Wake Me Up Before November Ends

How did this month go by so fast, and why am I posting right when it is ending.  Both are good questions and I don’t have answers for either. I’m so backlogged in things I need to blog about that most items  I have  are from events that are either over or almost over. I still plan to push on and show off what I’ve got, so lets make this intro brief and get to it.Foxy Love Foxy Love Close-Up Citrus Girl Citrus Girl Close-Up Super Elephant Super Elephant Close-Up
MishMish @ The Kawaii Project – Zoey Dress – Has anyone else noticed the amount of fox stuff in SL has increased by a ton lately? I’m perfectly fine with it because I was inspired to create this foxy outfit. MishMish is finally making clothes and I’m so happy about it I could scream. Just look at this dress covered in cute little fox faces and leaves. The dress can only be found at The Kawaii Project event that goes on until December 15th. I’d recommend getting it quick because if you’re like me all of your lindens next month will be going to The Arcade.

MishMish @ Collabor88 – Little Fox – Something perfect to go with the fox dress is a little fox to hold, and it just so happens MishMish has made one that you can find at Collabor88. The little fox is even making the same face as the ones drawn on the dress. This round of Collabor88 is almost over so hurry to pick up the fox now or you’ll have to wait until the creator puts it in the shop.

Birdy @ The Kawaii Project – Bookbag The Fox – So while I was picking up my fox dress I noticed Birdy has made some fox bookbags. There are other animal versions available as well, but I was so excited about the fox with its dangling tail and (not shown in the pictures) its little ears on the top of the bag that I had to get it.

Schadenfreude – Fox Forest Masquerade Mask – I won this mask from the shop’s gacha machine so if you want this particular mask you’ll just have to try your luck. It’s color changeable and can even be used as decoration if you’d rather set it out in your home instead of wear it. Luckily the mask is a common prize so it shouldn’t be too hard to obtain.

LCKY – Drippy Hair – I love to wear pigtails and I especially love the pigtail hairstyles LCKY has released. With this hair the pigtails look big and fluffy, and when colored this way they look like fox tails or at least I think they do. All the hair I’m wearing in this post are from LCKY because I have so many new ones I really need to make more posts with them, and also because they’re super cute.

fri.day – Venus Heels – These heels may seem familiar because I’ve worn them before in my Sailor Venus outfit from a previous post. I actually had some fox flats I could have worn but I didn’t want to overdo the fox stuff/I forgot I had them. The heels are still nice and the orange color matches the color of the foxes very well. They’re only to be worn with SLink medium feet so make sure you have them before picking up the heels.

Chus! – Dawn Lenses Abyss – All of the eyes shown in this post are from Chus, but these specific eyes are the only ones you can’t get anymore since they were a group gift sent in the group’s notices. You can still get the other colors in a pack from the lucky board in the shop. Make sure to pick up some new special for Christmas gifts that are currently out while you’re there, and join the group so you won’t miss any group only gifts.

*katat0nik* @ The Kawaii Project – Fitmesh Dress Citrus – This dress is actually from one of 2 gacha machines the shop has set out for the event. One machine has a version for the SLink Physique body and the other has a version for the standard SL body. I love it when a shop uses colors or patterns in multiple things they create making it so much easier to match them together. If you go to the mainstore location you can find socks that match the fruit patterns on the dresses. I just didn’t wear them because you couldn’t see the socks that well under my boots.

*katat0nik* – Squash Rain Boots – These rain boots are actually part of a set that includes a rain coat dress. The event they were released at has long been over but you may find the set at the shop along with other color variations. I decided to wear the boots on their own because of how nice they looked with the dress plus rain boots and rainbows tend to go hand in hand.

*katat0nik* @ Xiasumi School Festival – Xiasumi Rainbow Purse – Today is the LAST DAY of this charity event for Save the Children: Japan Tsunami Relief. Really sorry I waited until the last day but you can still go there and grab this special purse where 80% of the proceeds go to the charity. It’s texture change with 2 rainbow color options and 3 strap/trim options. You get 2 versions where one will pose your avatar and one that will not. So hurry and scoop it up along with the other amazing stuff available there.

LCKY – Athena Hair – Yes pigtails again, but instead of big and poofy these are loose and braided. This hair is so adorable but that’s no surprise considering the shop it came from. I’m not sure why I chose to go ginger in all the pics, I think it may be because I really like these shades of orange you find in the nifty little HUDs.

Pink Fuel – Andro Skin Avery – I think you can find this skin at the mainstore now since the event it was in ended on the 11th. Again sorry for my lateness when it comes to posting about this skin. It’s really amazing with all of its makeup options, and what’s special about the Andro skins is that they also work for men (not the super masculine ones). I like this skin mostly because it makes my face look more edgy and mature rather than cutesy and doll-like which I normally go for with skins. All of the skins in this post happen to be from Pink Fuel even though I didn’t list it earlier due to a mask covering most of the skin.

Chus! – Dawn Lenses Woods – One of the eyes I had mentioned before that you can win from the shop’s lucky board. All you have to do is wait for your letter to come up and you can win the pack of eyes that includes this pair. I think this green color may actually be my favorite since I can’t stop wearing it.

*katat0nik* @ Geeks’n’Nerds – Super Fap Comical Dress – You’re in luck! This event still has a good bit of time left with it ending on December 10th. You get 2 versions of the dress in each pack for the SLink Physique body. There’s one regular version and one flat version that is optimized for smaller busts. This dress will only work for the SLink Physique body so if you don’t have it you’re just out of luck. My elephant is hiding the writing on the dress, but it says “FAP!” in a way that is similar to “BOOM!” or “POW!” in comic books.

