Dance With a Demon and a Doll

So I thought I should make a post for sure today so you don’t miss out on certain things that may be gone soon. I’ll tell you guys about a limited edition tattoo and a special witch doll avatar for 50L Friday. Then just a random outfit I put together after I bought the greatest makeup to go with a dress I got from Aliza Karu, thanks a bunch by the way!
Schadenfreude – Lucent Batwings, Kinder Horns, Funambule Dress, and Widowed Fey Ears – I love these ears so much and they go well with the horns and wings to create the demon look. The dress is a good match to the socks and gives a carny feel

~silentsparrow~ – Carny Sugar Pop Tattoo and Carny Sweets Socks – This tattoo is a limited edition along with a poison version which both have only 25 available before being gone forever. The socks are from a gacha at the shop so you’ll have to try your luck to get them

lassitude & ennui – Nostalgia Pumps – I modded these some to match the red and blue and these were also an old hunt gift, but other versions are still sold

.::CENSORED::. – Tasha Skin – A very cute skin which I love just because it’s simple

MONS – Pupy Cat Ring – This ring has become a favorite because I love kitties and it’s just so adorable

House of Munster – Death Hawk – Lolli’s main shop closed and a select few of her hairs are sold here I’m not sure if this is one of them of if they’re still there but can check it out

*katat0nik* – Tiny Witch Doll Avatar – This is a special version for 50L today only other versions can be bought at a slightly higher price

!lamb – The Glow Deux Hair – This hair goes so well with this avatar but any normal hair can be worn with it even your normal shape

*JeSyLiLO* – Zombie Popcorn Skin – This is a gift that’s part of the Zombie Popcorn Hunt the face itself though is a makeup not part of the skin

Curio Obscura – Sausage Curls Hair – This is just one of many unique hairs and items that can be found at this shop and if I could I’d buy everything there

Adore&Abhor – That Cryin’ Dame Makeup – I don’t normally buy makeup often but this one was so amazing that I bought 2 other versions that I’m sure I’ll post about later

Aliza Karu AD Creations – Amilia Wedding Dress – This dress is very vintage semi steampunk era and the beige kind of color gives the look of an antique doll

::Kookie:: – Nude Wedges – Was a little hard finding shoes to match but these fit perfectly with just the right color


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