Sucker Punch (vX_X)O—–(^_^Q)

So I happen to love the movie Sucker Punch and I figured I’d put together an outfit of the character Baby Doll. Here is a trailer if you’ve never heard of this movie and I will also tell you how you too can make this look happen.

:::insanya::: – Serial Killer Katana – Was a hunt gift from Insanya but may be available to buy

Aridoki – Thigh High Socks  Jet Black – So hard to find good thigh highs these days

Pink Fuel – Elly <Sugar> – Baby Doll skin – Pink Fuel’s skins are amazing

Tacky Star – “Masquerade” Large eyes – Can’t tell you how much I love their eyes

::*L’Emporio di Bru*:: – ::*Melinda*:: T-Strap Shoes Black – Some weird name shop (so says the owner of Dead Bunny)

Truth – BabyDoll – swedish hair – Truth has so many amazing hairs

[SG*] – Baby Doll  Dark denim – If you want this outfit you better hurry this shop is closing


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