*katat0nik* @ The Arcade – Super Toy Boots – It’s probably mean to show this off early but when The Arcade opens tonight at midnight SLT then you can try and win a pair of these boots. Yes that’s right, these boots are part of katat0nik’s gacha that will be at the event and what’s so great about them is you can wear them with your avatar’s normal feet or the SLink medium feet. The Super version matches perfectly with the Super Comical Dress, and the other versions of the boots you will see match with other clothing created by the shop.

LCKY – Bunny Hair Snow RARE – I hope you guys aren’t already getting tired of me showing off gacha items because otherwise you’re going to hate me after I get all the stuff I want from The Arcade. This hair is from a gacha machine found at the mainstore location and is actually RARE because it’s one of 2 that have a cute little bunny on the side which I kind of didn’t show in the pics ugh. Each hair includes HUDs to change the hair color but if you want a specific color headband you will have to try and win it from the machine.

~silentsparrow~ – Eli The Elephant Plush – Cirque De Seraphim, the event where this elephant was released, has ended so you will just have to check silentsparrow’s mainstore location to see if the elephant set has been set out. In the set are various versions of the elephant that you can wear or decorate your home with plus a HUD to change the texture of the elephant’s clothes. I really love this adorable little elephant and I’m happy I could match it with this outfit along with many other outfits thanks to its HUD.

Chus! – Dawn Lenses Foam – Just like the previous eyes, this pair is from the set that you can win from the shop’s lucky board if you have the time and patience. There’s 5 total in the set and I will most likely wear these again along with the other colors in future posts.

Pink Fuel – Renee Skin – This skin is free to all new residents of SL that are less than 30 days old and 150L to everyone else. It’s really a lovely skin and I wish I could have started my newbie days (almost 6 years ago) wearing a skin like this. The skin is part of a pack that includes a shape, eyebrow, and skin in 4 different skin tones.

Less Than a Week Until Halloween!

Man, there are so many outfits I’ve put together for Halloween that it’s just not possible for me to post about all of them before Friday. I hope you guys won’t mind seeing me blog them during the beginning of November haha. I decided to wear more of the items I obtained during the TAG! Gacha event which ends on the 31st.  Anyways, I’m going to try and do this quick so maybe I can fit in one more post before the month ends.
PumpkyPumpky Close-Up Franken CakeFranken Cake Close-Up   Scawy Monster Scawy Monster Close-UpThe Sugar Garden @ Kustom9 – Ghoulie Dress – You really can’t ask for a better witch dress than this one. Well it’s more for any kind of spooky cute outfit, not just witches like me. Currently this dress can only be found at the Kustom9 event which just so happens to be celebrating its 1 year anniversary! So hurry and grab the dress while you can and check out some of the other exclusives while you’re there.

The Sugar Garden @ The Cosmetics Fair Halloween Edition – Tsu Mesh Head Phantra – I told you guys I’d end up wearing this head and skin again in my last post, and I wasn’t lying. The fair ends on the 31st and after that you won’t be able to get this version of the head ever again. The skin is included with head and the pale ghostly color is why I decided to wear them with my pumpkin witch outfit.

The Sugar Garden – Gyaru Knee Boots Pumpkin – This is a special color of the boots that is actually a VIP group gift and can be found in the VIP room. You’d have to join the group to get them though and it’s a paid group, but well worth it for gifts like these boots. They go really well with this dress if you decide to pair them together like I did.

Remarkable Oblivion – Spellbinder Mystery Hat RARE – This hat is not only a RARE gacha item, but is also exclusive to the TAG Gacha event and will be removed from the machine once the event is over just like all the other mystery prizes in this event. You have until the 31st to play the machine and hopefully win the special coupon that you can redeem for this pumpkin witch hat.

+Half-Deer+ – Hearthugger Bat Pumpkin Spice RARE – Another gacha item part of the TAG Gacha event and it’s RARE so it may be difficult to obtain. I love these little bats because the animation in them lets you hold them close to your heart. Of course I had to get the pumpkin version as a little companion to my pumpkin witch.

LCKY – Erika Hair – Surprisingly I only needed to wear one hair in this post. I chose to wear one from LCKY because of the style fitting nicely under my hat and also because the amazing color HUD let me color my hair like a pumpkin. I still have a ton of more styles to wear from this shop but at least I’ve lessened it by 1.

*katat0nik* – Totally Fancy Franken Mask Princess – I can’t look at this mask and not giggle or smile. It’s so crazy and wonderful and believe it or not comes in a pack with 2 other versions for only 25L! I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time, but I looked at the mask and said to myself this should be worn with my cupcake costume and a pair of heels.

Tee*fy – Fun Food Costume Cupcake RARE – I’m sorry I’m posting all these RARE items because I know first hand how hard it is to get them. It’s just when you win them you can’t help but want to show it off, especially a cute little cupcake costume. Now I have to warn you, these costumes may not fit your shape as well as it did mine. I’ve heard some people say their arms were above the holes in the costumes and that can be fixed just by editing your shape. My avi is already kind of short so the cupcake fit perfectly on me. This gacha machine is also part of the TAG Gacha event but unless I list an item as specifically mystery, the item is actually in the machine and should remain there even when the event is over unless the creator decides not to have the gacha out to play after the 31st.

