Mesh mesh mesh…

Mesh has been becoming more and more popular these days so this post will show off some of the new mesh items I’ve been trying out. The first outfit to show off mesh will be an elf with a mesh dress and mesh hair and the other two will be mesh avis a robot and a cat. REMEMBER if it’s mesh you need to be using a mesh enabled viewer, I personally use Firestorm mostly because my friend Arrehn makes me since he works on it Firestorm Beta Mesh .
Violent Seduction – La Morte Elf (Coagulate) Dress – Definitely get the demo before you buy so u know how much you’ll have to edit your shape to fit if any, all in all though this is an amazing dress and such a great buy

Dilly Dolls – Alesta Wings – These wings are currently a Twisted Hunt gift and will only be available until the 30th

/Wasabi Pills/ – Aria Mesh Hair – I haven’t seen alot of mesh hair yet but this is the best by far

+Fallen Gods Inc.+ – TECHNOLOGIC xx SKIN + CARBON Overvoltage – This has become one of my favorite skins and normally I don’t wear dark skins

++PE++ – Elflorn- SteamPunk Ears – Again I have to say Panda Express has some of the best elf ears

Dirty Lynx – Punkee Avatar – I love this little robot avi mostly because it’s called Punkee

Zooby’s – Ginger Mesh Cat – This cat is so adorable a bit pricey but well worth it


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