Creepy Cute Dolly

So I stumbled upon these Bloom Doll avatars and was like I have to have these! O_O So I bought Boo Bloom and it comes with a head, shape, skin, poses, and collectable doll box. Then after I dressed her up with a bunch of stuff which I will tell you about.

Bloom – *Bloom Doll* (avatar) / Boo Bloom – It’s a little pricey at 600L but so worth it

Violent Seduction – Muse (Suffering) – This dress has a sort of Alice in Wonderland feel perfect for a doll, Spindle Crown (Polkadot) – Keep in mind I modified this crown to be this color and texture, Delphi (Night and Day) hair – Thank god this hair has a built in resizer

*katat0nik* – (lt blue) RT Cupcake/Berry Sweetheart Boot – These are from a gacha machine so hope to get lucky


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