The Secret Store – Juicy Spooky Heels Pink Unicorn – Wow, something not rare! I have 8/14 pairs of heels from this machine because I just couldn’t help but want almost all of the ones offered. I know you probably can’t tell from picture because of the view, but there are little white unicorn horns coming out of the center of the bows. Yes this is another prize from one of the machines for the TAG Gacha event. The heels are for SLink medium feet only but you can trade them in for an unrigged version if you contact the shop owner. I’d say unicorns go great with cupcakes…and Frankenstein.

MishMish – Scawy Monster Avatar RARE – Ok you should already know by now this is a TAG Gacha event prize, and it’s definitely one of my favorites by far. The other prizes in this machine were nice, but I was mainly after the avatar because I really wanted to be one of the tiny monsters. It comes with a HUD that allows you to choose the color of the monster and a cute little AO. After I put on the avatar I couldn’t help but run around and try to scare people.

Getting Ready for Halloween

So I was actually planning to post about some different outfits, but I think I’ll just redo them later. I really wanted to tell you guys about some events currently going on this month and show off some of my loot.  Some of the events you will see featured in this post will be Collabor88, RMK Gothic Halloween 2014, Uber, TAG! Gacha, The Seasons Story, and The Cosmetics Fair Halloween Edition neither of which I could find a site for but you can find the slurls at least further down in this post. So lets get started before one of these events end and you guys get grumpy with me.
Witch ForkWitch Fork Close-upMoth GhoulMoth Ghoul Close-upPanda BatterPanda Batter Close-Up *katat0nik* @ Collabor88 – Spoopy Doll Dress – This dress is not only perfect for the fall but any time of the year with its frilly sleeves and tiny skulls for buttons. I know the skulls aren’t shown well in my pictures, but they’re just like the ones on my super awesome Bitchfork! There’s plenty of colors to choose from so you can wear it as part of a costume or part of a cute gothic lolita outfit.

*katat0nik* – Mystery Bitchfork RARE – Tada! The extremely awesome super adorable Mystery RARE offered by katat0nik for the TAG! Gacha event. There are 50 stores in all with this store being number 16. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GACHA click the link I had listed at the beginning of this post to pick up your HUD and find out more info about what to do before going to play this machine because no HUD = no mystery prizes redeemed. The Bitchfork has a neat holding animation and this special RARE one has tiny skulls and candy corn dangling from it.

Intrigue Co. @ Collabor88 – Scaredy Cat Flashlight – As soon as I saw this flashlight I just had to get it, and what’s really cool is that it actually lights up so no more being scared in those haunted houses. I always love finding things in SL that I would love to have in real life and this flashlight is definitely one of them.

Schadenfreude @ Rmk Gothic Halloween 2014 – Vouboo Zitga – So just like I said about TAG! Gacha PLEASE CLICK THE INFO LINK that you will find at the start of this post. I’m not going to lie, this is a complicated frustrating event that I’m soooo glad I’m done with now. You start by getting the HUD and performing 1-3 tasks in order to get coins you use to get a random prize from the magical tree. The cute little doll on top of my head is one of the prizes you could win, and since all prizes are no copy/transfer you could trade prizes with friends. I kind of wish this was copy/no transfer so I could surround myself with little witches. You’ll see another prize I won further down from silentsparrow.

Pure Poison @ Uber – Amelia Stiletto for SLINK High – I’m sorry ladies, if you don’t have SLink high feet these shoes will not work for you. Again since the details are small you can’t really tell from my pictures these heels have corset like ribbon threading at the toes. I had originally planned to wear these with a different outfit, which I still may do, but they looked so nice combined with this dress.

LCKY – Libby Hair- Man I have so many amazing LCKY hairs I need to show you guys. I managed to fit in 2 hairs in this post but the third I had to go with a Wasabi Pills hair that has been sitting in my inventory begging to be worn with a hoodie. Anyways can I just say how much I love the color HUDs from this shop because look at this perfect fall color combination. The hair even looks like it’s being blown to the side by the fall wind.

Pink Fuel – Crystal Doll V2 Skin – Just like so many other skins from Pink Fuel, this skin has a TON of makeup options that allow for several versions of just one skin. I actually wore this skin in my panda outfit if you can believe it’s the same one. I used the Thin Gloss in orange along with the Cute Blush, and because of all the brow options I was able to match my ginger hair. I’ve said this so many times, but Pink Fuel will always be one of my favorite skin shops because of how wonderful they look on my avatar.

The Sugar Garden – Dark Skies Green Eyes – I’m not sure if you can just buy these eyes or not because they’re part of a group gift in the VIP room. You can always join the group and scoop them up like I did but the group isn’t free to join. The group is definitely worth joining though considering all the freebies up for grabs in this little room. I can’t remember if I worn these before in a post, but I definitely plan to wear them in the future since they’re really great for green eyes.

The Sugar Garden @ The Cosmetics Fair Halloween Edition – Tsu Mesh Head Phantra – I had never tried the mesh heads from TSG but now I know what I’ve been missing. Each pack at the event is discounted to 1500L and includes skins, the head, makeups exclusive to these versions of the head, and appliers for SLink hands/feet, Lush/Lola breasts, and Phat Azz. The head itself has several different expressions that you can switch between with the HUD. You’re also able to change the hairbase color and makeups with the HUD. I’ll wear this head and skin with another outfit to show more options another time.

*katat0nik* – Playgirl Dress – Now I’m a month late posting about this dress since this was from Collabor88’s previous round. Don’t worry though because I’m sure you’ll be able to find it at the mainstore location. The dress comes with 2 versions with different belts and I chose to wear the heart version. The other version has hearts but says “Toy” which is cute but also a little naughty. I just really love how the color matches my moths, even though that sounds really weird.

