Witches and a Stand Off

It’s already the 18th and I have yet to post anything about costumes to wear for Halloween so I’m putting these outfits out so at least there is something to tide you guys over before my big Halloween post. Now there are 2 types of witches that I like most, the cute ones in little dresses and pointy hats and the ones that attend a school named Hogwarts. Sometimes you’d rather dress up as something more silly though and that’s where BunBun comes into the picture. So lets see if we can get you guys a ton of candy with these outfits!
House of Munster – Abigail Hair and Witch Hat – these were part of a hunt 2 Halloweens ago and is no longer available

Curious Kitties – Minty Bat Necklace and Autumn Spirit Azil Skin – This was a limited edition necklace but may be out again and the skin is out now for free but will be gone when it gets close to winter

*katat0nik* – Cubby Dress – This was special for the 4.44.444 event and is not currently sold at the shop but other colors are still available

A.D.D – Candy Corn Fangs – These were a gift from their subscribe-o last year and are not sold I think but can still check since it’s close to Halloween again

Pink Fuel – Candy Corn Bat – I modded this a little so it would sit on my hat. This was a gift for FTLO Halloween last year and is not currently sold

.:Acid & Mala:. – Knitted Arm Warmer Halloween – Also a gift from FTLO Halloween last year but other colors can be won from the gacha at the shop

Schadenfreude – Treat Bucket 2011 and Pumpkin Glitterstareye facepaint – Every year a limited edition bucket is set out for free and the old buckets are for sale but have no candy inside. The facepaint is from the gacha at the shop

*mocorin* – Halloween Rain Boots – Got this from one of their gachas one year. They may be out again but if not other colors are still sold

and ~silentsparrow~ – Animal Badge, Magical Creatures Book, White Oxford Shirt, and Widowed Fey Ears – The badges and book are available at both shops due to them being a collaboration. The shirt and ears are only at Schadenfreude though

*Boof* – Golden Snitch and House Backpack – Free and it will fly around you just like a real Snitch and the backpack is free in the harry potter hunt going on

Tian Zhou @ Marketplace – Basic Wand – It’s free and has a few spells too plus looks really nice

~Rainy Days~ @ Marketplace – Harry Potter Glasses – The only way to get these is to contact Vergil Hellershanks since she doesn’t have them up but still many great items to be found

The Lemondrop Shoppe – Black School Pants and Loose Tie – Wonderful place to find things specifically for Hogwarts students

++Gloomi Noir++ – Beguile Sweaters – Right now she doesn’t have a shop or marketplace so the only way to get this is to contact Gloomi Ghost

Pink Fuel – Alyx Pearl Skin – Have I said how much I love Pink Fuel skins? Right now this is the only tone available but it’s just simply lovely

DECO – Test Boots Starry – I’ve had these for awhile but they’ve been recently sold in a big pack of boots for 50L they may or may not still be available because they were said to be retired soon

Magika – Sophie Hair – The red really adds some color to the outfit and helps show off my cute ears

{.:Mascarade:.} – Blind Blue Eyes – OMG eyes that aren’t from Tacky Star? Don’t worry I still have mad love for them but these eyes are awesome and also free

Off the Wall – bunbun3bod – This is Rachel Breaker’s current group gift and it’s MESH but so awesome because it’s only 1 attachment. How is that even possible you ask? Mesh baby, mesh…


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