal and I know you can’t see his face well but he doesn’t like a cold nose. Second is kind of a female match to his look which makes them like a couple in a way, and this outfit couldn’t have been done without the awesome things I got from Riddle. Last is a woman from a famous Halloween couple, Frankenstein’s wife. Onto the spooktacular!
[Pumpkin] – Loose Jeans and Hooded Jacket – Both of these items are MESH so only mesh enabled viewers can see the awesome, also the jacket reminds me of Trigun a little

:::insanya::: – Player13 Sneakers Classic Black – I’ve done a post about these shoes before and guess what they work just as well for guys too

Hype – Micah Hair – Lots of great guy hair at this place including this cute laid down moehawk style

[Buried] – Dash Limited Edition Skin – This was a limited edition for the Grunge Soul Project but many other male skins can still be found at the shop

Argyle Anonymous – Nerdy Glasses – An old hunt gift but I’m sure this or other versions are sold now

** [ Riddle ] ** – Alluring Argyle Stockings Black + Orange, Simple Shrug Black, and Striped Sweater Dress Orange + Black – Such a perfect match, I loved combining these 3 items

[BedlaM] – Halloween Ugg Boots – These boots are so cute with their pumpkin tops

PIDIDDLE – Wooden Bangles Spooked and Halloween Eyecolor – A special Halloween gift for group members or 50L for non-group people which includes other items as well

.:villena:. – LuAnn Hair – I love this hair with the little tuft of hair going to the side

Love Kitty @ Marketplace – Onigiri Necklace – The shop has been closed for awhile now but some items can still be found on the marketplace

[ESUGA] – Fade Sunrise Eyes – Was hard to find decent orange eyes but luckily I got a hold of these lovelies

::MunSpain Co:: – Marilyn Orange Makeup Skin – Such a great skin for the fall and gives a nice pumpkiny feel

Clawtooth – Bride of Frankie Hair – This is a special hair only available until after Halloween, then you’re out of luck until next year

petticoat lane – Falling Dress – How does this dress move and bend so smoothly? It’s mesh of course
Candy Mountain – Zombie Girl Skin – Limited Edition skin that will be gone after Halloween so better grab it fast

Schadenfreude – Treat Bucket 2010, Mean Jack o’ Lantern earrings, Face light, and (candy crow) Lang. Sugar Pop Makeup&Nails – All of these items except the bucket are a current gift set out at the shop until after Halloween. The bucket is no longer available with candy inside but can still be purchased


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