Schadenfreude – Cyan Miami Fingerless Fishnet Gloves and Cyan Miami Fishnet Leggings – If the color seems different than the ones you buy it’s because I tinted them darker to match the outfit. Also, sometimes stuff like this from Collabor88 take a bit of time to make it to the shop once the event ends so they may or may not be at the mainstore yet. I thought these 2 items went perfectly with the outfit making it look like the moths have bitten little holes in my leggings and gloves.

Schadenfreude @ The Seasons Story – Zimitra Boots – You can’t say these boots aren’t awesome, you’d be lying and nobody likes a liar. I only have one suggestion about these boots and that’s if you want multiple colors like mine have then you should get the fatpack. You can also buy them individually to mix colors but the fatpack is really the better deal. What’s so unique about these boots is the claw holding the little orb as a heel. I’m just a sucker for all shoes and boots and everything else this shop comes out with so maybe I’m not the best person to listen to because I’m just going to say “Buy them! Buy them all!”.

silentsparrow @ Rmk Gothic Halloween 2014 – Moth Friends Dusk – Another prize from the event and it was actually the main one I was after. There are 4 versions included in the pack and that is holding, perched, flying, and a display version you can set out at your home. Now if you don’t think you’ll ever win this moth don’t worry because the creator has said she plans to make more in different colors. If you want this specific color combination though you’ll just have to try your luck with the magical tree because it’s exclusive to the event.

LCKY – Vivianne Hair – This hair is actually a somewhat recent release so I’ve been wearing it a lot lately. Just a nice updo with a braid in the front and a pony tail in the back. Again just amazing color combinations that go perfectly with my outfits, it’s almost like the creator knows my favorite colors to mix together.

Chus! – Demonic Lenses in Abyss – In case you didn’t know, Chus is currently having a small Halloween hunt in their shop and these eyes are one of the prizes. All you have to do is look for little pumpkins and you could get something really nice like these eyes for FREE.

*katat0nik* – Panda Bow Choker RARE and Panda Hair Bow RARE – Both of these were RARE gacha prizes from the shop’s gacha machine at The Arcade, but since The Arcade has long been over the machine should be at the shop now to play. The rares are not only special because they have pandas on them but also because they are texture change. That means they were super easy to match my pink panda hoodie and panda bat. So happy to be covered in pandas.

*katat0nik* – Panda Hoodie and Panda Bat – These were at the event Level Up that sadly ended on the 5th of this month and may or may not be at the mainstore. Both the hoodie and bat came with clean and bloody versions, but I decided to go with clean so I could wear my white shoes you see in the picture. The bra I’m wearing is actually part of the hoodie and if you don’t want it to show just press hide when using the HUD included. The bat you could hold like I am holding it or you could actually use it as a weapon and maybe kill some zombies. I’m all about being spooky cute so I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together.

The Sugar Garden – Madame Boots and Dark Skies Deep Blue Eyes – Another pair of eyes from the group gift I mentioned earlier that I really like because they’re just small, blue, and haunting which is perfect for the outfit. Something else that’s perfect are these cute little white boots that you might not be able to tell but have bows on the front of them. I can definitely see myself grabbing another pair in a different color, but if you plan to get a pair make sure you have SLink high feet or you can’t wear them.

/Wasabi Pills/ – Rene Hair – It’s always difficult to find a hair that can fit nicely under a hood without hair poking out of it. Luckily I found this one that is lovely looking and fits great under my panda hood. It’s also very doll like which gave me an excuse to add my panda hair bow onto it.

Pink Fuel – Crystal Doll V2 Skin – In order to make this skin look different than how it looked in the first outfit I decided to wear a Pink Thin Gloss and the Tears Eyeshadow. The makeup really helps the spooky cute look I was going for and makes me love the skin even more. I have some other skins from this shop that I’ll probably wear in my next post so please look forward to that.

1st World Problems

So I’ve been gone awhile and this blog hasn’t been as active as I would like it to be, but that will change very shortly. As it is right now, I have pictures done and posts ready to be made I’m just working on having the time. Moved to a new home that needed and still needs a lot of work, little sister had her first baby, my grandmother passed away, and numerous other things have been happening causing me to be online a lot less than I used to be. I have a plan though and there should be regular posts happening starting this week. You will even start to see better quality snapshots…in December when I get my new laptop heh. Anyways, I hope you folks will stick around to see what I come up with next.

Movies, Gachas, and an M.I.A. Punk

So not going into great detail of why I’ve been absent again, I’m planning to move in August due to financial troubles. Basically, I’m unable to save any money for anything because of where I’m living at and after 2 years of living a life that has made no progress I plan to move somewhere that will enable me to change all of that. I know this is pretty much just my SL fashion blog where I let you guys in on great finds that I discover while wandering about SL. I just feel bad when I’m unable to post as much as I would like to due to my real life problems and that I need to give a reason of some sort in efforts to make up for it. I hope you guys understand and continue to check back here now and then to see what’s new. Now then, I have in fact put together 3 new outfits but just as a quick forewarning some of these items may no longer be sold or obtainable. I’m mostly talking about the items in the Maleficent outfit that came from this past Enchantment event. SO SORRY that I could of waited until the event was over to actually make a post but it was definitely not my intention. Anyways, let me go ahead and tell you about these outfits already.MaleficentMaleficent Close-UpMossy Lady
Mossy Lady Close-UpTaxi GirlTaxi Girl Close-Up The Sugar Garden – Veil Horns, Ruffle Platforms, and Heartless Witch Skin – Both the horns and skin were from this past Enchantment event. I know you can still buy the horns at the shop, but since the skin was a gift for the event it’s not currently being sold. There is a skin called Bunny in the Witch tone that you could still try out, but it’s just going to look a bit different. The platform shoes, like all tsg shoes, are made to fit SLink feet only and these in particular will require the SLink Flat Feet. I chose these shoes because the delicate ruffles seemed the perfect match for my lingerie.

