Natives, Carnies, and Cake Oh Boy!

I know I know I keep shoving 3 outfits into my posts but do you really want me spamming you to death? Also I think the combinations are getting more random as I go along. First up is my little Native American girl which I put together mainly because of the 99L skin I got from De La Soul *fist pumps*. Second is the carny type outfit with puppets and me showing off my juggling. Lastly will be a few things I got at the 4.44.444 event going on right now until the 14th so don’t wait too long to get those!
rbcg. – Chief head-dress, indiankini, makeshift spear – Currently everything is 50L and fatpacks are majorly discounted

/Wasabi Pills/ – Aria Mesh Hair – There’s new mesh hairs that have been released but this is still one of my favorite

De La SOUL – Aestali Frappe Warrior Skin – This amazing skin is only 99L :O Lots of tones and also a male version which is just awesome

~RW~ – -Pewter Totem Necklace- BUTTERFLY – This is currently in the lucky chair but can also be bought if you don’t want to wait

!! DragansVarg !! – Chumana boots – These boots go so well with a native outfit or might even work for a hippy lol

:sey – Leather bangle “turquoise” – Was so hard to find a bracelet to match but I found it at Sey

[ContraptioN] – Paimon Macabre Hunt Gift – The Macabre Hunt is going on still until the 15th and this is one of the gifts, the whole outfit and the puppets. The skulls I’m juggling is also a gift that you can find at jeaniesing’s Things

::Kookie:: – Lazies Berry black Shoes – These were an old 50L Friday item but may be for sale still

(Posh) – Don’t tell me Hair – Just the right kind of red to go with this outfit

+Fallen Gods Inc.+ – TECHNOLOGIC xx SKIN + CARBON Overvoltage – Yes I’m still wearing this skin from the last post it really has become a favorite

4.44.444 – ((RIPE)) Birthday Cake Hat and Birthday Cake Rings, *DD* Bastian Birthday Boots, ::Squeek!:: braces, and /Wasabi Pills/ Chloe Hair can all be found at the event along with many other amazing items that I will most likely blog later lol

*Dilly Dolls* – Sophia Suit – this was a special color that was given as an old group gift but other colors are still available

Schadenfreude – Rainbow Kawaii Clouds Earrings, Rainbow Kawaii Clouds Necklace, Rain Soaked Corset – All of these were from a special event at the Two Moons sim but other variations can be found at the shop

Pink Fuel – Elly – Cotton Candy Skin – I know there are other great skins but I’m always drawn to those of Pink Fuel


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