My Memory is Slipping

I recently told many places that I would blog their items and so I put the stuff on, took the pictures, and then the pictures sat in my folder of blog materials. I feel horrible about it and I kind of want to blame it on getting so many things to blog about at once. Either way I’m finally putting these pictures out for you guys to see and tell you where to get these amazing things. Also BIG BIG BIG thanks to Dahlinks, Jolbey & Jasper, Amarelo Manga, Mashooka, Nana, Psycho:Byts, I <3FashiOn, Katsucide, and Apple May Designs for providing such great items that without them this post would not be possible. ONWARD!!!
:Mashooka: – Chantal Skirt and Chantal Colbert {prussian} – This outfit is MESH, so make sure your viewer is mesh enabled. This is also perfect if you’re going for that serious business woman look

Deco @ 4.44.444 – Donna Shoes – These shoes are MESH and freaking awesome and currently only at the 4.44.444 event that ends on the 14th!

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. – Glasses Intellectual – These glasses come with a hud that lets you change them to whatever color you like, so neat

[Nana] – Monchis Tattoo and Candy Tattoo – I combined both tattoos and ended up with an amazing result of cuteness

{*I ❤ FashiOn*} – Butterfly Rings and Butterfly Earrings – I modded the earrings to match the color of the suit but the original color is just as great

Clawtooth – Kiss Kiss Hair – This was an old 50L Friday item but still can be bought at regular price

Apple May Designs – Catalina Peachy Skin – I like how this skin fits this business lady look

[Amarelo Manga] – Ouezzane Dress – I love this dress so much, I didn’t even wear shoes I just frolicked in it like a gypsy

Magika – Jess Hair – Magika is just known for having great hair and this is an example of that

[Katsucide] – Romantica Skin – Normally to get this kind of detail you have to put on cleavage enhancers but not with this skin

.( bewildebeest ). – Lord Byron’s Writing Desk Ring and Naiad’s Tears Bracelet – All of their jewelery is just simply stunning and I’d buy the whole shop if I were you

Jolbey&Jasper – Queen of the Skies outfit and Steam Broom – The broom works like a flying vehicle just sit, rez, and fly. The outfit is very well done and is a perfect match for the broom

(Dahlinks) – Great Aunt Edith’s Pearls Necklace – Every bit of this necklace is color changeable and I love it so much because it’s just classy

lassitude & ennui – Miss Dandy Bronze Gears Shoes – What is a good steampunk outfit with equally good steampunk shoes

Tres Blah @ Collabor88 – Dewy Skin Light – Currently this skin is at the Collabor88 event and is only 88L and so is many other items that can be found there!

esk-imo – Vivi Hair – This hair is FREE and comes in a large variety of colors


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