Violent Seduction – Thorn Queen Hair and Thorn Queen Lingerie – The hair is still available to purchase in the store but, just like the tsg skin, the lingerie was a gift for the event and is not currently sold. I really love this hair because I’ve looked for this style for ages and haven’t found one as well made as this one. The horns actually fit perfectly on the hair which I don’t think is a coincidence since the shops have worked together in the past. The shop does sell other lingerie that you can still check out even though you can’t get this particular one.

*MishMish* – Malevolent to Hug – A cute little doll to hug and hold and it’s made to look just like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Don’t worry, you’re still able to buy this adorable little thing and there is even a tiny avatar version as well (which I of course bought). I just love this shop so much and in my next post you can be sure you’ll see more of them after I visit Summerfest.

Chus! – Lune Lens in Glacier – I’ve worn this style of eyes before but not this particular color so I feel like I get a pass still for not wearing something over and over. I think I may have close to every different kind of eyes from this shop. Not every color but definitely most of the styles. The shop is just my go to place for cute and affordable eyes.

LCKY – Helie II Hair – Yes! I’m back to wearing my LCKY hair. I still have others I need to wear in my next post, but since I only do 3 outfits a post you only get to see 2 for now. It’s so fluffy I’m gunna die! I have a soft spot for pigtails and this shop has the best pigtails in all of SL. These pigtails are so fluffy that they almost look like cotton candy. Please don’t eat them though or I’ll be sad. The shop gave away this particular hair with some new huds with new colors in their group notices. The notice has of course expired now (you really need to join this group so you won’t miss things) but you can still buy the hair.

Schadenfreude – Watercolor Tights and Watercolor Spanda Ballet Flats – I think these are both in the main shop by now since they were first released at Collabor88 2 months ago. The flats can be worn with your normal feet or with the SLink flat feet, and I’m very grateful the creator gave both options. I of course bought the fatpack for the shoes, as I often do with Schadenfreude, because I love being able to mix the patterns and colors and it’s like I’m never wearing the same pair. It’s like the shop read my mind when I saw there were matching tights to go with the shoes. Don’t worry, the tights have SLink appliers included with them.

+Half-Deer+ and Birdy @ The Arcade – +Half-Deer+ Summer Delights Melty Sunglasses (Gold) and Birdy [Alchemy] Story Book Mossyback Pink – Both of these items can only be found at The Arcade until the end of the month. If you don’t know what The Arcade is, it’s a gacha event meaning these 2 items can only be obtained by playing their corresponding gacha machines and hopefully winning them if you’re lucky enough. Fortunately, these are common prizes so I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble. The glasses actually come with a hud that will allow you to change their lens color by selecting one of the different options given to you. The Mossyback holdable is really neat in the way that it moves its legs as you hold him/her. The movement made the little creature seem like it was alive, and it happens to be one of my favorite things I got from The Arcade.

[Pink Fuel] – Harley Crystal Skin – Finally a new skin from Pink Fuel! I’ve been wearing this non-stop since I got it because it’s just so beautifully made. I wore this skin in my third outfit as well and I will tell you why. Firs off, my glasses are covering most of my face so I felt like this one outfit didn’t present it well enough. Secondly, the skin has SO MANY OPTIONS make-up wise as you can probably tell by looking at the 2 outfits. The make-up really makes it look like a totally different skin. Also, almost any applier you might possibly need is available for it which makes things even better.

::{u.f.o}:: @ Collabor88 – Sailor Boyish Outfit – So the theme of this month’s Collabor88 is “To the Lighthouse” which may be my favorite theme so far because I love nautical things. There’s still another sort of sailor outfit I plan to get by *katat0nik*, but the color and style of this one matched so perfectly with everything else that I had to get it. The look of the outfit is so innocent and adorable and pairs so nicely with tights. The other colors are also very cute so I may have to grab one of them soon.

LCKY – Eilfie Hair – I’m just sort of stuck on pigtails lately and I really blame the owner of LCKY for it. The messy buns on either side and the tendrils of hair coming down around the face just make this hair look so lovely. Just like most hairs from the shop, you can easily add a bow or some accessory to the hair and make it look even more awesome.

Pure Poison @ The Arcade – Train Bag – Yup, if you want this wonderfully made bag you’ll just have to play the shop’s gacha machine at The Arcade. I’m really surprised it was only a common prize considering the great detail put into it. It really makes me wish I had this bag in real life (if it exists please tell me!). If the bag seems too big for you, there is a handy resizer script inside of it so it can be worn with any size avatar.

Chus! – Tin-Tin Lenses – If you’re not in the Chus! group then you better join it right now because this color of the eyes is the current group gift in notices. Once the notices expire so will the gift and you’re only option will be to actually purchase the eyes. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since are definitely worth the $L, but who can say no to a free pair of well-made eyes.

[Pink Fuel] – Harley Crystal Skin, Cherry Lipstick, and Heavy Smoke Shimmer Eyeshadow – All I added was eyeshadow and lipstick and look how different the skin looks now. Why buy a ton of different skins when you can just buy one and combine it with a ton of different make-up options to form new skins. This skin shop will always be one of my favorites and hopefully I can convince you guys to make it one of yours.

