Bunnies, Elves, and Lobsters Oh My!

Again since I haven’t been posting as much as I should I’m showing you guys 3 more outfits I’ve come up with and like always I’ll tell you how you too can look this way. 😀  So first up is an army bunny, then an elf pilot who seems to have lost her legs and finally my new favorite outfit of all time the Lobster PJ’s I requested the owner of Intrigue Co to make for me. Man I love that chick…. Oh and from now on I’ll only list eyes when they’re not from Tacky Star, so if they’re not listed you know where they’re from lol.

Utilizator – TCC Black Outfit – This includes the entire outfit worn by this cute little bunny

Apelz – Peppermint Bunny Avatar – These bunny avatars are crazy customizable you will have so much fun making your own

Deviant Kitties – Ayden II – Coal Hair -This shop is now called ploom and this specific hair may no longer be around but still have a look

Magika – PCF Red // Paisley Hair – This hair was once sold for charity but can now be bought at Magika

N326 – cigarette .Red. N326 – The cigarette was from a gacha machine

++PE++ – Elflorn- SteamPunk Ears – Panda Express has some of the best elf ears I’ve seen

Pink Fuel – Elly <Sugar> – Tiffany Skin – Yes another skin from Pink Fuel got to love them

*Epic* – Lost Analog TV Signal Faun Tech Boots, Aviator Jumpsuit (orange) – This outfit is no longer available in this color but many other colors are still around

|Mandala| – Sinra 2 Nails Rings set/Female/Kurenai Red – Lots of amazing jewlery

[ESUGA] – Onigiri Face Stickers – Esuga has a ton of cute skins, eyes, and tattoos

Intrigue Co. – Lobster PJs: F – Comes with everything you see except for the skin

!*[]S’n’T[]*! – Virgin Retro Raver Skin – This skin seemed to go well with my lobsterness


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