All You Need is a Cool Shirt

So I was lucky enough to receive some awesome shirts and also a complete outfit from Spearsong (thanks a ton by the way) and I thought I’d show them off and let you know that the Jack-O shirt is FREE! First I’ll tell you what each shirt and the outfit is called then after will list the extra bits that aren’t from Spearsong.

From left to right – Whore Tee and Miss Bitch Tee – Now I don’t see myself as a whore nor a bitch but these both are good for a laugh

From left to right – Jack-O Tee and Vamp Tee – Like I said the Jack-O shirt is free and perfect for a casual Halloween look and the Vamp shirt is the same way but not free

From left to right – Girly Punk Skull Tee, Women’s Outfit #1, and Black Love Tee – Now you don’t have to even ask to know I automatically loved the Girly Punk Skull shirt which is going to go great with a pair of leggings I got from the Zombie Popcorn hunt. The outfit in the middle includes the shirt, pants and even shoes which is just awesome! The Black Love Shirt is also very adorable and I’d say all the shirts should be mixed and matched with the outfit like I mixed them

‘ Skintimate ‘ – Queen Small Bust Skin – I really like the way the lips look with this skin making it seem you’re wearing lip gloss or something

[LCKY] – Mookie Hair – This hair is currently not available since [LCKY] has closed once again but like many times before I’m sure it will reopen soon

CONCRETE FLOWERS – Acorn Necklace – The current gift at this shop for the seasons hunt, very cute and also free

Tres Blah – Viva La Bracelets – These are included with the Viento Peasant Blouse but the colors are great for fall


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