The Sugar Garden – Basic Black Bra and Gigi HairBow – These little hairbows are so cute with their little gem hearts right in the center. They come with a hud that you can choose what color lace you want their trim to be. but I chose the “no lace” option since it didn’t really go with the style of the outfit. Since the dress is sort of “revealing” I chose to quickly grab a basic black bra from the shop to cover up my ta-tas. It’s really a great option for us modest ladies out there.

The Sugar Garden @ Kustom9 – Gigi Heels – So many events going on and it’s having me run all over to get my tsg fix. The heels are made to go with the SLink High Feet which I purchased just to wear these shoes (they were just too cute). Just like the hairbows, the bows on the shoes have little gem hearts and have the option to be trimmed with different colors of lace. I think these shoes are my new favorite from this shop with the Lolita Platforms being a close second.

The Sugar Garden @ Level Up – Racer Girl Dress – Level Up is a unique quarterly sales event feautiring 40 of SL’s hottest creators. From furniture to fashion, this event has it all, and it is all themed around a video game genre. The current theme is Racing Games and tsg has came out with these awesome dresses that have a checkered finish line going down the front. I chose the yellow version mostly because it reminds me so much of a taxi. I know that may seem odd, but I just really like the thought of dressing up as a taxi girl carrying luggage and roaming about the city. For those who don’t like their boobies hanging about, you can still have fun in this dress by pairing it with a top or you can be like me and just grab a bra from the main shop.

Because My Dad and Sailor Moon…

So why has it been awhile since my last post? It’s because my Dad and nephew recently visited me for a little over a week. Also, before they arrived I was scrounging up lindens to buy and complete these Sailor Moon outfits. The combination of trying to finish outfits and my family visiting made it super difficult to really get any blog stuff done. Now that I have free time again, I will hurry and get this post done so I can move onto the next one. Now I’m really sorry but most of this stuff you will have to either get TODAY from the Cutie Moon Fair or wait until the shops decide to put the items in their main stores. This is the last day of the fair which is sad but also good since there are no longer crowds. There are over 30 designers and all of their items for sale are Sailor Moon related. You have no idea how excited I was when I found out about this event because I’m a HUGE Sailor Moon fan. Anyways, here are the 3 outfits like always, and hopefully I can get this post published quickly giving you guys enough time to pick this stuff up.
School Sailor School Sailor Close-UpSailor MoonSailor Moon Close-UpSailor Venus  Sailor Venus Close-UpViolent Seduction – Usagi Hair – Before the Cutie Moon Fair this shop released a Sailor Moon hair to go with the Sailor Moon lingerie created by The Sugar Garden. It’s a very adorable style that isn’t so outrageous you couldn’t wear it with other outfits. I think this may be the first and only hair Violent Seduction has created so hopefully there will be more styles in the future considering how nicely this one turned out.

.Atomic., B.C.C., and The Sugar Garden @ Cutie Moon Fair – .Atomic. Scout Bag and Scout Stockings, B.C.C. Baby Moon Outfit Dress, The Sugar Garden Disguise Pen, and Cutie Moon Fair Locket Gift – The Scout Bag is actually from a gacha machine at the fair and so if you want the Sailor Moon version you’ll just have to try your luck. Oh and in case you don’t know, the Sailor Venus version has an Artemis key chain on it instead of Luna. The stockings however aren’t from a gacha and you can buy any Scout’s color you want. I of course grabbed my 2 favorites Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus. B.C.C. happened to have this cute sailor dress out that reminded me a lot of the school uniform Usagi would wear when she wasn’t Sailor Moon. There is a HUD included with the dress that allows you to change the look of the skirt, such as it having stripes or no stripes. The Sugar Garden released so many accessories from Sailor Moon as you can see in all of these outfits I put together. The Disguise Pen can be worn in the mouth or hand but I thought it looked better as a mouthie. The locket is actually FREE at the fair and you can pick it up at the landing point when you first arrive. When you wear it make sure to click it for a neat little surprise.

Intrigue Co. @ The Seasons Story – Cat’s Meow Flats – The Seasons Story is a special event that, you guessed it, only happens once every season. The season that all the items are currently based on is of course Spring, and the event will last until the end of this month. When I saw the black cat flats offered by Intrigue Co. I just had to get them to wear with this outfit. The flats reminded me a lot of the black cat in Sailor Moon named Luna. These shoes were made to be worn with SLink flat feet only so if you don’t have them then the shoes will not fit properly on your avatar.

ROZENA – Erica Baby Doll Skin – Normally I don’t have the lindens to buy new skins at full price so lucky for me ROZENA had a 50% off sale. The sale is long over now I think but this and many other lovely skins can still be found at the shop. I really like this skin because the makeup is not overdone and is a perfect cutesy kind of look.

[taketomi x Essences] – Sailor Eyes – These eyes are part of a set that can be found in the Sailor Moon hair packs currently at taketomi. Essences did a collaboration with taketomi so every Sailor Moon hair pack includes hair, a tiara, 2 skins, a set of eyes, and some lipsticks. I’m wearing only the eyes in this outfit but you can see the hairs and stuff in the other pictures. The eyes are nicely done with small and large sizes included.

Violent Seduction and The Sugar Garden @ Cutie Moon Fair – Violent Seduction Eternal Uniforms Moon and The Sugar Garden Hoshi Crystal Compact – Violent Seduction was the only shop to make sailor scout uniforms but the creator made them very well and they’re also fitted mesh. The uniforms being fitted mesh means they will fit more than just the standard sizes you normally find with mesh clothing. Here is another one of The Sugar Garden’s accessories which is one of Sailor Moon’s compacts. I’m wearing the necklace version but there is also a holdable version included as well.

*G Field* – Long Cuff Boots Will Red – I was having a really difficult time finding boots that looked like the ones Sailor Moon wore. I actually found out about these boots by browsing flickr (I spend way too much time on there). You can change the texture on the top of the boots by using the HUD that is included. They look really close to the character’s boots just the little moons are missing.

Adam n Eve – Opera Gloves – These gloves were a perfect match to the outfit. What makes them better than just normal white gloves is that they also come with SLink appliers for the SLink hands. You can see I also wore them in the third outfit because I really didn’t want to take them off, and Sailor Venus wears the same style gloves too.

[taketomi x Essences] – Sailor Eyes, Sailor Moon light rose Skin, Usagi Hair, and Usagi Moon Visor – All of these things can be found in the Usagi Hair pack. These are the same eyes from before but now you can see the other bits included with them. The skin is of course an Essences skin and is equal in high quality when compared to their other skins. The baubles you see in the hair can be hidden just by using the HUD that is included in the pack.

The Sugar Garden – Moonlight Magic – Kaleido Moon Scope RARE – If you can’t tell by the name, this is a gacha prize that is also RARE. So you will have to try your luck with the machine and hope you win this wand. If you can’t seem to win this one don’t worry because there are other Sailor Moon wands you can buy at the Cutie Moon Fair right now.

Adam n Eve – Opera Gloves – Yup it’s these gloves again that you saw in the previous outfit. There was really no point in trying to find different gloves when these were already such a perfect match.

fri.day, Violent Seduction and The Sugar Garden @ Cutie Moon Fair – fri.day Venus Heels, Violent Seduction Eternal Uniforms Venus, and The Sugar Garden Spiral Heart Rod Venus – I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find heels for my Sailor Venus outfit but luckily fri.day made heels based off of the character which made things so much easier. The heels were made to work with the SLink feet only and won’t work with your avatar’s normal feet. Of course I wore another one of the uniforms made by Violent Seduction because there really isn’t any others that could compare. Then there’s the rod offered by The Sugar Garden that, unlike the gacha version, casts spells when using the neat little HUD that comes with it.

[taketomi x Essences] – Sailor Eyes, Sailor Venus midday Skin, Sailor Lipstick, Minako Hair, and Minako Venus Visor – This time I wore a different colored version of the eyes that you saw before. They’re a lighter blue and just simply look great. Here is another skin that looks very similar to the Sailor Moon skin but is a different tone. I also decided to wear one of the many lipsticks made to go with the skin. I can definitely see myself wearing this hair in other outfits because of the lovely bow in the back. It’s what the character wore but it also looks like a bow a lolita girl would wear because of its adorableness.

Skin Fair Part 2

So I finally finished the second part of my Skin Fair findings, but only 2/3 of these skins are from the fair since I kind of ran out of lindens after grabbing the skin offered by The Sugar Garden. This also means the outfits I put together for you guys were mostly cheap or I had purchased them previously. Don’t worry though because I think they all look very cute and maybe even sexy which isn’t a common look I try to pull off. Anyways lets get this done quickly before any of this stuff becomes unavailable (like that Zig vest).
Daffodil Daffodil Close-Up Demoness Demoness Close-Up Rosey Shepherd Rosey Shepherd  Close-UpThe Sugar Garden @ Skin Fair – Eun-Seo Skin – This was actually the one skin I was most excited about being debuted at the fair. The shop earlier released a new tone for their skins at a different event but they hadn’t really released a new skin in awhile. So obviously the first thing I did was try out the demo and hope it looked good on my shape because I wanted it so bad. I think this has to be their best skin yet and I can’t wait to see what they will come out with next.

Schadenfreude, ~silentsparrow~, and The Secret Store @ The Arcade – Schadenfreude Bunbit Zig, ~silentsparrow~ Zig Snugglewarmers, and The Secret Store Daffodils Bouquet – I’ve made a previous post about the ~silentsparrow~ Snugglewarmers and because they’re just so awesome I thought I’d show off another style that you can win from the gachas. What’s so great about the Zig style is that there is a matching Bunbit offered by Schadenfreude. I love these little bunnies and so I let my little bunny buddy hangout on my shoulder. I felt like something was still missing from this outfit and then I discovered the wildflowers gacha machine by The Secret Store. The Daffodils Bouquet was a great little touch and the yellow of the flowers matched well with the yellow and blue in the outfit. Now because all 3 of these items are in The Arcade event you will just have to be lucky and try to win them from the gacha machines. None of them are rare so maybe it won’t be too difficult and you can always try to trade for them in The Arcade’s group chat.

Schadenfreude – Zig Lightning Deep Vest, Dreamlander Heels, and Lightning Kneehigh Socks – If you want this vest you’ll have TODAY ONLY to grab it for the low price of 50L because it’s part of a special set for the Fifty Linden Fridays weekly event. The socks are a little darker than the other Zig pieces but the style is the same so I thought they were a good match. Now these heels if you are in the store’s group are completely FREE. The only catch is the group itself is not free and costs 250L to join. The gifts are always great quality though so I’d say it’s well worth the one time fee.

*BOOM* – Vintage Runners Shorts – I got these shorts a long while back and they’re actually part of a set that also includes a cute little baseball tee. I was mostly looking for something yellow to cover my bottom that would also go well with my vest and luckily these shorts worked great.

Candy Mountain – My Dear Eyes Ocean – I don’t even know what’s left to say about these eyes anymore since I’ve posted about them SO MANY times. I mean you should know by now how much I love wearing them, and I’m even wearing a different colored version in another outfit of this post. I did recently start going to a new eye shop which I will discuss when I talk about the 3rd outfit.

Chus! – Ulzzang Makeup – I’m sorry but this makeup isn’t something you can buy. Instead the only way to obtain it is by going to the shop and waiting for your letter to come up on the lucky board. Now it’s completely FREE but it will require some time and patience. So far I’ve only tried it on skins by TSG and it honestly makes the skins look even better if that’s possible.

TRUTH – Maisy Hair – Its been awhile since I last bought a new hair from this shop but this one is simply adorable. You can wear the hair with or without the buns, but I like it much better with the buns attached. The hairstyle reminds me of a sort of Japanese style that’s cutesy like my outfit.

Akeruka @ Skin Fair – Twiggy Skin – So just like my previous post, I decided to try out a skin shop that I hadn’t really shopped at before. I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice this skin looked on me, and it helped me greatly to put together this sort of sexy mature look. There are also lipsticks you can wear with the skin and I happen to be wearing the one called Rosso which is a sort of dark red color.

Plastik. – Nephele Collar, Cailin Dress, and Aidan Stilettos – All 3 of these items were part of this set called Morrigan Outfit, and I had bought it during a different Fifty Linden Friday. I’m unsure if the set is still sold together or separately, but I can say it’s definitely not at the sale price of 50L anymore like it was when I bought it. My favorite part of this outfit has to be the cutout part of the dress. It’s very well done and only shows some of my leg and not too much of anything else. I’m glad the outfit came with the shoes and collar since I’m unsure what I would have chosen to go with it otherwise.

[Due] – Nati Hair – The shop is currently having a 50% OFF SALE and it is supposed to last until April 2nd. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up some more hair from there before it’s too late but so far I’ve only managed to get this one. I chose this hair because I like the wavy style of it, and it seems like the right kind of hair to go with my freckle faced skin.

+Half-Deer+ @ The Arcade – Aventine Horns Wicked – This gacha machine took so much of my money that I managed to get every common prize (after a long time 2 rares) and this is one of those commons. All of the horns are actually very nice and well made so I don’t mind wearing these, and they happen to go great with my dress. Remember if you want these specifically you’ll just have to try and win them from the machine.

Candy Mountain – My Dear Eyes hazel – Here are the different colored yet same eyes I had mentioned before. Why do they have to look so good with my avi? I can’t seem to stop wearing them in all of my outfits, and it’s driving me crazy because I want to wear different things.

+Half-Deer+ @ The Arcade – Shepherd’s Staff RARE and Aventine Horns Pastella Gothica RARE – I am a cruel cruel person to even put these in a post because they were so difficult for me to get, and I can just imagine that it will be the same for you guys. Now of course you’re free to play the gacha machines and try to win these 2 items but because they’re RARE be prepared to spend a good bit. What I love about these specific horns is that they come with their own HUD that allows you to change the color of the horns, flowers, and even the metal part of the headband.

[LCKY] – Harime Hair – I told the creator of this hair and I’ll tell you guys the same thing. These are now my favorite pigtails that I own. I’ve always wanted big pigtails like these, and they are even curled almost like the anime pigtails you see that resemble drills. I only wish they came in a color that was a mix of the light blue color you see in the pictures and a light pink. Maybe it will happen one day but I still love this hair nonetheless.

(Yummy) and The Secret Store @ Collabor88 – (Yummy) Quinn Frames and The Secret Store Oxford Heels – If you don’t own the SLink medium feet I’m sorry but you won’t be able to wear these heels properly since they were made to be worn with those feet specifically. The shoes are very adorable though and even come in my favorite color. They sort of remind me of these shoes I purchased from another shop but I can’t remember which one. While I was picking up these shoes I noticed (Yummy) had some cute glasses out so I scooped them up as well. I think they’re a nice addition to the outfit and I know I will wear them with more outfits in the future.

Tee*fy – Aurora Nightdress Ocean Catch – Oh my gods, Punk, stop with the gacha stuff already! This is my addiction, I’ve come to accept it. This dress was from the shop’s gacha machine that was at The Arcade a few rounds back but now I think it’s at the shop’s main location. I’m such a sucker for nautical things and, if you can’t tell in the picture, the top of the dress is covered in little whales.

Pink Fuel @ Adore&Abhor 6 Year Anniversary Event – Sora Sugoi Skin – Adore&Abhor has just turned 6 years old and to celebrate many shops are offering exclusive items at discounted prices for the event. This event is going on right now and will last until April 16th so you still have some time to get this skin. Another new skin by Pink Fuel for me to fangirl over and what makes this one so special is that it includes special pastel brow colors! Light blue brows to go with my light blue hair, I’m so happy.

IKON – Promise Eyes Blush – If you ever pay attention to the skin ads by Pink Fuel you may notice the beautiful eyes that appear in them. Normally those eyes are actually from IKON and not until recently have I bought eyes from this shop. They do seem to cost a bit more than the packs of eyes I normally buy, but the quality is amazing. I kind of bought these eyes as a tester to see if I’d consider buying others, and I think the next time I have some extra money I will absolutely have to pick up a few more pairs.